Now weve bought this for a number of different things and just to stress were not being sponsored. They havent sent us this weve bought with our own money, but when were filming stuff, you might have seen that we filmed a motorbike weve, also seen that we filmed an mr2 car with me and cy in it. We bought this purely for the speed and to keep up and to be able to film cars and motorcycles. A lot more but well go well. Go into that in a lot more detail when we do a review on it further down the line. So what im going to do is im going to open up the box and were just going to see whats in it, so heres everything out the box, guys weve got the drone itself. If any of you have flown dji drones like ive, currently fly the dji mavic air 2 and scythe flies the air to s thats considerably heavier thats probably got something to do with the battery, because the batteries for these are huge, thats the battery um. I believe it weighs around 850 grams with the battery in so a little bit lighter when its not, then we got the new controller, so theres your antenna again, as with all the other ones, your sticks and in the controllers, you can take them out before you Go uh. This one has a really good button. Its got this button here, thats a break.

So if you lose control doesnt matter, whether youre in normal mode, sports mode or man manual, you press that button, it hits the brakes and it just floats there for you. Um im really looking forward to flying it. It comes with propellers, so it comes with four propellers. So if youve got two spare for each side, so youve got and theyre color coded as well, so youve got the a and b propellers and when the drone comes, youve got a and b on them, but the a propellers are red and the b propellers are Black, so, even if, when you take the stickers off here, because its just a sticker on the drone itself, saying that thats the a propellers youre not going to forget because they are colour coded also inside the box, i havent opened it. But youve got another little box here inside there youve got a spare top shell because, as you might know, with the fpvs, you can buy different top shelves for different colors. Its got the um goggles antenna in there, its got the headband for the goggles uh, a cable and the manuals, and then in the other box again, i havent opened it because its nothing really interesting its just the ac power adapter and the goggles battery as well. I also did buy the fly more kit. I havent opened it up because it is simply just two extra batteries and the little charging dock where you can charge all three batteries at once, and i was a little bit gutted because i opened it before doing this.

Unboxing video, the batteries that is not this hoping to get those two batteries up and start flying it more or less straight away, but unfortunately the power cables and to known to me are different to the mavic. So i was a bit gathered with that. So im gon na have to get it all charged up and well fly it over the next few days and then well come back to you and you can see the footage on it.