Where is it the uh? I know the pool really i’m, not too sure where it went. Actually, i can’t get out you just oh g’day, you absolute legend. Stew from uav futures here and today, well we’ve got your dji. A drone drone cover dji drone anyway we’re going to be reviewing this bad boy. It is the g lang. 125X i’ve had it for quite a while. Actually so i do apologize for g link for not getting this review out earlier, but what this is. It is a tiny little dji bundle drone with the vista that is 2.5 inch, props, so it’s, very, very small, it’s, very lightweight you take it out of the box, it works and let me tell you it is an absolute screamer. So what we’re going to do in this video we’re going to break it down? Look at the text and the specs all that bench stuff, but most importantly, we’re going to go out to the field. We’Ll see this grumpy bugger himself gt is going to be out there we’ll get his flight impressions. We see my flight impressions, some of the flight footage all that sort of stuff. So you can decide. Look at this drone. How well does it go? Is it worth the expensive price tag and what little extra features do you get i’d love to know too? If you are new to the fb scene, you picked up some new drones, this holiday uh, please, let me know in the comments.

What did you get this christmas? Did you get any christmas bargains or anything like that, because we are always welcoming new people to our hobby? The discord link is in the description as well. If your significant other is sick, are you talking about drones, feel free to stop by because that’s what we talk about all day, but this the titan 125x from glen, whatever it is, link down below this bad boy as a bit of an overview on the bench, You can see it is a fairly small form factor, considering let me get that in focus. Considering it’s got dji in it. If we stick it on these beautiful scales right here with my amazing face on there. Thank you very much. There rs7 driver for sending those through it is coming in this one. At 106 grams it did have some little propeller accessories. I might have lost them, but let’s uh not not mention that um and yeah. Like i mentioned you, take it out of the box. It works you don’t need to do any calibration, no programming, nothing like that and which is a big plus for a lot of people. If you’re coming into this hobby into fpv, it can be very, very daunting. So every single step that is removed to make the barrier eventually easier, i’m. All for that now, of course, very, very simple standard stuff it’s not made for flying indoors. It is really just an outdoor little ripper you’re, going to send back straight to your dj goggles and if you have analog this bad boy is not for you.

So if you’ve got some analog, some sky zones, fat sharks, anything like that this isn’t going to be compatible. This is just for you, people out there, you rich people, i would say, with the dj goggles, because they are significantly more expensive, but moving on let’s talk about the components of the thing. Of course, we’ve got our little carbon base plate, but starting at the outside. In we’ve just got our little 2.5 inch, tri blade, props, they’re 1204 motors underneath which are 500 kv, uh. Yes, they are from memory, so there it is, and that’s made to run on a 3 or a 4s battery. So for us, if you want some extreme power 3s, maybe if you’re just cruising a little bit, it’s going to be under the 250 gram mark limit. Once you put your battery on here as well, which is a big plus for people coming in with those regulations and then moving towards the middle, it is all very, very standard stuff. We don’t need to get too technical here because drones nowadays they just work but but for those it is rocking a beta flight flight controller, um it’s got 20 amp esc, so relatively standard stuff. You don’t need to worry about the vtx, the camera. None of that stuff, because in these versions, it’s all coming in with the dji vista cadx air unit, which means it’s your receiver it’s your built in um camera. Everything that it does on here.

It just works very very nicely. Dji has spent a lot of money and a lot of time, perfecting their protocol and you’re going to get the nicest footage ever so being sent back to your eyeballs through fpv and then, of course, some of the other parts. We’Ve just got our standard. I think it’s a what is this: oh it’s, actually even a cadx antenna which is nice. I didn’t know that um, but we’ve got our little tpu mounts a couple: little extra things on there and a big plastic canopy on the top, and is that part my favorite i’m, not too sure but check this little feature out and tell me: does this flow To your boat boom boom boom boom shakalaka shaquille o’neal. Here we go on the top. We’Ve got some nice little multi, colored leds in there ooh la does that do it. For me, not really to be honest, like this might look cool here, but you’re never going to see this once your goggles are on. You are never even going to know what the leds are doing on the top, so i don’t know: do you think that’s a good idea? Do you want more leds on your drone? For me, i could not care less. If that feature is there or not, unplugging the battery? Of course you see. It’S just got a little xt 30 connector, but let’s talk about the quality thing. It flies really really well, which is number one.

