The shots we can get with them are pretty much mind. Blowing the speed, maneuverability and agility of them is unprecedented in the drone space as the worlds drone leader dj entered the fpv space in 2019 with their digital fpv system. This revolutionized the industry with super crisp quality video at long distances and to put it lightly. If you compare it to what we used to use, which is analog, analog basically looks like youre watching a terrible tv with really bad signal. With this revolutionary leap in fpv, it was only a matter of time before dji came out with their own full fpv system, and they did that this year with the dji fpv drone before this, if you wanted to get into fpv, you basically had to build your Own drone know to tune. It know how to solder fix components. All of that stuff and its a massive learning curve. Dji has now removed that barrier to entry completely. The dji fpv drone is basically as easy to set up and start flying as any other dji drone. Every fpv pilot will know that its actually really stressful to fly over water or around big rocks or mountains, because if you lose signal to the drone, whether it be controller or video, if you dont get it back, youre probably gon na lose the drone forever and The first time i was flying the dji fpv drone, i actually lost signal around a big rock, and i panicked because i forgot that i was actually flying a dji drone and when this happened, the drone did its emergency braking, hovered and then returned to home.

And this is actually one of my favorite features of the drone. You can literally be flying at 140 kilometers an hour upside down, and if you tap that braking button, the drone will stop exactly where it is in its tracks and hover waiting for you to give it a command. If you want to get the full experience of fpv, then youre going to want to use the m mode and thats going to allow you to do things like flips and go from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in two seconds. The great thing about this drone is theres, actually three different modes. So when you start out, you can actually use n mode which stands for normal and thats, basically like flying any other dji drone that youve flown before it uses gps positioning and its super safe. Its a great way to get used to using the goggles, because that can be a bit of a strange experience at first. The end mode is also super useful for landing when youre landing an fpv drone, its generally pretty tricky and having the stability of the end mode, really makes it a lot easier and safer to land an fpv drone. Now, if you want to get that fpv looked, but just a little bit nervous, then theres still sport mode or s mode. This is a great mode because it still gives you that safety you get from end mode, but you can still get that awesome.

Fe look and feel that you get with something like m mode. One of the most important parts of flying fpv is the goggles. The dji goggles v2 are the best in the business. In my opinion, theyre super lightweight. They look good while youre wearing them theyve got little fans in them to stop fogging up the lenses and the screens look sharp and are incredibly clear. They even have an sd card slot, so you can record the footage coming directly to the goggles, which can be really helpful and theyre powered by a small little dji usbc power bank. The fpv controller, is fully redesigned. The soft shell makes it really nice to hold, and the size is just perfect for traveling and not taking up a lot of space. All in all, this controller does a really good job, and the battery life is insane at about nine hours of flying. The drone battery is, of course, an intelligent battery, so its gon na have all the same features that you used in a dji battery and its gon na last for about 20 minutes of flying, but if youre really pushing it youre gon na get under 10 minutes. This is actually still pretty respectable in the fpv world. The drone itself looks like something from a sci fi film, its sleek and well engineered and when you turn it on it does this camera comes with a one axis gimbal this might seem insignificant, but in the past, if we wanted to change the camera angle, we Would have to land the drone and change it ourselves so being able to change that mid flight is really cool, because, when youre flying faster generally, you want to have the camera tilting up even more.

On top of that, when youre landing the drone in end mode, the camera will go level again and stabilize so that it makes it much easier to land the drone safely. Speaking of the camera, it shoots with a 150 degree field of view lens and up to 4k 60 fps in 120 megabits. A second that, combined with the built in rock steady stabilization and the distortion correction, mean that the footage youre getting out of the camera is actually really impressive and doesnt require much work in post. To make it look good, you can even shoot in alike, which gives you even more latitude for color grading in post. When i first got the dji fpv drone. I was a little dubious that it would live up to my expectations from everything id seen, but i was pleasantly surprised. This is honestly the most fun ive ever had flying a drone, and on top of that, the creative options that you unlock by flying fpv just creates a whole new realm of drone flying.