I would go ahead and do a review of the uh dji fpv drone and uh. I kind of sat back and waited for other people to kind of buy it and listen to different points of view about it and uh theres a lot of out there about it, and you know this review is pretty much gon na be straight up. Um its this review is gon na, be coming from a person that uh this drone was meant for. Okay, uh. Excuse me if i sound a little plugged up, but it stays green here all year round and stuff is still blooming, but uh anyways, so uh ive had the dji fpv drone for about. I want to say about two weeks now, two weeks now and ive flown it in all pretty much all over okinawa and uh theres, some very positive things and then theres some negative things uh that i want to talk about here, uh well, uh. I guess you know what ima go ahead and start with the negative first um, one of the things that uh i noticed about all chinese drone companies, all of them. They lie about their specs uh. They lie about flight times, uh dji, the specs are there. It can do what they say it does. The specs are there as far as like the functionality uh, the hardware you know, but the flight time is nowhere near what they say. It is um im getting you know, uh.

I think im the longest video ive ever recorded on. It was about eight minutes: okay, eight, maybe nine minutes, okay, which is still good. You know thats plenty of footage, plenty of footage, man, uh yeah. I want to say about it. It was a mix of like normal in sport mode, and i got about yeah about nine about nine minutes so that whole 20 minute thing thats thats, a load of crap youre, not gon na get 20 minutes out of it unless youre just hovering or creeping along. Extremely slow im, even in normal mode, you know if youre moving along youre still not gon na get 20 minutes um. I i think they should be a little bit more honest about their flight times. I mean to me its better than what you would get with a traditional fpv, so im happy im able to get the footage. I want im happy with it uh. My second gripe is that goddamn geofencing, i hate that i hate the geofencing geofencing is trash um, its so inaccurate, too. There are places uh where you should be able to fly, but you cant okay and its annoying as hell. This one spot on the island, where ive flown all of my drones, ive had, unfortunately, a hubsan xeno uh ive had a gopro karma, which i just sold and they all flew in that area. No issues right. I go there with my dji fpv it doesnt even take off.

It wont even leave the ground and ive never had problems like that before with any other drone. So that is quite annoying and i saw i saw a post about people uh. That said that you know they lost jobs over this. You know they lost a client over that, because their drone would not take off or they went to some function for drones and it just wouldnt take off, even though it wasnt a you know, a a restricted area. So i wish there was a way that you could just opt out of that you know and pretty much all the responsibility fell on you. If anything happened, which you know us experienced folks, we know better. We know the laws were not going to go flying at an airport im, not gon na go flying over a base. Im not gon na fly over a densely populated area, okay, so yeah. I wish there was a way that you could just opt out of it. You know not all of us are idiots, but um yeah that was so the the flight time and that geo fencing, uh m more or less the geo. Fencing is whats really getting on my nerves, because im im starting to wonder at some of the other areas. You know that i usually fly. What am i going to be locked out of you know, when am i going to be locked out of it and thats thats pretty goddamn annoying, but um thats pretty much all i can think of.

As far as the the negative, you know, um its lived up to all my expectations. The thing flies amazing. I i one of my gripes is all these salty super salty uh uh fpv uh uh douche bags uh. You know all theyre pretty much like the call of duty douche bags to get good guys. You know theyre all bitching about it, its trash ken heron. I hate that guy thats a nut that guy gets on my absolute nerves, man, it is the guy crashed the goddamn drone. The thing has fail safes in it and he crashed it and banged it up. I mean just this ridiculous stuff didnt. He wants to call it trash where he cant fly. Okay, the drone is good all right. This is not. How do i say it? This is a hybrid drone, okay, its not just like a car, its not just an electric car. You know its not just a gas car, it uses both okay, this is a hybrid drone, its it it does fpv. It can act like an fpv, but its never going to be full on full on full on to be able to compete with, like an fpv. You know its kind of like a middle ground for people that want that experience that exhilaration of fpv, but they also want to be safe, doing it and dont want to smash their drone. You know and thats what i like about it thats. Why i got it.

You know i got tired of flying regular gps, camera drones. You know just pretty much just flying on a pancake, you know just oh you go forward, you go backwards, you look left, you look right, you know you look down, you look up, you know it just. I got tired of it, it was boring. I wanted more dynamic shots. You know, i wanted exciting shots, you know and i couldnt get that with a traditional drone. You know i mean dont get me wrong, they have their uses, but i kind of wanted to move on to fpv, but i didnt want to jump into the the fpv market. I tried and it didnt work out too well. I bought like a cheap little smaller drone. I think it was called a what was it a um, a road? What was it called? A rodeo 150 walkera and it didnt quite work out man – and you know you got to know a lot about soldering and you know then the lithium batteries and those lithium batteries are freaking dangerous. You know theyre dangerous. I i get nervous when i charge those things. I have a rc car and uh. It takes, i think, its with 6s, like a 6s or 4s, but its you know its a pretty big battery, and you know that thing goes off its nasty man. I could burn down your house so theres reasons why i bought this drone and, like i said so far, its lived up to my expectations.

The range on it is good uh. You can actually put in a a uh, some type of command file to actually make it to where it can go farther. Where you get a stronger signal, so you know it, it serves its purpose. For me, it serves its purpose for a lot of people, but all these people said oh, its a bad drone dont buy it its trash theyre, just salty man, its not for you. If you want to do your hardcore, no safety full on speed, five minute flights, you know, then stick with that thats, you thats for you, you know all the soldering and all that and lithium batteries thats for you. This is for people that dont want to bother with all that. You know that dont i dont have the confidence to fly like full on fpv. You know with the throttle management and i dont i dont – have that built into me at least yet. Okay, im, actually, actually, this is actually helping me learn how to fly fpv its giving me that confidence im flying through im what it called shooting gaps, im, shooting gaps now im flying very low to the ground. Today i flew about maybe two feet off the ground or over the water, but uh. You know i im im getting used to flying fpv, and this is who its for its for the people that want that middle ground that want to dip dip their toe at it and see if its for them and if they want to take it even farther.

