I have the best drone ever it’s the mavic air 2. mine goes 85 miles an hour. I can do flips and i have cool goggles that let me see the screen and make me look super cool like a cyborg insect or something yeah. You have a lot of parts there. Actually, you have a headset, a controller, a proprietary cord, a and separate motion controller. Does that come with it it’s two hundred dollars, actually so it’s extra, so you have a lot of moving parts here. I have a simple compact drone that i can stick in my backpack very easily and it does everything that i need to get done and i think it will do everything you need to get done too. This didn’t fit in my backpack. No, it doesn’t fold up, but i want to show you what this is good at. You set up an agility course for us. Let’S go run through and we’ll see what our times are. That sounds fair. The headset looks pretty good, though it doesn’t look as good as my oculus quest and the straps here are pretty cheap uh. I have like a clinically massive head, but this does not fit my face well enough to block out outside light. So if it’s sunny, then i get all the glares and stuff off of it and then you have to use this separate battery pack on a proprietary cable, not a standard, usb c cable. And if you don’t have these two things you can’t use it and if the cable comes loose or something you’re not going to be able to at all see what you’re doing so, this seems like appalling design, it’s so cute.

It looks like a little bug. Some kind of okay, you ready three, two one go: oh, it counts, it counts, we’ll count it. Oh whoa, okay, you’re, getting cocky all right, 18 seconds; okay, oh gosh, okay! Well, three, two one go! Oh such a turn sideways a chunk of something went flying that’s, not good. How was that? Okay? That was really good, so what went flying exactly? I think it might have been my hula hoop. You took the beautiful finish off of this now. Imagine this. If this was your beautiful child, this is a dangerous time. She has a good point. You should protect yourself with drone insurance, okay, big shot. You think you’re gon na do better this professional racer, okay, ready two one go! Oh! No! Oh no! Wait! Whoa! You did it that was a cool move, did not go through that one missed that one entirely count it let’s go let’s count it. You didn’t, even approach the last one what’s my time, what’s your time, we’ll call that a practice round let’s try this again wait. There’S a stiff wind approaching from the east. We have to wait yeah because there’s not supposed to be wind outside that’s, not fair. Three, two one go: okay, that’s, pretty good whoa! Okay, should i stop the clock or no wait? Can i keep going frank? You might have to stitch this together. Oh just make it look like you want yeah, look. What a drone looks like and she asked.

Can i keep going. You got some scars. Oh, i think it’s, probably the hoop’s fault. Okay, why don’t you try it with my fpv drum? Why don’t you try it with this. First, okay, you’re gon na use this thing. Yeah three, two one go. Okay, make me look bad. I don’t know how to feel about this. I he must be cheating. Clearly, i’m, a skilled pilot. You made it to the last one though that’s, very good yeah, but here’s the thing in the beginning. I didn’t have any problem because i was watching the drone yeah, but at the end i was watching the screen and the screen on these mavics is so laggy because you have to get the signal from the drone to the controller and then through this cable to The app here it takes, like i don’t, know some number of milliseconds and that just makes it hard to maneuver with speed and precision, especially as you get close to things, whereas with the fpv. The signal goes from the drone directly to the headset and it shows it in like 28 milliseconds or some tiny amount of time. So you won’t have lag working against you as much with the fpv so it’s, not necessarily even about how the drone moves it’s about me being able to see the signal to maneuver in real time but that’s going to. Let me fly really close to things and do acrobatic things. It means if i’m doing real estate, videos i’ll be able to fly through the door of the house and then out a window.

