It only made sense that eventually, they would broaden the horizons into fpv with their first fpv drone. They made great strides into innovating an already immersive experience. Ive had this drone for over three months now, learning struggling crashing, repairing and relearning. This drone trying to get a better understanding of what it is and where it fit into the world of drones and fpv. After being through the honeymoon phase, i wanted to know where this tool sat in my filming kit, learning its strengths and weaknesses, how to best utilize it and how it compared to other fpv drones. It has been the funnest tool in my kit for sure and after three months i believe i have finally figured out what this drone is: Music, Music, its a mavic air drone with a manual mode. That is how you should view the dji fpv, like the mavic air, its utilized for its small footprint, but ability to capture cinematic footage. The manual mode just adds that extra element to your aerial footage. You know the main two things being rotation and speed by the way how rude of me um my name is jihad and welcome to where we keep it uncomplex. If youre new here be sure to like and subscribe, you know for the algorithm and ill just deeply appreciate it. So todays review is going to cover what you get out of the box, the ergonomics of whats in the box, the flying experience, how the drone flies.

The camera of the fpv drone and how to best utilize, this drone, this specific drone lets get into it. So the three main components you get out of the box is the goggles, the controller and obviously the drone itself so well begin with the first three main components: the first one being the goggles theyre very futuristic. Looking you know put these on. You get 20 30 vision. I, like them, theyre nice, decent theyre, actually kind of comfortable the straps are adjustable and in this version they added this top strap, which is actually pretty handy so that when the goggles are sitting on your head, it doesnt add too much weight on your nose and Then theres these theres, these muffs that protect your face from the goggles itself. At the same time, dji does sell a softer version, a more thicker version on their online store. I feel like straight up. They should have just included that within the package, then theres four antennas that can be removed, a usb c slot and a micro sd card slot, because this can also record the footage from your flight and to control the settings of your drone. You can do that from the goggles itself, so on top here, theres a little dial that allows you to scroll through the menu and then a back button and a record button for when you record, when you want to record the footage youre seeing from inside the Goggles theres also a micro, sd card slot and a usb c slot, and then a charging port to charge the headset itself.

The goggles has its own power source from my experience that battery life lasts for about four to five runs, which is actually a pretty good amount and then, from there we get the controller, pretty small, relatively light, and actually quite compactable like the antenna tucks down like This and then you have the thumb, sticks which are sequestered into these little slots on the side of the handles, so you can take them out and screw them into where theyre supposed to be very long battery life, like i dont, really have any complaints about this Remote, it feels comfortable in my hands the way i fly using thumbs using the using my thumbs. It just feels like a normal controller, really, you know theyre almost kind of the same size, this ones just a little bit. Bigger kind of reminds me of a n64 controller just without the middle handle its funny, because i actually never used an n64 before ps1 for life baby started on the ps1, but yeah. So this is very comfortable to me when flying with thumbs. I tried flying fingers, but i dont know i feel like when flying with fingers. My the controller is not big enough for my palms to rest on if that makes sense, but i feel like when you with the addition of the lanyard. It helps a little bit just a little bit then again, im not practicing on using fingers. So im not entirely sure how youre supposed to fly using fingers.

That was just my observation but yeah great remote and the range is 10 kilometers and id say thats close to true like as long as youre maintaining direct line of sight. The drone will travel pretty far at the same time. You dont want to take it too far before the battery runs out, but the battery life of the drone is actually a good amount compared to the normal fpv joints and then, finally, the drone itself its definitely a unique design. You know very consumer friendly personally, i like it, you know something looks like something thats just straight out of the future. To be honest and everybody has mixed feelings about it, which is fair enough. You know to each their own, but just from the shape alone. You already know that dji did not create this dream, with the attention of being your standard drone and its not your standard drone, its a hard plastic design, so it can take on minor crashes, but i wouldnt be as comfortable doing daring maneuvers with this drone. As i would with like the standard carbon fiber type of drones, plastic propellers, and what makes this interesting is actually the the landing gear. We have these legs here at the front of the front propellers that act as the landing gear and theyre rubber tips. Theyve got rubber feet and, at the the back end of the landing gear is actually the battery itself, which has also these rubber ends.

