Now, if you don’t know what fpv drones are fpv drones are not like your regular drone, so fpv drones are more crazier than your regular drone, with regular drones, like the ones that they released before they have sensors and propellers, and everything so regular. Drones are a lot easier to fly, but with fpv drones. Fpv drones are like racing cars, so you know when you buy your, you know when you buy those small drones and you remove the gears and you do a little bit of a move. It just flies very quickly, so these fpv drones can cover a lot of ground very quickly and they’re super fast as well. This isn’t, the fastest fpv drone it’s in the middle of you, know slow and fast, but it’s super fast for compared to a regular drone. Now, with fpv drone, normally with fpv drones, you build them out yourself, it’s, not like um. You can go to the store and there’s already made fpv drones. Normally you buy the fpv drones, you buy the goggles and then you buy a gopro. So what you would do is you strip the gopro down and you remove all the cage and everything, and then you put it on the fpv drone, so the fpv drone will have its own camera, but then the gopro will be on top of the fpv drain. As well so the own camera for the fpv drone is what you’re, seeing in the goggles so you’re not actually seeing what the drone is seeing now in different countries, there’s different laws with drones, as well so there’s walls with drones, and i think in canada.

You have to have a license to fly a drone. If you don’t have a license, you can get into big trouble and i think the size of the drone matters as well, because if you have a big drone and you don’t have a license, you get in trouble. But i think with the small drone. If you have a small drone, you can’t get into trouble with small drones and i think it shoots 4k there’s, no cinematic mode on this, like profile picture that you can use, but the benefit of shooting in 4k is that you can like i’ve said in my Previous video is that you can zoom in and zoom out and not lose any quality, so it shoots 4k 60p, which is 60fps and you’re not going to lose any quality because you have more pixels the more pixels you have, the more you zoom in the more Quality you’re using so you need more pixels so that you don’t lose any of that sharpness. Now, if you shoot in 1080p and you zoom in it’s, not going to look as good as 4k, and it has a 2 axis gimbal, so normally gimbals have three access. Gimbals, so this is a two axis gimbals now it goes up and down like this, so it doesn’t go left and right. It goes up and down for stabilization. There are two access gimbals available. I think the zhang weibo s no design gimbals or the smartphones.

Our two access gimbals as well, but the access gimbals, are better than two axis gimbals. It comes with the goggles and the control, so the goggles was already out before the controls, so you could use the goggles with other fpv drones as well. So you could use the goggles with other fpv drones. I heard that it comes with a new joystick, so you can so you don’t have to use this controller. You can just use the joystick on its own and i think the the joystick on its own is a lot easier because you can use it with one hand, whereas the joystick is like a playstation joystick or an xbox. Of course it comes with the battery. I think the flight time is 20 minutes, so you get 20 minute flight time before the battery dies out. So this is the joystick that i’m talking about as well. So this is the joystick, and i think this joystick is the first joystick to ever come with an fpv drone called fb re drones. Now normally like a playstation but that’s the joystick. You can also change the range of the goggles as well, so that you can get a better signal as well, but do bear in mind. Different countries have different loads for different radio frequencies and stuff, like that, so the price for the fpv drone is 1249. So the full kit is 1249 and then you can get the motion controller for 1′, so that’s a little bit expensive, but it’s an fpv drain so and you’re getting a lot so with the fpv drones, there’s free flight mode.

Now, if you’re a first time user to an fpv drone, you want to start easy there’s limitations with the first flight mode. This has a feature where you can pull it in standby mode, so let’s say you’re about to crash. You can just put it in standby mode and then you don’t get to press the fbv drain as well. I would say that the mavic mini has a little bit better specs. I would say, because the photo resolution on this one is eight megapixels. Why this one is 12 megapixels in terms of pixels you’ve got stuff like dynamic range as well, which you know, people say more dynamic range is better than more pixels and vice versa as well, but there are benefits to those people who have more dynamic range in Their camera and the benefit of having more dynamic range means that you can recover those highlights in post.