Then hey you can go, get that full on fpv drone, but uh yeah i mean i have no complaints, no real complaints, just like i said the geo fencing but yeah. The camera quality is good and i know theyre still working on the camera to figure some things out. Um ill probably end up upgrading the antennas on the goggles, but the picture quality god. The picture quality is damn good, damn good man – and i i like how one thing that always turned me off about traditional fpv – was that grainy analog signal that always bugged me yeah. If youre flying a little tiny whoop around the house, thats one thing but when youre out and you got ta – have clear views, you know to see if theres power lines or you know, i think all that graininess kind of messes things up. But the view of those goggles is crystal clear man and um. You know the the drone itself has so many fail safes like if you crash it its because you were out there doing something stupid. You know you. You turned off this, the the safety mechanisms. You turned off the well, the collision detection turns off in sport mode, but even still pretty sure it still gives you like warnings that stuff is close by, but uh yeah it uh. You know you would have to be doing something. Stupid youd have to turn off. You know all of those safety functions and put it in manual mode and then youre kind of youre on your own.

You know youre on your own and you know people are like well, you crashed, or did it break so you crash a traditional drone and it breaks too. You know ive seen videos of it. It breaks too, especially if youre going at fpv speeds. You know this thing goes, i think its around 90 something miles per hour, which is insane thats fast enough. For me, even the sport mode is fast. You know, but uh you know. Some of these guys are going like a hundred plus you know, depending on the battery and the type of motors and drone that they have. You know but yeah its gon na break its gon na break. You know and yeah. I just wanted to put that out. There that its not a bad drone and ive never been into dgi products. You know, i think they have too much of a monopoly, but this is one that i couldnt resist. You know i was looking for something that kind of had the best of both worlds and theyre the first to do it theyre the first to do it, and i just dont know if anybody else i know like hubsan is probably going to try to copy, but Theyre going to fail at it because they still cant get the basics down for a camera drone and uh they beta test on the public. So uh, you know i just the only company i think could come close is uh autel.

You know uh theyre, the only ones that can come close, but uh theres, so much technology packed in the little body of that drone. Its amazing and im curious to see what theyre gon na do with it in the future, and you know what the next iteration is going to be. You know i dont know what else they can do with it to make it better. You know uh, maybe give a better battery capacity or theyre going to change the body style or whatever, but uh, like i said its already its worth it its worth a little pricey, but to me it its like having two drones. Okay, i mean pretty much. You would have your fpv to do your fpv type shots and all that the action shots and the mountain surfing and all that and then you would have your cinematic and you can actually do cinematic shots with that drone. You can you know you could even fit uh nd filters to it. So its like having two drones to me, its worth it. You know i think they could have did a little better with the price, but so far its kind of worth it because of what it can do and the possibility of what it will do in the future, but uh yeah, yeah um. I recommend trying it out. You know if you know somebody that has one you know go ahead and uh. You know see if theyll, let you take it for a spin.

You know, of course, in normal mode. Dont do sport, but uh, you know, take it for a spin man, like my wife, is a technology neanderthal and i even think that she could fly it with no issues, so yeah thats my review of the uh dji fpv uh. You know its pretty much a great even like i said beginners you can you can hop right into it in normal mode. It wont i want to say this. I will say this: it does not have collision avoidance or it doesnt. Stop you from hitting things. Okay. What it does it has collision, it slows you down, you can hit it if you want to, but it slows you down. Okay. So if you still end up hitting something even after it slows you down and its beeping at you and giving you the red bar flashing, at which side the collision is about to happen, you probably dont need to be flying. You need to go find. I dont know get a rc car or something find something else to do, but uh yeah its a its a great drone to fly man. Its easy and i dont know man its like its your own personal roller coaster. You know, but uh yes worth the buy. They said is the review of the uh dji fpv drone um. I recommend you going and checking it out im, definitely going to stock up on some more batteries and uh check out and see if theres other options out there.

Um batteries are a little pricey over a hundred bucks, so im gon na be looking at other options. I hear it is another place that does batteries and you could pay like 170 and they give you like five or six batteries, yeah five or six batteries and theyre pretty much the same capacity. They come with the same holder and everything they fit right into. Your drone so im gon na start, looking into that um theres other accessories out there too theres a aerodynamic kit where you can uh put a cover over the camera as its flying. But i wouldnt do that um it creates waves, uh or like distortion. It creates distortion in the camera, so i wouldnt do that, but theres thin stabilizer pins that you can attach to the body and uh. You know they they seem to. You know. People have said that they they seem to help. You know with cutting through the wind. So thats, probably one thing im gon na do i dont know about the like the the guards it just seems unneeded for me, um. I know when to stay away from stuff. I have a pretty good judge of like distance and you know spatial awareness, so i dont really need that uh. I may think about getting the uh. I guess its called a stabilizer, the brace its a brace. I may get that at some point. You know, but other than that im happy what i got anyways folks thats about it, um Music, i uh.

I i got some footage kind of running in the background, but ill. Let you all go ahead and uh. You know finish checking that out, but i thank you all for tuning in and stay tuned ill be, throwing up a lot more videos. This thing is fun to fly.