From that design alone, you need to approach taking off and landing differently as well like with the standard fpv drone in order to land youd shut off the the motors, the motors, the motor, the motors. How do you say the motors i feel like im, saying it wrong the motors when youre close to the ground you just shut them off and itll just drop onto the ground relatively safely, but the dji fpv doesnt really land. That way it can, but i feel, like the body itself, is not made to withstand like shock impact landing. The dji fpv drone in that matter would actually damage the landing gear. So personally, what i do is when im taking off ill, take off in normal mode and when im landing it ill, actually catch it in normal mode as well, just let it land into my hand. While i hold on to the battery, because the last time i tried to take off your manual motor actually damaged the drone itself and the gopro that i was mounted on top, you know just stupid. So out of the box, the drone has the ability to fly like any of djis previous drone so like if youve had history with the phantom, the mavic or the air series drones. Now, the only difference being is that youll be in that first person view and youll notice that you have that a little bit more spring in your flight. You know youll notice, you have way more juice than any other dj ive joined before it has front and bottom sensors to aid you within those parameters.

So if youre flying in normal or sports mode, it will slow down if youre going to come into. You know an oncoming object, im pretty sure itll slow down, but it wont move out of the way, but you will have time to do evasive, maneuvers if need be, and also those two modes normal and sport modes. If you want those can be your go to modes whenever youre flying the fpv drone theyre, both very fun, and they still will give you those type of dynamic flying movements. In your footage, there is no need to go into manual mode, but speaking of that last mode, manual mode before you enter that 100, you need to go into the simulator first and the dji fpv does come with the simulator and it does take you step by Step on the main controls of flying in manual mode, i purchased this drone with the intention of being able to fly in manual mode so before even taking that into the real world. First, i set up the simulator and i was in there for about eight to ten hours, just practicing the same drills, getting comfortable with the controls and after those eight to ten hours. I took it out into the real world and i was practicing certain drills. What i did was: um figure, eights altitude control, orbits and flying proximity, so flying close to objects and through objects, because those are the things i wanted to be comfortable at its.

Not something you have to do is the thing i chose to do because i wanted to. I wanted to consolidate those flying practices for, for the long run and from there this is important. I attempted more acrobatic flying so its like doing more more strenuous tasks with the drone, so like going upside down, flips rolls and the like, and what i quickly noticed was – is that this drone is not its not meant for that type of line. Can it do that 100? I was able to do them myself when doing so. There was this. There was this strain with the drain like it was just a bit too much for the drone, and i was quickly introduced to this thing called prop watch and essentially its basically, when the drone flies back into dirty air air thats. Already in motion the drain will shake and vibrate. Now there are ways to compensate for that, but its very difficult for this drone to do so see other drones. They can be tuned through through a computer through like programs like betaflight and those programs. They allow you to like tune the drone so that it can compensate for the shape weight, the physics of the drone, so that you can fly smoother in real life. You dont get that type of accessibility with stuff a drone. The most you can do with the dji fpv is just change the rates and the rates which basically just allows you to higher or lower the sensitivity of the remote so for pc, gamers thats, like changing the dpi on your mouse or a console player thats.

Changing the sensitivity of your controller in game, i changed my rates to be a little bit more faster, so i can do like rolls just a little bit quicker. That was just my preference, but out of the box, the the drone is pre tuned, pretty well to do your basic fpv type of flying, but for acrobatic flying not so much so after flying for a couple months now now i know not to do like very Hard maneuvers at high speeds to avoid prop watch, and i also learned that this is pretty much not an acrobatic drone and now were going to talk about the camera and heres the thing about the camera. It is immediately compared to the gopro, which is understandable. I mean every other skeletal fpv type of drone. They use a gopro as their main camera, but for a second just disregard the gopro, just chuck it out the window. You know it should survive its rugged. The in the in house, camera is actually its pretty good. My only gripe is that the noise in the image is pretty apparent like not to the untrained eye, but to me i can see it like anything over 100 iso its easily detectable, but it can be overlooked. Pun intended and the focal length of the camera its its wide, its pretty wide 150 degrees to be exact, but in 4k 60, its 142 degrees – and that is more than enough for me when flying.

