Monster truck keep watching Music hi i’m ashton droning on, and if you want to see more videos about crashing, the dji fpv quad then do hit that subscribe button below anyway. The frustrating thing about this story really is that i broke this whilst not actually flying it. As you’ll notice, the poor little thing is actually missing an arm and the way in which it happened is quite a random story, but i’m gon na tell it in this video. So, basically, me and my buddy were messing around with his incredible traxxas sixth scale. Monster truck this thing is gigantic it’s, a beast, in fact, when he put it down on the bench, i was shocked at how much of the bench it actually covered. Um it’s, capable of doing nearly 80 horsepower with the right gearing system but standard it’s. Roughly about 35 miles per hour, we played around with it jumped over some hills, zoomed all over the place, and i was really really impressed. In fact, i think i want to buy one, and then i had a great idea: i’ll get the fpv quad in the air, while so you’re zooming around in the monster truck and i’ll. Follow you at low altitude and get some really awesome. Looking shots, or at least that was the idea ready for the sound. Unfortunately, however, this tracks, a sixth scale monster truck doesn’t, have a safety, and so, as my buddy was climbing up to get a better view before we started, he accidentally hit the reverse.

On the controller and the monster truck accelerated at full speed right into the path of my fpv quad, which was sat on the ground waiting to take off the props weren’t, even spinning i literally just had it sat. There was just about to put my goggles on when i heard the crunch now there’ll be those of you watching, saying it’s so fragile. Well, actually, this monster truck weighs 5 kilograms. So what do these cost? Roughly john um in the uk, roughly about 900 pounds, so there’s no point it’s converting pounds to dollars because in america, it’s probably seven hundred dollars so it’s, probably cheaper in the us and it’s um. Is it two point four gig rc? You can see the receiver there yeah, i think so, probably would be yeah it’s not to 60 is less than three seconds, and so you can imagine the speed of that truck hitting the squad. No wonder the thing got damaged, in fact, in defense of the fragility of this product, nothing else was broken, except for the arm. The gimbal and everything else works perfectly. Not even a prop was broken in terms of the brake itself. The arm actually stayed attached and, as you can see here, i’ve detached it to actually get the thing fixed and actually the weakest point is where it did actually break, which is the end of the arm, which then connects to the motor. As you can see, it’s sheared straight off and unfortunately that means a new arm and also a bunch of soldering.

Obviously i was really really gutted, because i was excited to get some great footage and also i know that spare parts are unavailable for this, and so i knew it was going to be a bit of a battle now. Some of our viewers did actually comment that dji offer a repair service. It costs about a hundred dollars, you send it off to them and they’ll actually replace the arm. For you, however, it is still a hundred dollars and if you’ve just spent over a thousand on this, the last thing you want are expensive replacement costs like that. So i got onto the internet and i did some searching and i did actually find a set of four arms, all of them for just under 60 coming from china. Of course, i placed an order, i was told it would be july and then just yesterday i got an email saying that the parts are unavailable now and the order’s been cancelled. Fortunately, one of our brilliant channel club members, keith from the k spot, has ordered me an arm which he’s got from china. He lives in thailand, he’s shipping it to the uk and then it’s going to end up in sweden. This is going to be the most traveled spare part that dji have ever sent, so i set to work taking the arm off this and dissecting. This quad – and i have to say dji – has not made it simple because in order to get to the front arm, you’ve got to actually disconnect one of the rear.

Arms you’ve got to disconnect the side panel, and you literally have to take this thing to pieces. You also have to be very careful because, whilst you’re doing it, you may easily break other parts it’s such a shame when you consider that actually, a motor only requires three terminals in order for a brushless motor to connect to the speed controller. So what a shame that dji didn’t just have three big rugged metal contacts in here and you bolt the arm in and away you go. There are, of course, some additional electronics for the lights on the legs, but that could easily be taken care of with some other form of micro. Connector dji would have made it easier for themselves to replace spare parts, but also from an end consumer perspective, and especially in the fpv market, where parts are easily hot swappable, it would have made it a much more desirable product. So anyway, the spare arms should be here in a few weeks, or so i will try and film the replacement of it, but in the meantime, sadly, you’re not going to see many fpv videos from me because believe it or not. This can’t fly on just three props comment below with your thoughts about this video and this irritating process of replacing parts with this product. Give the video a thumbs up or a thumbs down if you’ve just run over someone, else’s, dji, fpv, quad and, of course, hit that subscribe button.