The fpv goggles gives you crystal clear image with 28 millisecond latency and the drone can be flown in regular or fpv mode. I have to say i haven’t been this excited about flying since the first time i flew a drone, so i guess the question is: is this 1299 tasmanian devil and good? No it’s, amazing? Yes, i need the highest of my fights right now. Yes, right in this video i’m going to show you my very first fpv flight experience, but first let’s get to unboxing. Dji fpv comes in this nicely designed box inside the box, we’re greeted with fpv drone fpv goggles version 2 – that has 810 p 120 frames per. Second, live 150 degrees field of view, with 28 millisecond latency thanks to ocusync 3.0 wearing. These feels like sitting in an imax movie theater, and the image you see is very clear. The fpv drone is the meanest looking dji drone i’ve ever seen. It has the top speed of 140 kilometers per hour, and it goes from zero to 100 kilometers per hour. Only in two seconds. It has 20 minute battery left 10 kilometer range, which is two kilometers more than mavic 2 pro forward and downward sensors led landing light and it looks like it belongs to batman. The single axis camera has one over 2.3 inch sensor and 14.66 millimeter f, 2.86. Fixed focus lens that has 0.6 meter minimum focus distance. It can record up to 4k 60 frames per second or 1080p 120 frames per second video with 120 megabits per second.

It has normal and cine like color profiles and rock steady electronic image stabilization underneath that we’re greeted with a brand new remote controller. That feels pretty much like a playstation 5 controller. It has a nice antenna behind the remote. The removable sticks are hidden in the handles and they’re very grippy and easy to hold. It also comes with two sets of propellers the battery for goggles, the charger usb to usb c cable, head, strap, power, cable and antennas for the goggles, a tool that you don’t want to lose an alternative cap for the drone. Some papers, extra remote sticks usb a to usb c converter and that’s pretty much it now i’m. A huge fan of fpv one of my favorite drone pilots is mr steele. I follow his channel. I love his videos. I love how he flies that thing, it’s incredible. If you don’t know who he is check him out, he is incredible and i wanted to get into fpv world for a really long time, but i literally don’t have space time or processing power left to build an fpv drone learn how to build an fpv drone. Then go outside and crash it and then rebuild it and then go outside and crash it. The thing with this drone is this is also a regular drone with obstacle avoidance. It has the sensors forward. Sensing downward sensing has an led for landing and you can fly this in the regular mode or in fpv mode, which means, while you’re flying in fpv mode and if you’re new like me and something goes wrong.

You can simply tap this button and this drone starts acting like a regular drone and starts hovering it, so you can bring it back and land it and then fly again in fpv mode without crashing your drone, and in case you don’t, know in fpv mode the Controls are very different than the regular draw. This thing doesn’t hover by itself in fpv mode and you’re controlling everything by hand and if you download an fpv simulator, you can test it for yourself and i guarantee you if you have never flown an fpv in the beginning, you’re going to think that there’s something Wrong with the simulator, but no that’s how you control an fpv drone, and there is this aha moment after you practice for a while. That makes you understand the mechanics of flying an fpv drone, and once you learn that there’s, actually, i don’t think there is going back, but with those simulators you have to make a lot of adjustments to have a drone that behaves like the drone you have in Your hand dji, on the other hand, released its own fpv drone simulator, and it is built for this troll and i practiced using nothing else, but this simulator app on my phone every night after dinner, i sat in my chair and i plugged this in with the Goggles and the remote and just practiced for a while. I didn’t even fly this drone once and i have never flown an fpv drone before and for my first flight i went a little outside of los angeles and filmed my first fpv flight experience, and this is what happened.

Okay, now we are at an abandoned water park and i have never flown in fpv mode. I have never flown an fpv drone, but i practiced using the simulation the simulator a lot and in the simulator i’m, actually pretty good. And today what i didn’t plan to try fpv today, but as i was flying in the regular mode and since no one’s here, there’s only two people over there. I feel, like i’m gon na take this time to try. My heart is racing right now to try fpv mode a little bit. You know, do some power loops and stuff no i’m kidding but like just see, if i can take off and like see what it is like because in this simulation it feels like. Oh, this is the way i want to fly a drone, and while i was flying in the regular mode here, i felt like yeah i’m, using mostly help from you, know the the drone itself. I want to do this in fpv mode, so i was delaying this as much as i can, but now we’re gon na do it um i’m, a huge fan of mr steele. He does stuff like this, so you seasons and uh. We got ta switch this remote to from the regular mode to fpv mode, so i need the wrench to do that and after that we will see. I i reckon it’s gon na be like take off crash and i said we’re gon na go we’re gon na go back to hotel.

