Actually, one area where dji has yet to dip its toes in and that’s the world of fpv drones, first person view but they’re tackling that with its latest drone, the dji fpv, and let me tell you i’m, a little bit intimidated by it Music all right. So the first thing you want to know about the dji fpv is that it’s, a powerhouse beast, and you get a sense of that the moment you turn it on because it kind of rumbles, but they put a lot of horsepower into this drone. It is bigger than some other fpv drones or racer drones, but there’s a reason why it can accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in just two seconds, so that alone makes it faster than a tesla model s. It also has a top speed of 87 miles per hour when you have it on manual mode, and that is basically double the speed of dji’s consumer drones like the mavic series. So again, there is a lot of power in this drone and you feel it the moment. You pilot it and when you have it in the air it’s interesting, because you can make all these really cool aerial, acrobatic moves and you really couldn’t get with dji’s other drones. You could make tight corners. You could almost feel like you’re drifting in the air and, like i said the beginning of this video, i had some anxiety because it really felt like i was driving a race car, and that was just for the very first time there’s a staple learning curve involved.

Here with the dji fpv, so i really wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner. You also have more components to work with, so getting it set up from the box to the air takes more time. Not only do you have the drone, you have to set up the remote controller, the goggles and then there’s the battery to the fpv goggles. So it does take more time than your traditional drone. The menu system with the dji fpv goggles isn’t, the most intuitive. I found it a little bit tough, especially azure, flying because you have to go through all these menus in order to do things like adjust. The video resolution you’re also going to need at least two people in order to fly the dji, fpv and that’s important to know, because when you wear those goggles, you lose your visual line of sight, so you’re going to need a spotter there at all times. Luckily, though, with the occasion 3.0 technology, i like that, you get a reliable video transmission. So while i was flying it, never once did it lose or drop the connection or had some latency issues. I was basically seeing what the drone was seeing and that’s useful when you’re piloting a very powerful drone like this. What i love most about the dji fpv is the dynamic action footage you’ll be able to capture using the 12 megapixel camera that’s because it sits on a single axis gimbal. So it has a very different look and feel versus other consumer drones.

You have that feeling that you’re in the cockpit pilot in something so not only do you have the incredible acceleration you’ll be able to make those tight turns you really get a sense of speed and pacing with this type of drone versus other ones. It shoots video at 4k resolution 60 frames per second, so no different from most drones out there. The quality is good, especially if there’s ample lighting daylight daytime you’re gon na get some sharp looking details: nice punchy colors, but under low light that’s, where the camera struggles. I tend to see a lot of artifacting elements in the shadows so for low light situations, it might not be the most suitable thing before i tell you who this drone is for i’ll tell you who it’s not for if you’re gon na do a lot of Photography then, this is not for you. There are better drones for that purpose, and the top of that.