Um it’s. 9. 43 a.m. Um. So i got the uh motion controller. I got the goggles and i got the dji drone and we’re about to go out and do a little experiment. Music, all right so ran into a little bit of a snag. I haven’t been here for a while um it’s been winter time, but this is the uh pond or lake that i normally fish at, which gives me a nice little clear runway that i can kind of experiment with um. So the snag that i ran into is that i normally would take off from the spillway, which you probably see behind me, which gives me a clear line of view to the back of the lake there. But they’re doing some construction over here on the bridge. And i just don’t really want to get in their way, so what we’re doing now is i’m setting up on this little false beach area a little bit to the left of where i would normally stand, and also a little bit kind of off from where i Would normally want to be to kind of get the most direct line of sight, but today what i wanted to do was i wanted to come out and test out the um, the the motion, controller um. I absolutely love this thing um. I know there are some uh people who just aren’t sold on it, yet some disbelievers out there and there’s some people who just don’t i don’t know i want to say they just don’t – have an open mind to what this actually is.

Um, and without getting into too much of a long story, i’ll just say that this is probably the most innovative thing. No, not the most, maybe the second most innovative thing that i’ve seen in the drone community since i’ve been flying. Camera drones, the first being the skydio r1 and then the skadio r2 amazing amazing technology, um the autonomy of it just blew my mind and then there was this. So if you’re not a believer yet in this, you have to think about the window that this opens up for people who may have disabilities. I know people with disabilities manage to overcome a lot. In fact, i saw a gentleman i wish i had his name. If i can find his videos again there’s a gentleman who flies one hand, he has his controller strapped to his chest and he’s flying literally with his pinky and his index finger and he’s doing some amazing amazing bashing of a free freestyle style quad. But if you don’t have that ability – or maybe you just don’t – have the motor skills this device right here just allows you to get into the hobby and gives you the ability to go up and pilot without the learning curve of doing the two thumb. Two stick thing that we normally got to do to learn how to fly one of these things so with that said, um i’m gon na power. This thing up i’m in here within this fake beach with all of the goose and you know, kind of the moisture.

So not my most ideal takeoff spot i’m also going to power up, oh see, it might have worked if i uh let’s power that down sorry for the technical problems. Here, i powered up the battery without the battery plugged in powering the battery down plugging battery. In removing gimbal guard man, newbie mistakes, newbie mistakes and powering back up drone, eventually and sure enough. I put it down on some scraggle, something that was probably gon na cause a little bit of a when i started it up power up controller press two times like you would do the controller for the for the even for the drone press, two time or press Once and hold give it a second look at my goggles they’re already powered up. I just heard the beep, so i know i am good to go and everything is is golden. So what i was saying was yeah. This opens up the the window, for i mean people to get into the hobby that probably normally wouldn’t be able to um it’s it’s, a very, very relaxing way to fly. I mean i am still shaking in my boots when i fly this thing because it just doesn’t fly like anything i’ve ever flown before and maybe it’s just mine. For some reason, it feels like a poster left when i go to do roles it doesn’t in steps like like it. Doesn’T do them smoothly, maybe it’s just mine but i’m, just saying i’ll get back to that later.

I don’t want to do a full review, because i know that there’s – probably a lot of um updating that needs to be done via firmware for this, so i don’t want to be too critical of it right now. But yes, this is probably one of the best devices that i’ve ever um bought when it comes to. You know: technology, tech and drones. So with that said, let’s get this thing up in the air and let’s. Do that little test that i was talking about what i am actually curious of is uh, how much control this thing has i’ll say it that way. Um. I took it out in my first video about this and i kind of was playing with it. I’M, like wow, i mean this thing, is you know decent distance away um at the end of the the golf course there and i had four rc. So how far can you actually get this? Can you take this up into the up into the mountains? Probably, and do some mountain surfing with it, can you take it to you know out into the desert and just just blast through the desert and figure out, you know and get some amazing shots, probably like. I said not the most ideal test because i am still in an urban environment. I got radio antennas i’m sure around here cell phone antennas i’ve got houses around the lake which probably have wi fi um, but this system is, you know, 2.

4 5.8 supposed to jump back and forth, so we’re just going to do a little bit of a test. I want to see what it’s going to give me i’m going to let it hit the return to home by itself and then bring itself back to me. So let’s get it fired up. You got to double tap it to fire, it up hold it. It is up in the air and i’ll just pan over real, quick, now, real, quick. In fact, what i want to do is man. That thing is touching. I want to get away from a little bit because there was another post that someone said um. There was another comment that someone mentioned when i posted this and they were like latency latency, because when i did this, the drone didn’t move automatically with my hand. Yes, that is a built in it’s, not latency, it’s, a built in delay. Almost um latency is more when your radio signal is delayed so that it causes the drone to delay. There is a little box in these goggles and there’s a center point in that box and there’s a little. You know marker in the middle of that and it won’t the drone won’t move until that marker is that little bullseye is outside of that marker. The reason that’s built in is because this is handheld and all this stuff that i’m doing right now would have that drone banging around like crazy and i’m i’m.

