Do i wish that these two were compatible, meaning? I could just get one and fly both. Absolutely but hey it’s, dji we’re talking about right, so let’s move on for the rhoda riot fpv i’m rocking an osmo action, yeah it’s, not a gopro, not your best but i’m still learning to fly and i don’t want to smash up a gopro and i’ve also Got a freewell filter on here of variable nd, you tune your filter, the way you want it, you hit record or you can use the voice recording system now. I’Ve got the 1200 milliwatt unlock in here, like it’s in here to make a long story short. If you’re living in the united states of america you’re on the fcc guidelines for radio frequency, communication, 700 or 730 milliwatts somewhere around there’s, the maximum output power that this goggles can put out but there’s a little, not even a hack, it’s, just so simple to do. Where you can get this thing to put out 1200 milliwatts and that not only increases your range on this guy, but it does on this as well, but just how much what’s the video quality between the two range controls you’ll see for yourself. First we’re gon na take the sky raider skyliner links for everything will be in the description below this is a plug and play package. I don’t know what i’m looking at i don’t know what any of these components are the hardest part for me with this drone was learning how to strap the battery down and learning which prop goes on which motor this came, pre built, pre, assembled tuned and everything.

I made a video about it over here, go check it out. I just bought the whole package. Everything came binded up. All i had to know was which buttons does? What and rhoda riot sends you a picture or a pdf i’ll put that on the screen. So you can see what buttons does what and that’s all i have to learn if you buy the whole unit complete from rotorite the goggles, the controller and the whole drone. Everything comes binded already, so all you need to do is turn it on know which propellers go on, which motor strap the battery down plug it. In turn the stuff on and fly. You don’t have to know how to solid. You don’t have to know how to build like i don’t know how to do anything except fly. I’Ve crashed this about 50 times and i still haven’t had to fix anything so let’s give it a shot. Right is durability. The only thing that counts – or this guy has some tricks up his sleeve let’s – get to flying we’ll find out tap to hold your typical dji thing. Let me get strapped in so i don’t drop it or anything like that. A linear that’s like one of the most important accessories that’s it power, the goggles on press and hold the beauty, is the same goggles that works with your dji. Fpv works with this as well, so i didn’t need to buy another goggle, so that’s, pretty cool, which the controllers did, but that’s not happening all right plug in the drone that’s pretty much it turn on the gopro start.

Recording image is nice and crisp. It is digital, so you’re getting a nice clean image, let’s go that’s it we’re off. You can see pretty much what i can see. This is the goggles view. Now the goggles is clear. As you can see, what you see on your screen is pretty much what i can see on in the goggles yeah. Now the propellers are in the shot but that’s why? I have the osmo action right, so the propellers don’t be in the shot now it’s pretty windy. As you can see, it’s kind of crystallizing, you see the little corners how it starts to break up slowly as soon as i go behind the trees. The image starts to break up a little bit so yeah. I know people don’t want to get into fpv because of the whole analog thing, but this is pretty clear. I mean you’re, seeing just what i’m seeing right, except the telemetry on the screen that i can see that you can’t see this thing can go pretty far too. I mean um i’m out there, but, as you can see, look you see the corners start. Breaking up see how the corners start breaking up the corners are breaking up, so i don’t want to chance it because this it this doesn’t have gps in it, and even these quads, these homemade build quads with the gps. Um they’re not like the dji, which you can trust like 100 it’s just there as worst case scenario, you have some hope that’s.

The way i see it, i’ve never seen anyone with gps. With these quads with gps, say: hey, look at me. I’Ll fly out over the water, look at a loose signal and come right back. I haven’t seen them do that. The good thing is once you have your goggles all on you can see it starts to break up. You know that’s pretty much. Your turn back point right. This thing flies like a dream. You can fly slow like i take my hands off of the whole, the whole thing right and, of course, i’m in acro mode. I can do my flips and everything, so everything is pretty cool, and this thing here is a dream like you can pick up on the acceleration. Nobody in the park today. So look at that, but you can see it starts crystallizing. So i know the trees. Are there, but, like i’m, not afraid, i’ll push this i’ll do whatever with this right, i could fly low to the ground. With this i don’t care right i’ll go up over over the tree, i’ll spin around look at that. I don’t care. I’Ll fly like a little reckless bird, because i know that this thing can take a beating. It can take a pounding 50 crashes later i’ll fly low to the ground flip low to the ground, i’m, not afraid do like little pull points. Do like little spins see that not afraid, like yeah, not afraid i haven’t been flying fpv that long so i’m, not really that good, but you know i’m a pretty fast learner.