The most important thing but i’d want to because it’s relatively expensive um, i like the size of it. I don’t think it’s made for indoors, even though it comes with some prop guards and all that sort of stuff it’s, just it’s using the cadx vista, which of course, is very very high. Quality dji has amazing quality control. I have had zero issues screaming this thing around it’s handled a few crashes, but i don’t know how it’s gon na hold up in the long run, because this top plastic canopy is uh it’s, not it’s, not my favorite, i don’t think it’s gon na be as Robust as some complete carbon drains, even though the base plate is carbon, the top well, i don’t know i guess moving on talking about designer thing. Well, what can i say, it’s uh, just a drone with four motors it’s cramming, something a very, very large into something. Very, very small there’s, a few innuendos there, but yeah trying to put this vista air unit in 2.5. Inch quads is not easy, so i can understand why it looks a little bit and i crammed in there because they don’t have very much space to work with, but i have no complaints with how this thing performs and how it handles all that sort of stuff. I think yeah design they’ve done their homework. The components all go together very, very well, and that brings us on to the pros and the cons pros.

Things are like it flies really. Well, i think it does look cool in the air, even though i don’t really care about the leds. Once it’s got once i’m actually flying the thing i do wish uh as some of the cons, it was a little bit cheaper and it’s also got an xt30. I would prefer to fly mine on an xd60, so i’m probably going to be sniffing this off in the future, using an xt60 on the bottom and then that’s about it. I don’t really uh have any any real complaints about this thing other than the price, because i think you know you’re paying an awful lot of money. I know it’s got the vista air unit in there but it’s. You know it’s kind of expensive, so we’re just gon na have to see if it comes down and check the link anyway. I’M. Not too sure, i think, at the time of filming this it’s a little bit more expensive, but look that’s the boring stuff out of the way. I know what you guys want to see and the part i want to show you let’s get out screaming around i’ll. Show you my impressions i’ll also hand it over to gt, see what he thinks and have some fun with the g lang titan one two five x anyway: let’s! Do it in three two one radio out here in the field with a gopro that’s, almost flat, actually good ones too it’s, not like me to forget to charge something right trevor very unusual.

Anyway, we are flying around the g lang, titan 120 x it’s, a dji thing: we’ve got it on crossfire we’re, going to rip it around we’ll show you the footage. I’Ll tell you what i think about it. We’Ll hand it over to gt as well who’s anxiously waiting with some goggles in the background, we’ll see what he thinks about it, and is this a good buy, or is it just going to be goodbye? We’Ll find out have some fun and chat about it in three two one. So here we go. This is my flight footage i’m, going to jump over to grumpy travis as well, and you can see it’s in 4×3 mode. You can put it in 16 by nine, but i thought hey. This is how it comes out of the box. It takes about two seconds to change, but just so you know this is what it looks like in four by three now you would be forgiven for thinking this thing is a larger drone. If you just saw the footage remember, this is flying around on those tiny little 2.5 inch props and we are doing some full on acro we’re, going to do a bit of a range test as well and something i want to make clear if you’re new, to The hobby and you’re looking at this footage, this is exactly what you see being sent back to your eyeballs. It is beautiful, it looks like a gopro and it is such a step up from the old analog quads that most of us are used to.

So i definitely you’re in for a treat or i like to say we get pretty spoiled when we’re flying around on the dji digital. It does look very, very nice. You can see out here a long way away from at the back of the farm right there. A long way away from where we are no break no break up, nothing like that it’s fantastic to cruise around it is definitely not suited for indoors. It has far too much speed, but you can definitely do some acro if you want to practice some tricks. If you’ve got a little park or something that you want to cruise around well, this one is going to be right up your alley. I don’t think it’s suited it’s not going to be suited. I guess for uh carrying a gopro on top, because it’s far too small. For that you know, even though the footage looks fast, it is far too small to be able to carry around a big hefty gopro. I don’t think it’s really suited for carrying a naked, gopro or anything like that, but i have seen some people put the little insta 360 goes or whatever, and it does come with a little mount that you could do that if you wanted to get some 360 Action which is pretty cool, it’s not going to be suited for races, uh, look dj is not really at the racing scene just yet and it’s. Also, i don’t think it’s got enough pep for the races, but what this thing does excel at is just having fun.

