Fpv fly more combo man. Yes, man just got it in today, and everything like that today is my birthday. So april 6, like comment and subscribe to the channel man, give me a birthday gift and hit that subscribe button. Yes, you can alright let’s go ahead and crack it right on open and this yes, this will be my second dji drone. It comes with the goggles new controller, and here we go with the drone action man let’s go ahead and take a look right here, see what it says: we’re looking at a drone, fpv goggle version. Two, we got the controller. We got some charging cables man, we got some mo charging cables, we got some propellers. We got the little top guard top shell. We got everything in here, man ready to get it going. So oh yeah pull this little tab right here. Just like that. With a little tab, man, okay, open up open up or i don’t want to uh. You know, ruin the integrity of the box. Let’S make sure i have everything uh only up and up. So how does this open opens like this? Okay? Oh it folds. Okay, got a nice little open fold type of thing, so this is the front of the box right here. Technically speaking, get what i’m saying what else we got? Oh it’s, two more uh, two more little uh pull tabs right here, just like that, all right! So now for the grand uh reveal all the wushness – okay man, hey it’s, actually uh, pretty smaller than i thought it was gon na, be it looks bigger on everybody’s videos like it really does so.

Let’S go and take a look at it. Man let’s go and take a look at it. Oh it’s, pretty cool, i got eight inch hand so it’s about you, know, 10 inches or whatever, like that, feels pretty nice. This is the battery right here. It also comes apart. I think you got it. What you got to pull the battery part right or squeeze it, or something like that? I got ta figure that part out but knocked off one of the little uh motor guards. But what is this? Okay? Charging things like that’s gon na get into it? Man here is the goggles. Oh, i can’t wait to put these on man. Can’T wait to put these on. Let me give nice little quick test. Okay, they uh, i would say they’re for smaller faces. Hopefully you can change the other cups right here, because basically i will have a little bit of a. I have a little bit of light on the bottom and i think the sides color guy face is kind of bigger, so let’s go ahead and take that out. Ah, nice cutout domain nice because i will be reusing this cutout in whatever new bag. I do get for this drone all right man, we got the uh xbox ps5. Looking controller, has a nice feel there’s a nice little feel the triggers i’m. Sorry, the triggers are hidden within the controller arm. We just go ahead and just screw that in just like that and boo yeah man, we got the trigger action right there.

If you guys didn’t already know right here. This is the antenna for the new controller. You just pop it up like that all right, so we have return to home. We have a record button. We have a pitching y’all for the camera. So basically, if you aim the camera up, the drone will float. I would say the drone would actually you know, have a more forward. Leaning like this get what i’m saying when the camera’s pointed up. The drone will act like that, but so let’s go ahead and uh get into it a little bit now yeah. This is two programmable buttons. I think i just got the next trello and didn’t even know it, but let’s go ahead and see what’s in the box and we got propellers right here. Okay, really don’t come wrapped up, but so we come with four propellers that’s. How big the propeller is, let you guys know all right what else we have what else we have? We have okay, two propellers, so how we’re gon na open this up? Okay opens up like this what’s in here. I want to take care of the little bags, but forget it all right. So what is this? This is the some type of oh. This is the i guess the head strap for the uh, the goggles. What we got here, micro, usb to usbc, cable, allen. Wrench. I guess to adjust the yeah, so just the drone stuff like that we have a micro usb to proprietary.

This is strictly for the goggles. We have a little guard that goes on top a little catalyst, lime, green cap. I think i’m gon na just keep it all black cause. I like how it looks, but i understand why they gave you the lime green, so you can see it in the sky. What else we have man part of the main charging cable ac proprietary right there. Only thing people were complaining about was the goggles don’t have a usb c to usb c type of cable it’s, only usb c to a proprietary all right. So we have usbc mail to usb female and uh yeah. So we got a couple of eyes and ends in this box also that we’re not going to talk about let’s go ahead and see what’s in the other box. This is the box of the batteries all right. So this battery right here is for the actual controller. I’M, sorry, this battery pack right here is for the goggles just going to take this apart and everything like that. So it has a nice little indicator. You know how dj i like to do with the smart type of batteries. We got to charge this up. Here’S, the actual charging brick – where is the proprietary cable, a little bit all over the place, but yeah man? This right here is the goggles and i had in the box. These little nubs are part of the antennas, so antenna right here, just screws on just like that.

It comes with four antennas on the goggles we’re, just gon na put those on be careful when you guys are screwing them on, because they seem a little bit. You know this plastic is very thin plastic, so you don’t want to mess it up and break it, so just screw it on just until it gets tight, you don’t have to re, tighten it and re, tighten anything or anything like that. Just put them on nice and gently, you know i make big muscle gain so i’m used to grabbing things a little firm, but just like that. Looking real uh cyborg, like you what i’m saying so yeah man that is in an unboxing of the fpv drawn by dji man, i will be making gang of videos getting the fly more uh bundle with extra batteries, and things like that. Can’T wait to get into it and everything like that, but hey man for the big musclegames.com, for you guys, fitness apparel yeah that is bigmusclegames.com and like comment and subscribe to the channel and don’t forget man. You know i’m gon na wipe the dust off of it. Man go to that right. There you get what i’m saying my boy real talk subscribe to, the channel go to biggestgames.