I believe in you. Thank you uh. I don’t remember anything i’m, i’m, very happy that i finally feel this way again adjust my angle. Oh i can’t. I can’t, do it? Okay, where are you? Are you safe? I am to your 11 o’clock go up. Oh my god. I am so scared right now. It looks good doesn’t, look shaky or anything i can’t tell really, but it looks thick. You know what you’re doing. This is very much very much like the simulation. I am shaking you’re doing great you’re doing great, please don’t crash, please don’t crash, so there’s a button. I can hit if i panic, i am fly. How is this happening you’re doing a great job? Oh my god, i’m doing it let’s see. If i can circle around this side. I have to tell you something that i tell everyone something. This is 90 muscle memory because i am not telling my hands to do stuff right now, it’s, just all the practice from the simulation that i’m, remembering as as a muscle memory that’s. Why we practice? Should i try a flip? Did you ever simulate a flip? Oh, i do a lot of stuff in simulation. First let’s see that what what that button does so that button turned this into a regular draw, so the controls went back to like a regular drum. So this is just behaving like a regular drone right now and if i want to fly again in the fpv mode, i think i first need to land, so we landed first flight, give it oh yeah, yeah you’ve got to.

I can’t believe this oh i’m, shaking. I really want to try it flip i’m, so scared, i’m. So scared. I tried it. I tried a little bit. I don’t know what happened. Oh it’s, not doing it wait. This is not like in fully it’s, not written letting me do that thing. There must be a setting somewhere in order to fly in fpv mode. You have to set the fpv mode, the manual mode to the selection. Here, normally, if you switch this, it doesn’t switch to the fpv mode for your security, so in the menu in the goggles menu you go into your settings and make sure that m switches drones behavior to manual mode. There is another little toggle that you have to turn off in order to make this drone flip. When i went back to the hotel, i learned about the mmo attitude limit. I turned it off and i was excited for the next day, but at the same time i had a feeling that i was gon na crash this drone immediately, but i wasn’t that worried because on that first day, while i was trying to fly this thing around And figure out why it wasn’t flipping, i made mistakes and kind of maybe you cannot call these crashes, but i kissed the floor. If you will twice with this drone and nothing happened, nothing happened to it and then i was able to take stuff apart and clean. The drone blow some air into it and put everything back together, change the propellers and fly again so on the second day i knew things were gon na get real.

Before doing that, i wanted to try this. This is dji’s motion controller, and this thing allows you to fly the drone with just one hand the trigger is for acceleration. You turn to left and right like this, you go up and down like that. It’S very simple: to use it’s, actually a lot of fun and i’m guessing it’s going to be really easy. This is not part of the fpv. The drone will behave like a normal drone and i have never used this too, because i want all of my reactions to be in front of the camera and i’m gon na test. This out and we’re gon na see how it works. Double click this and the engine’s turned on, and when i hold down the button it should take off and, however, when i pull the trigger, it should start going all right, we’re doing it going up into the sky and we’re. Turning just with this, i think i had something similar a controller on my atari system. This once super easy to control. If i double tap this, it should be landing and we are landing and that’s it. Now let’s fly in fully manual mode, it’s time to flip the bird. I was able to flip the board yesterday, but today i am here to flip the bird before we fly in fpv mode, i like to say: hey i’ve. Never i crashed drones, but i never really crashed them to pieces i’m.

Going to be honest with you, you may be the first it’s, nothing personal it’s just but just so you know. I tried my best in in the simulation app the simulator app. I tried. I’M. Sorry. I’M. Sorry, okay, all right! You you’ve been a good bird. What do you think? What do you think? I think you got this? I think you got this. I didn’t know it was helping me yesterday in the fpv mall yeah, so now it’s gon na be the fpv mode it’s. The true fpv i don’t know if you guys know this but i’m wearing my bugatti divo lanyard it’s called it’s, because this thing is super fast and the acceleration is crazy, so, okay time to make some chimichangas recording everything is recording. I am so not happy right now. You got this all right, it’s very much like the simulation. I have no problem so far, it’s, actually not that different from the from the flight i did with that mode turned on. I can. This is all me being in control i’m, not worried right now about anything. I just don’t want to do anything stupid and crash. It immediately. Let’S just see if we can put our nose down a little bit there, it is there it is there. It is. Oh, my god. Oh my god, it happened, it sort of happened. I am not mr steele, but i missed the plastic in this point. I’M gon na try one more.

I cannot tell you the amount of fun i’m having let’s try one more. I only got to see for a couple seconds. Oh my god, i feel like we can flip. I think you can do it. I think we can do it. I have confidence in you, i’m, just gon na put it in the normal mode and bring it back. It was so good and i’m not shaking because i got the most nervousness up yesterday. We’Re gon na flip we’re gon na flip, but i i need some coffee or something something. I need something a little break from this: a little water a little more little little shake it off a little banana yep, a banana yeah. All right. I can probably do this we’ll see here we go. Oh my god. Yes, oh, that was so good. This sound is so brutal and it is so easy, like. I didn’t need to worry that much at all. It is so easy and i have nothing this nothing to compare this to salt. Oh yeah, i got this yep, we can fly yeah, we can fly jarvis. Oh, very nice, very nice, i landed too. Yes, i need the highest of high fives right now. Ah, yes landed perfectly flipped perfectly it’s. I made a big deal out of it, it’s a lot easier than what i thought it was going to be. You have simulator, the simulator is on point it’s, exactly like the simulator, so if you’re good in simulator you’re good in this, while on dji welled up so cool, even i got excited i’m, not even flying it.