I think, but it’s primarily you know due to this, like look at that. I’Ll fly low, not only that little things like i could try and make a circle around the park like drop low, like i don’t, think i’ll be doing this stuff with the dji fpv right, not that it can’t but it’s just like. I know if i smack something like i’ll just turtle mode. It or you know, i’ll, go pick it up whatever works and like i’m, not afraid of this right. Look at that fly low to let’s fly between these trees and then you can corner. You know what look at that. You see that almost hit those shrubs, not afraid. Like i, i know this thing can take a beating it’s, a great tool to learn on you know i don’t have to worry about dji refresh or anything like that. Just keeps going. Look at that and then the power, oh, my gosh, the power that this thing yields coming out is just amazing and then you know doing little stuff like flying low yeah. I could get a little range because it’s digital, you know it’s dji system in here. So i’ll get some range too. You know, but look, it starts. Crystallizing starts breaking up on the screen, so i don’t want to take any chances. You know cut down low like yep see. I trust this quad it handles it maneuvers it gives me you know a full confidence to do like anything that that i feel like dive in between here stuff.

Like that, look at that look at that right. I just feel confident. I know that from previous experience it could even hit the ground and nothing will happen so yeah but doesn’t have, like you know, crazy, crazy range, but come on you’re doing fpv you’re doing tricks right. This is a trick. I always wanted to learn where you power into the loop and then you kind of go around back, see that i come low to the ground. Oh i hit the ground. I lost signal. I cut the motors let’s, go see what happens right there we go. I have visuals coming visuals going, i crashed, you could see it there. Oh the voltage dropped. I was flying till i hit eight volts. I didn’t even realize so i crashed. Where did i crash? Oh, is that me? Did i hit the fence yeah? I did hit the fence, i hit the fence smack head on and then yeah. So the first thing they always teach you with this fpv stuff is from the time you get there. The first thing you want to do is unplug the battery for safety right and then you want to do your inspection kind of stupid of me. I got carried away sorry guys now. If this was a dji drone, it would definitely be refreshed and, as i said, almost every single time i fly this thing. I crash it it’s very rare that i don’t crash this thing.

The battery is really hot. I got carried away it’s hard to film being a newbie and and share with you guys and monitor the voltage. So i kind of lost track of my voltage and stuff like that. I don’t think this battery was fully charged either that’s. Another thing you want to take care of your batteries and stuff, so we could just loosen this rock it back into place. Tighten it up back, and this is pretty much good to go again right. I didn’t even break a prop this time and i hit the fence, bang and bounced off the fence. Right like it happens, try that with your dji fpv i’m, just saying right, let’s go give the dji fpv a spin. Now now you’ve got to switch over the goggles from this over to the dji fpv, i can have visual the controller’s, not blinking anymore i’m, paired up and i’m ready to fly for the dji fpv i’m rocking a filter on there. This is nd16 today’s filter of choice is the freewell comes in a four pack and the four and the eight and the 16 and nd 32 for just 50 bucks. So if you’re looking for a value pack to fly in hot sun like it, is today that’s the way to go, so you saw what the 1200 milliwatt did for this in terms of range you saw when it kind of break up. I can’t really push it because gps right and even if gps, you can’t trust it, but this bad boy here has got a few tricks up his sleeve.