It opens up, like this whole new world of possibilities, it’s not just about flying through hula hoops chelsea. It should be it’s a lot of fun. We should pick up the carcass of your mavic. I don’t know i can’t believe how durable these things are like. It seems fine whoa. I just want to tell you guys: you’re, not safe. Three, two one go dang whoa. What was it 15 seconds? That’S the record. I think you beat me i’m, not a bad drone pilot you’re, not a bad drone pilot. You just have a bad drone that’s why you got to upgrade to the std. You gave up paying attention to it and it’s just dancing around, i think frank, should take a try. It turns out. The fpv’s performance was due to the one handed motion controller. More than anything else when we later tried the race with the two stick controller on the fpv our times just weren’t as good. The motion controller does have a serious problem, though it works so well. It can lead to overconfidence and showing off, which is what happened here after i finished a 12 second lap, not good tony. How did that happen? I was deciding to show off. I thought i would like zoom around yeah that’s that’s, every man’s famous last words uh yeah tony uh. His super fast drone almost took down. All of these are provided, get drone insurance to reduce the risk of property damage.

Oh i really got in there. This is a 1200 drone. It just totally got out of hand the thing get out of hand so fast, and i just completely spun out of control and dug myself like 10 feet deep into these arborvitaes. We do have a net what’s. Our neighbor in that gon na do to help this situation tony. This is no time for that nonsense. It’S always time for bad, jokes, chelsea, how it looks fine, oh, these props have seen better taste. No, this prop. These props are very chewed up, see dji designs. These to be repairable because they know you’re going to do this, so the parts are fairly inexpensive to replace. Maybe i should see if it’ll fly like this. Oh that’s, not a good sound though this is such a bad idea how it’s super drone. So i guess the bad news is you’re, definitely going to crash it, but the good news is it’s, probably going to be. Okay buy some extra props, though you’re lucky those trees were there. You could have hit our neighbor’s house or broke a window or hit a person it’s actually kind of dangerously fast yeah you’re right. This could do some serious damage if it hits something yeah, especially if you’re going top speed 85 miles per hour and you lose control. Be careful kids, yes, lesson learned. No, definitely i am not capable of learning things. The leg broke off so i’m just going to super glue it.

The good news is the props are twist off, so you can replace them without any tools. We both had serious injuries going into half time i’m in the lead, but we’re about to do a video quality test. The goggles and low latency made it easy for our cameraman frank to track a moving car, but you can see the movements aren’t exactly cinematic. Dji has promised to add a cinema mode to the fbv later that was recorded with the dji fpv’s. Electronic stabilization turned off here’s a side by side to show you how much that improves the video quality. So we’re filming at a public beach on the connecticut river and i’m, always a little bit concerned about disturbing people with the sound of my drone because it can be a little bit annoying and the mavic 2 is actually pretty quiet, it’s, not very loud right. Now your drone, i think, is quite a bit louder though uh yeah, you want to hear mine, start off. Yeah you’re worried about being quiet, but i’m worried about being bad ass, bad ass, bad ass, because mine sounds like a monster. I lost this point didn’t. I yeah okay, so we’re gon na race to a church, steeple all the way across the river and uh, but first you got ta get those on huh. I forgot that someone with a human sized head wore this. I feel embarrassed to be in public with him. Like this, like, he looks like a predator of some sort like an alien you ready to race, come on yeah, take your medicine.

Take your medicine all right! Let’S get over the rock over here. Tony ready go all right: i’m at 55, but i’m switching i’m at 60., i’m in sport mode and i’m going 33 miles per hour, but it’s against the wind. I can’t really see where i’m going i’m circling the church now i’m. Nowhere near the church, all right, there’s, the church i’m. Finally, there i don’t know where i’m going. Is this a problem that drone people have yeah it’s impossible to see the screen but that’s? Why you get some nice goggles and a decent drone? So you’re a piece of crap, okay, so two points for me: one i got there and back way faster and sometimes the job is a little bit further out and you don’t have all day you want to get it done. Two. You can actually see the screen with the goggles because it doesn’t matter what the screen is iphone, whatever gets washed out in the sun and then you’re, not gon na, be able to do good work. You can’t even see where you’re going. I really just feel like you stack the deck in your favor, because we know that it’s, agile and fast, but can it take a nice smooth shot? Is the image quality is good cost more it’s got to be better. Look all drones tilt to the side when they fly sideways, but most of them have a gimbal that also tilts to the side to correct it and keep your horizon level, not so with the fpv when the drone tilts so does your camera, and that can be A problem i was able to get a really nice peaceful, calm, shot of my drone circling the boat house and was it at a nice 35 degree angle? No, it wasn’t the horizon was also level, and the other thing that’s nice is that okay, my screen sometimes has glare but i’m able to just look up from my screen and see my drone and make sure i’m not gon na fly sideways into a tree or Anything else i did damn near fly sideways into some wood posts, because you don’t have any peripheral vision.