Oh yeah, i got to do a sync up to get this gun and going, but it would have that drone moving like crazy me talking doing all this. It would be doing all this in the sky, so it has a built in buffer so that it does not act wild unless you give it an exaggerated control, that’s, not latency. So with that said, let me get this down real quick. Is it recording? It is recording i’ve already been a minute in. I want to turn it around Music and i am going to sync Music, okay, we’re gon na turn. It back around want to take it up. I’M gon na get it up there and then i’m gon na point down. So i can see where i’m at okay, so right now i got it set to an altitude limit so i’m, not going to violate any of the faa’s regulations with altitude we’re going to take it up a little bit higher, um, okay, so it’s. Over top of me right now, okay, now i’m going to point straight forward and i’m. Also before i take off, i want to check to see if the actual gimbal control works, because it didn’t work before and i’ve done, the firmware update it does not work. It’S still it’s just interference with motion controller what’s, going on there i’m, not sure what’s going on, oh, probably because it’s right above me and not in front of me um cool thing about dji jones.

If anything goes wrong, uh interference, mc location, motion, control, location i’m, still showing a little bit of an error here so i’m going to push it out just a little bit and see what happens here and what i also want to do is i want to flip This into sport mode, so i’m going to go into the mode, and i do have sport mode control right now and this thing is moving. So without all the talk, let’s see what this thing can do, it does have a decent sensitivity with the gimbal, though you have to be very like keep your hands still, because the more i pitch up and pitch down um the more i pitch up and pitch Down the gimbal actually responds to that so it’s, not the smoothest right now and i can tell because the gimbal is bouncing all around all right, so 3000, full rc Applause, 4000, full rc Applause, 5000, full rc and full hd. Six thousand four rc full hd hd drop. Two get my head up. A little bit ac dropped again down two bars: six thousand down to two bars on hd and rc. We just lost it at seven, seven, seven, seven and see we didn’t lose it. It is stuttering, though seven seven lost transmission aircraft should be returning, okay, so seven, seven, five. Four: when hit the break button to cancel it actually didn’t actually come home. It just stopped so i’m gon na hit the break button to cancel for some reason they just locked and just locked into braking mode.

I am trying to turn my head to see if i can get a better signal, like i said, not the most ideal, but um 776 is where it just stops, and then it goes into breaking mode. It doesn’t return to home, though this is pretty interesting. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na turn. This around cool thing about this is, i do get my home point. It tells me my home point is i’m gon na aim for that hitting point and i’m gon na hit go now i’m gon na play with a little bit: Applause; Music Applause, sorry for the uh quietness, this awkward quietness, i just uh talking and flying at the Same time, Music, this is a little bit distracting, so we’re about to be back over top of our heads i’m going to stop it right there, and i also i want to try the return of home, so you got to hit the uh uh. I forget, i think you got to hit and hold the stop button to get it to return to home yep so hitting the brake button puts it into return to home mode. For some reason, i keep getting this uh rc interference return to home in progress. I do not have any control over it, while it’s in return to home, so i can’t pitch, y’all or or bank um and it’s coming in, i can’t even kind of tip again gimbal down and it seems like it seems, like the i get, this uh interference When it is uh like if i’m kind of moving that gimbal outside the box for some reason so i’m, not sure what that is all right, so let’s see it.

It is over top of my head right now, i’m gon na. Let it do its thing. It took off from right in front of me: let’s see how it does on the landing all the landing in progress. This does have precision landing, so it is going to try to find the same spot that it took off from and literally it took off with. Uh, i still see a little stick that was on the ground when i took it off. It looks like it’s behind me, though so yeah it’s, not precision, i’m gon na end. It now i’m not going to end it i’m, going to let you just come in let’s, see where it is: okay, so sun’s in my face now, Music i’ll, take it actually we’re gon na i’m gon na turn it around and i’m gon na fly it out Because it was just about to land in a little bit of high grass, all right and then i’m going to put it down well, actually i don’t want to put it down yet i want to try one more thing and then i’ll i’ll kind of give you My impressions on this, so one thing that people were saying was that they can’t do orbits with this, because it doesn’t give you the ability to control the y’all. It kind of does give you the ability to control the all. This in flight gets you to bank turn. This gets the yaw to turn back and forth, and i don’t know if you can actually see that so i’ll try to get that in frame.

So this gets you the bank turn and which will rotate the drone all the way around, and this gets the yaw to to turn. So what i want to try to do is i want to try to do an orbit with this and see. If i can do it using some throttle and some wrist turn to kind of control that yaw so let’s see what does it does not do it? Actually, it kind of does do it it’s just very difficult to do so. I’M gon na turn around try that again um we’re gon na i can’t. Do it it’s it’s difficult, but it started the yaw. It started to turn, but it also takes off like a bad hell because probably it’s in sport mode, so let’s put it in normal mode and see if that works, Music, all right, so normal mode now we’ll take it out in front of me and Music. Now you can’t it won’t do over it it’s just kind of doing a very light. Bang turn just another experiment, so i mean that was my experiment. I want to see what the actual you know. Abilities was uh were of the motion controller and i think that was a pretty decent demo that things up there acting crazy let’s, bring it in real, quick point it down the only thing about this. Is you can’t really like landing? It is not as easy as it would be with two sticks, so you kind of got ta finesse it a little bit pointing it down Music, and then you can, you can point down and it will land like you’d be pulling down both sticks or you could Also hit the hold button here and it will auto land it for you, so experiment done.

Hopefully that gives you enough information to understand with the capabilities of this, and i will get back to you soon with more videos about this, like i said, i’m still paranoid to crashing this thing. It just doesn’t fly like anything that i’m gon na get that’s get the sun out of my face. It just doesn’t fly like um anything that i’ve flown before so um i’m. Super cautious, like i, am literally missing, i’m trying to stay above every tree i’m. Not even attempting to shoot any gaps um just until i understand it and feel it out, because i know, while some guys are throwing this thing around, like you know like a regular um 3d quad, i ain’t ready for that.