Here’S, a quad you take out of the box, it works well, there’s, hardly any prop wash. It feels great on the sticks. You can cruise around in some small areas if you’ve got a larger yard or a small park that you want to take this thing to a lot of trees. It is really fun to zip around sort of make your own race course wherever you want to go. Just just generally having a lot of fun, which i think is exactly what fbv and for me that’s what it’s all about just cruising around having fun doing some tricks when you want it’s, got plenty of poke, it’s, not terribly noisy or anything like that. It’S not as intimidating as some of the other big drones. You see out there and i think if someone came along – and you were flying this at the park, they’re going to be a little hit – a branch just there they’re going to be less concerned about it because it’s not so loud and you’re, probably going to get Some interesting looks as well, but with positive, positive vibes coming your way. So i know a lot of people would be like what is that thing cruising around, because it’s so zippy, but also so small, so i’m gon na say a big thumbs up. The only thing that i don’t truly like is probably the price i was uh – probably tempting fate there by flying over the pool.

I don’t recommend doing that. This is pretty much like a swamp at that time of year. When i filmed this video but uh yeah it’s, just the price, the 300 american freedom dollars, whatever you want to call it seems uh seems to be a fair bit. I know that it’s got the vista air unit in there um it’s just uh. It is a large chunk of money for a lot of people, and i got ta, say uh. It performs well, though, so if you like how this thing looks the link’s down in the description down below but it’s, definitely not on the value side of things as well, but anyway, or what we should do uh those colors are coming up really nice, actually, those Flowers they’re cruising around there, but what we should do let’s hand over to grumpy. Bugger himself gt see what he thinks about the g lang 120 x, all right, yeah, grumpy, bugger, we’re out of lockdown. I know you’ve been itching for a fly. How does it feel to be out here in the fresh air and look at this there’s blue sky? Up there mate? It is it’s. We can breathe the air that’s just amazing. Back out again, i thought we’re going to get sweeped by magpies there all right. So this is the g lag, i think, that’s, how i’m pronouncing it correctly, not to be confused with the g long um. It is from yeah g lang, titan 120, using some little emax props we’ve got ours on an 850 milliamp hour 4s.

I didn’t have on a 650, but it felt a bit luck. Lack luster and we’ve got an xt60 change in there as well, because it comes with an xt30 so thoughts after i’ve said all that what was it again get out? The uh look it’s nice tight little build um it’s about 280 us dollars. Really. Oh well, it’s got the air unit in there. Yeah yeah always sounds expensive until you realize it’s got dji on it. Yup uh yeah, it’s uh different it’s got a little bit of tp on it, which makes it look nice. What do you think about the whole design of the thing? Because it is a little bit different with the the canopy shell tpuy it’s, just basically one carbon plate and then the rest is i don’t mind it actually, because this here just twisting this a bit it’s pretty flexible, the canopy, which is good because it’s not that Brittle that they normally make them out of because a lot of these, the cheaper ones or this style of drone have got this crappy bloody plastic that one hit and it smashes, but that’s, pretty flexible, so you’re going to find that pretty hard to break we’ve got It on crossfire as well yeah, so, while we’re flying around on crossfire today, i’ve got my tango, 2 um down there. It looks impressive um it’s, not the prettiest thing i’ve seen, but uh plug it in i’ve got something to show you let’s uh, plug it in and kaboom let’s.

Have it just burst into flames here, we’ve even got some. I don’t know if they’re going to come up here, but yeah we’ve got some pretty lights in the top as well. Does that do it for you that really looks uh light yeah well, it’s, of course, you’re gon na see those when you’re flying yeah yeah that’s. It you know what they say when you put rgb on there, you get about 10 more fps, so it should be good, really really good for something uh, but um yeah look it’s, it’s novel. They look good, though i mean yeah. They do they do as long as you don’t have to pay for it. It’S like bling, you know it’s all right, but uh i’d, just rather fight. So all right, let’s do it. Everything i’ve been flying today has been using a different radio. We’Ve had what four radios or something here today, a lot of different stuff to test there. We are. Oh you’ve got to press this little thing in put the sheep in okay. This is, i don’t, think i’ve flown a tango before this could be here. You have you have i’m sure you have, i think so i don’t remember it. Maybe not! Maybe not. Oh we’ve got to put the goggles down yes, yes, now this will be in four by three i’ve got it in four by two. You can change that. Of course, that’s just the area i left it in here for something a bit different.