I think let’s get him out. Goggles on we’ve got video and let me tell you something crystal clear: like the other one was digital too, and it was clear, but nothing like this like this is clear on another level and that’s the occasion. Three right, you just there’s nothing out there that could compare to this. Like clarity on another level, there we go let’s head out. Image is buttery, smooth buttery smooth. Now, if we keep pushing there’s laguardia airport over there i’m sure we’re going to hit a wall. Watch watch watch, watch, let’s, try and go through this wall boom. We hit a wall what’s this wall about well. Dji has a fail safe, that this is basically saying: hey you’re, getting too close to the airport, so we’re gon na hit a wall and and and default you out so turn around and leave right. So let’s go back into manual mode it’s, not allowing us to go into manual mode sports mode. Let’S, leave this wall it’s like a little virtual wall. The dji has going on over. There let’s go back into manual mode now, right. Basically, that just says you’re too close to um you’re too close to to the airport right. So let’s move back, come back a little bit. This way, let’s go back into manual there we go back into manual, we’re cruising in manual all right, let’s head on the other side, all right, we know there’s a wall over there there’s a little pixelation as you can see in the goggles, but not nothing.

Much right, the fpv guys are on the left of me. They’Re kind of you know affecting my signal a little bit there’s a little bridge over here where we can cross beautiful, look at where i am like you’re gon na bring your regular fpv out here. Good luck, Music, so Music, so Music and the battery life guys! Oh my gosh, i got the wind pushing me. I’Ll go up a little high. I don’t want to fly low. Normally look at this i’m on full throttle, guys i’m doing 91 miles an hour. Look at this traffic you’re passing traffic. Listen to that sound! I can hold this for literally 10 or 15 seconds without passing traffic, and this traffic is doing 60 70 miles an hour. Passing these dudes and i’m just holding full throttle there now i’m off the throttle. I’M off the trial, but this is the beauty that the dji fpv offers right. Look at the beauty that it offers like for filming and stuff at 90 miles an hour say: you’re, chasing a plane or something you could just hold. It gun it in 90 miles an hour you don’t have to worry about. You know the battery frying try holding 90 miles an hour, not saying the regular fpv can’t do 90 miles an hour, but try holding that for 10 15 seconds and see what will happen to your battery either your battery will fry or something that’s gon na happen To your drone and it’s gon na come flying out the sky, so i mean, did i mention the image? The distance? Oh, my god, now i’m gon na fly this but i’m, not gon na.

Do anything crazy, like this is about as crazy as i’ll go through a few trees like this but i’m, not going too low. Can i fly low yeah? I can fly low but i’m, not gon na go low and fast and twist and turn like how you saw me with, with the other fpv i’m more gon na go for something cinematic. Yeah i’ll go between these things, but not fast right, not fast. I’M, not gon na do anything herky, jerky or too crazy i’ll swing between here, but not fast right. I can do my little flips, but not too low right. I just don’t want to risk it. I just don’t want to risk it. You got to know your risk level. You’Ve got to know your your you know, look at i’m doing stuff low, but not too crazy, like i’m, not going as low as i did with the other one as fast as i did right, i’m, just not gon na risk. It guys. So you really got ta know what you’re doing with this drone, because one mistake and it’s game over it’s game over all right let’s go back into normal mode and land beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beautiful. This is what it is right. I can’t i haven’t flown this one in a while. You guys even saw me on ken herron show. I was like oh i’m, never flying this again, but after learning so much on this and then kind of doing the risky stuff with this and then kind of having this more towards cinematics, i kind of like both yeah.

At least you see the pros and cons of both of them. You see the quality of both of them they’re, both kind of plug and play, so you can make a decision which one is most important to you. If you guys want to see how to do the 1200 milliwatt unlock hit me up in the comment section below, let me know what you guys think, which one is best for you. If you’re getting into fpv guys fpv is a thing it’s beautiful, it’s fun. You really should try it it’s, not that hard. Now the quads come bind and fly you don’t even even need to know how to fix it. I hope this video was helpful, hit thumbs up, make sure you, like this video, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell, so you get notified when i release new fpv videos did i just say that fpv videos i’m doing fpv videos, whatever guys i’ll see you In the next one make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me. Any questions i’m right here on patreon support this channel and there’s benefits.