. I dont want to hear about mavic 3. today, im going to show you the reason ive held on to this drone, the dji fpv for so long and if youre anything like me, then youre probably going to want to hold on to yours too. Just because of this, are you ready damn its drizzling thats, not good, so so my i live in new york city right and its cr, it gets it gets really cold here, like we have brutal winter, sometimes and its now starting to get cold. Yes, theres. Still a little bit of rain and sprinkles and drizzle, but for the most part, its cold im, all bundled up when youre flying fpv, you want to keep your hands warm right its! I guess, if youre in in cities, where it snows and gets freezing fpv, is over like its done right. What are you gon na? Do youre gon na punish yourself and go out there while your hands are trembling and crash all the time? No, what you can do a little trick is drop this bad boy into latency mode, so the video you just saw was in 1080p and it doesnt look bad, but i get the full latency and best range out of this thing and you can sit in your Car keep yourself warm, of course, make sure youve got a spot, so so so i dont, like simulators, ive, been playing video games, my whole life and i kind of want to get away from it.

I want something more realistic and thats. Why? I hang on to this guy because throughout the entire winter, when i need that fpv feel that fpv experience, of course not pushing this bad boy hard, because you dont want to crash it. Its not very durable compared to a regular crash that youll take with a fpv drone. I drop this bad boy in low latency mode, so i can get the most penetration while in my car, with the heat on keeping my fingers, nice and warm as though its a nice summer day and ive got crazy range and i got an enjoyable flight experience And thats the reason why im still hanging on to this drone summertime – i did not really use it at all, but in the winter, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Instead of hitting the simulator up im just gon na come out here and get my fpv fix. So does this thing have its place, it certainly does have its place for me, and maybe it has its place for you. Let me know if you guys are still flying yours. If you sold yours, if you never got it, if youre thinking about getting it, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up, make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell to get notified. When i release more fbv videos, especially in the winter, the rain is coming so ive got to get out of here and i will catch you guys whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.