It also helps me break up. The footage still looks pretty okay thanks trevor. How long are we going to hold that? Oh you just press it mate. Let go press it again. Press it again, oh hang on hang on we’ve got some wait. Wait you got to turn it on. Have you uh now, just press it just tap it? Oh that’s there you go, yeah helps if you turn it on it’s, quiet and she’s away. I tell you what that’s got more punch than i ever thought it was gon na have wow pretty impressive jeez. It is pretty sick temperature lost, oh yeah. Maybe don’t go that far. So this is one thing. Sometimes i feel like the dj. Radio does get really good range where how far were you right up to the trees right down the other end? Okay, so he was, i don’t even know. If you can see this 300 meters yeah a fair way away. The uh okay. This is uh bloody, impressive. I can’t believe it all the stuff we’ve been flying is really good stuff. I like this too cheat’s quick, and it really is for such a small uh and the quality of the video. I love dji only the video um. This is really nice: stable, it’s, quick and responsive let’s. Go a couple of flips, see what it’s like? Oh, oh we’re, going to see how good the uh look at you. Looking for the arms which, where is that mate, i wasn’t even paying attention i’m going now? Where is it the uh? The just wanted to test how good that canopy was okay, so we shall see how good it is now um let’s see if it’s broken.

We need to be a little bit higher than that to do a flip. I can see it it’s in the middle of the field. Yeah i’ll probably underestimate the uh, your ability to fly yeah that’s it the snakes will be out soon. Actually are they? The snakes are most prolific when it’s breeding season, and it just happens to be breeding season at the moment. Well at least we’re not at gobbles waking up, they’re waking up and getting a bit horny you’re going out for forever. Okay, let’s uh, see if this thing uh, oh dear there’s, nothing wrong with it mate. Alright, yeah there’s, a bit of mud on the end, look it’s not even too easy. Oh that’s, well, that’s disappointing, it’s working! Oh hey! The battery moved! Oh yeah, yeah that’s, not a good thing, i’ll push that back, let’s see if it still works. You know just for a bit of uh, while we’re waiting for trevor to fly this there’s, my old computer chair way over there. I had that for about 10 years of my life, okay, okay, yep yep, because you are flying yeah yeah, all right, all right. How am i, how am i doing this one? Oh yeah it’s armed mate, you just can’t, even hear it look at that didn’t even break a prop. Look at those idiots stand in the middle of the bloody field: that’s, okay, that’s better! You got ta remind me to shut that gate, so we don’t let the sheep out otherwise raven will be over here.

Yeah good point: um yeah, look it’s, uh beside that thing, crashing itself all by itself get out. You did that yeah, the uh i’ve, never crashed a drone in my life uh not once i lost count actually but uh yeah look. It’S it’s survived that crash, which is good it just uh didn’t, look like a saying how good the canopy looked. So it still looks good didn’t crack it yeah. Look i like it. How much is it uh 280 bucks yeah with the dji on it that’s about power, okay, that’s, pretty good value, all right performance out of 10 uh? Oh it’s, not a rocket ship, but uh. It flies and it’s pointy i mean oh, i guess i have to give it a nine. I reckon it’s great okay and who’s it made for oh anybody, anyone’s got dji; they can afford it. Okay, uh! I really would love a set of goggles dji. Every dji video dji sent him a pair of goggles, so i don’t have to listen to this anymore but yep or go support trevor on patreon. So we can get him pair of drugs, also support my patreon, but yep all right, so nine out of ten performance value, ah value yeah, definitely it’s 200.. What have you done? Oh, this is how you land without hitting the ground. Look at that that’s, pretty cool and yeah. I do a little bit guarding at the same time. That’S it i’ve got to get a new battery for this, but i’ll tell you what this thing is uh.

I would uh recommend that, to anyone that likes small drones, that ben’s got dji it’s, really nice too easy all right, thanks old man and does the trimming as well the garden Music. Why is it recording now the battery’s not dying Music yeah, very impressive little drone alrighty there. It is there’s my review of the titan g125 120, whatever it is, the shirts on the box. If i could find the box, the titan, 120 or 125x are from g lang and i got ta say: does it fly? Well, yes, and do i like it? Yes, is it worth the money debatable because it’s a bit more expensive than some other drones out there, but look if you’ve got the cash and you like out performed in the video? Well, uh go ahead pick one up, but if you’re trying to save something a little bit more budget orientated keep shopping or wait for a bit of a discount. I know it’s got the vista air unit in there a little bit too expensive, especially for this little 2.5 inch as well. Don’T be expecting to fly this thing around indoors. It is perfectly suited, though, for a little park. We would have seen in some of the fly footage anyway, a small place if you’ve got a bit of a larger yard, i should say it’s going to be a fair bit of fun and you could definitely be doing some cool acro as well as some nice Cruising as well whether you’re on three or four s but i’d love to know what do you guys think i want to say sorry to g lane that this review took me so long.

I know it was meant to be due out in 2020 and now we’re here in 2021, but i’d love to know what you guys think on that uh subscribe for more fbv related content. If you are new to fpv or welcome to the hobby, if you got something over christmas, please please please join the discord and, most importantly, be safe with your quarter.