You know and i can’t look up and maintain visual eye contact with it. Actually, yours has a bigger problem because you can’t maintain visual eye contact with your drone. You have to have someone with you technically to use those goggles. You have to have a visual observer with you looking at the drone, and i think we had a really practical reason why you would need that we have these dogs at the beach here and they’re. Pretty curious and when he was going to land the drone, the dogs were kind of headed for the drone to kind of sniff and see what it was and he couldn’t see the dogs because he has his goggles on. But we were able to see them. Dogs and little boys, they will run straight at your drone and i can’t really film straight down very well, because when i’m filmed straight down, stuff gets in the way video quality, clearly better with the mavic air. I think this is a more practical drone, but there’s one more thing. I can do what i can go into manual mode and i can do acrobatics. I can do flips and rolls – and i am not that good at it. In fact, i have never done a flip or a roll, but right now, i’m gon na i’m gon na do a flip and a roll i’m gon na see. If i can do that, that’s a good idea that didn’t go well at all for me as it turns out, the fpv is just not great for creators, especially those working alone, but i do have a few tricks left literally dji says: chelsea’s drone gets half an Hour of flight time and mine gets 20 minutes both of those are wild exaggerations, but i’ve been getting like eight nine, ten minutes and that’s.

Why i’m? Carrying all this? I got a big ac battery pack that i have the charger on just so i can charge the drone here, so i can get a few more minutes of flight time. You want health, no okay! This is my suffering yeah that’s, true! This is so pretty i’m. So nervous this is my heart rate i’m, at like 92 beats per minute. Now my resting rate is about 65 beats per minute, so i’m, going to keep this recording you’ll be able to see it on the screen and we’ll see how nervous i get you’re up to 102. i’m i’m nervous about this. What if you crash it? Well, thanks: chels. Are you trying to make my heart race at you? Oh it’s, beautiful here what’s, the matter. You scared the geese. Oh, do they? Oh your heart! Rate’S up to a hundred okay manual mode, okay, i’m, just sort of warming up doing a loop. 118 beats per minute 122. You’Re doing it says it says, you’re doing endurance exercise okay, i’m gon na do it. I did it 126., so it’s, like i’m sprinting, okay, i’m, doing it again: 132.! Okay, you ready! Oh, you did it okay, i’m, going to try to roll. How nervous are you about the roll pretty nervous, but i just did it. It worked. Okay, that’s actually super easy. I was nervous for nothing it’s, not that bad. You won’t really see your heart rate. Go up, let me try.

What i really want to be able to do is to do like an inverted flip over a lighthouse or something like that. How do you do that you’d be moving forward, and then you would punch up the gas and then just rotate? It forward and let off the gas so i’m looking real, confident there right the next day. I chased that dragon and i decided i’m gon na try to get that cool lighthouse move. I started the climb and peaked at 340 feet about six seconds before the crash. Here’S, where things go wrong about two seconds before the crash, my drone was at 140 feet and traveling with a vertical speed of negative 53 miles an hour. I realized i was in trouble and i did what i was supposed to do. What i’d practice in the simulator – and i switched it out of manual mode back into sport mode? The drone, then did what it was supposed to do, which is to flip itself right and tried to stop that 53 mile an hour speed it didn’t, do it at an altitude of 63 feet above ground with a vertical speed of negative 23 miles an hour. It hit the top of an evergreen tree. The drone stopped transmitting a signal which means either the battery became disconnected or i broke the electronics so bad. It could no longer function. The dji app actually worked well to help me pinpoint the location, but i couldn’t find the drone.

I searched for more than an hour update to my update. The bad news was dji care refresh rejected my claim. It took them a week to get back to me and then they said accidents where you can retrieve the drone covered flyaways, where you can’t retrieve the drone covered, but my scenario not covered. So they wanted to charge me eleven hundred dollars for just the fpv drone and the battery, but those are available from third parties for 900 bucks. So why bother with dji care refresh at all? In this scenario, this cost so much that chelsea and i went back to the crash site looking for the drone, hoping a windy day had blown it out of the tree and it had. It was right at the base of the tree where i had originally looked where i thought it was going to be, but it had spent a week in the sun and withstood two rainstorms. I let it dry out overnight, charged the battery up and it was 100 fine. I cannot believe the durability of this drone. If nothing else, it fell 63 feet from the top of that tree, so i’m back in business. But the question is long term. Is it something i want, because the dji fpv did introduce me to the world of fpv drones, something i haven’t been in before and in fact it taught me to fly in manual mode, which means i could take these manual skills and apply them to a wide Variety of more specialized, inexpensive, lighter and really more crash worthy drones.

There are cinewoop drones that are designed entirely for filming and they’re, very small to fit through small, tight spaces and they’re very quiet, so they don’t disturb people and they have the props completely covered. You can’t even currently buy prop guards for the dji fpv. All of these drones require a little bit of do it yourself skills, so you can buy them ready to fly and you can even connect your existing dji, goggles and controller and get all that same low. Latency and high quality and in fact that’s what i’m going to do so as soon as i can get my hands on a cinewoop i’m going to review it against the dji fpv. So subscribe to see that and if you’re experienced with this stuff. In the comments down below i’d love to hear what you’d like me to check out what should a noob who just learned to find fly manual? Who wants those amazing cinematic drone shots? What should i be flying now? Let’S return to happier days in the sun, cool hitback chels. Thank you. Well, i won that one pretty clearly listen. I can do flips and you can’t do flips and that’s, really all that people are looking for in their drones. I think if you just want to get good images, you want a practical drone, that’s a workhorse, something to take real estate photos with or if you’re doing, drone shots for a golf course like we’re on.

I think that the mavic 2 is the drone to get, and in fact, if you’re new to drones, i would recommend the mavic 2. I think that the fpv is a bit advanced everybody’s. First drone. I still recommend the mavic air too, but if you have that and you’re good at it – and you want to take it to the next level, i think the fbv can do that for most people it’s going to be 80 a toy, but it is very capable Of getting unique shots that no other drone, no other dji drone can do at least, and if you want to do flips and stuff like no you’re, not going to pick it up and do that right away. No matter how good you are regular drones, i’ve spent a lot of hours in a simulator. Getting that worked out. It can be hard just to hover in manual mode. So, even though it’s easy to switch into that don’t think that you’re ready for it it’s not just one step beyond sport, it’s a completely different way of flying. Another thing i noticed about the fpv is that you and frank both have a ton of drone experience and you both had instances where you were pressing buttons and the drone was going dangerously out of control. I cannot stress enough: you need to read how to control the drone. You need to do the simulator and you need to get practice before you try anything extreme yeah.

I mean practice all falls apart when your heart rate starts to go and that’s. What happened to me that’s? Why i landed a tree. I just got a little excited. I went like and then bam it’s into a tree in 60 miles an hour, yeah that’s. All it takes just go like that and then gone. It was a little bit scary, but yeah it’s, very cool i’ll give you that it was fun and it was great for the agility course. Okay, i’m gon na make tutorials for that fpv how to fly in manual mode and how to use it generally so subscribe to see those as well as lots of upcoming reviews, and if you want to buy one of these, please use our links that totally helps Us out – and we have the book stunning digital photography, it’s a photography book, but we expanded it in a recent free update and showed people how they could use drones for both photography and video. And if you’re doing this professionally you’re going to want to learn the basics of things like lighting and composition and timing and planning, i promise that 10 ebook is going to do way more than a 1200 drone will do for your work.