I fly in a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, which is more than enough for me and i dont know i feel like im, not missing anything in that ratio and if i wanted to, i could change and if i wanted to, i could change the aspect ratio To 4×3, so i have that that bigger view following 16×9 just makes me feel like im flying more closer to the ground, so in that way, im a bit more wary of how close i am to the ground. Coulda. Beware: 100. The gopro does 170 degrees, which indisputably looks way better. You know it gives you that nice action, cam type of look nice wide view and just feels more immersive when youre viewing the footage but 150 degrees on the in house. Camera is still pretty good for djis. First fpv drone and the image quality itself, especially in the goggles. What youre, seeing when flying im, pretty sure no ones complained about how good of a system that is, and then we move on to frame rates. Another hot topic for the fpv drone. It is dakka. 4K60, which is a bummer, especially if youre not going to slow down your footage afterwards, because then its just a waste of space in your disk and your sd card, so dji really does need to implement 4k 30 or 4k 24 into their frame rates. But at the same time, if youre not utilizing an nd filter in the right camera settings, then theres no point shooting 4k 24.

A lot of people overlook that and its what makes those frame rates look good, using an nd filter and the right camera settings. The right shutter speed, so just keep that in mind when youre flying the drone but yeah the image quality itself of 4k 60, especially when you slow it down, looks great and dji uses their rocksteady system to stabilize the footage and it works well. Flying smooth will take out most will take out all the micro jitters, pretty much all the micro jitters and shakes, but its just those big as drastic turns that rocksteady has a hard time compensating for that struggles, a little bit but still usable, and then the one Thing the one thing that this drone has over every other fpv drain is its one axis gimbal being able to change the viewing angle without physically touching drone is definitely a big win for dji, and i personally use it all the time. So when im flying like a bit more slow, paced a bit more proximity flying close to objects, ill go from zero to 15 degrees, viewing angle, and that would just make my flight a lot more slower and then more for my cinematic runs when im going to Go a little bit faster, ill bump it up to 15 to 20 degrees. That way, i just have more speed when im flying and it looks good passing objects, ill bump it up to 45 degrees, and then i am just hauling like that.

Drone zips and definitely djis fastest drone ever, but i would never dare to actually use that close to the ground ill definitely hit something and destroy the drone and waste. A lot of money like the one axis gimbal, is definitely a versatile feature and im very happy. Dji implemented this into their first fpv drone. Okay, that was my portion done. That was a lot of talking for me. Um youre, right, im, gon na go, have a shower or something see you guys. Well, i guess hes gone, i dont know where he went. I guess hes gone so im gon na talk about the best part of this video, which is actually how you fly the drone or how you should be flying this drone, how you utilize the drone to its best ability, because this drone its a when you think About it, it is a cinematic powerhouse like weve, been able to do one hack to this drone that everybody just kind of misses how big of an impact it is. You have two high quality cameras on one drone, but think about that. Once you mount a gopro on top, you dont have one, but you have two sources of high quality footage that can be graded and stabilized and both are two different frame rates, so ones at 4k, 24 ones, our 4k 60, with that on paper, 20 minute of Flight time you add the drone, and it just takes you back to your normal standard flight time about ten ten six minutes.

But you have the options of say: if theres a certain part of your footage that you want to slow down, you can do that or in the and if you want the rest of the footage to be the normal 24 frame rate and make the most of The of that motion blur you still have that with the gopro on top. I do understand that you cant integrate both to have one image like technically. You can, if you edit it in the right way, but the way i use the drone im always cutting between the two cameras having a gopro and the camera in house in the dji fpv like that was a big epiphany when i thought of it, its a Mavic air drain with a manual mode, so you get all the safety features of a mavic drone in an fpv drone. You get that obstacle avoidance feature more of its, not an obstacle avoidance, more of an obstacle, slow down feature. You get the bonus of the return to home feature of the one loss of signal, return to home future or just being able to let the drone hover in one spot, like you, dont get that with your normal fpv drones, and also one major thing that we Cant, look over the pause feature like that. That comes in amazing and ive, used it many times myself, but being able to halt the drone mid air to avoid crisis or when youre in a panic, just comes in so clutch and, in my opinion, makes this drone.

The perfect entry point to entering fpv, especially if youre, trying to do more acrobatic flying later on with better tuned fpv drones. This drone is a filmmaking tool for the avid traveler or the hobbyist, the photographers, the videographers, the people that want to add just a little bit more dynamic, a bit more variety into their content. Thats who this drone is for and its you can see it in all of djis promo material. You know it has been their creed since the integration of their inauguration. Well, thats a big word since the integration of dji and their drones, like in their promo material. You see all the idyllic, the exotic landscapes, you know, the waterfalls, the green green pastures, the blue waters like that is what they showcase when advertising this drone. That is the type of footage they want you to get with this drone, and that is why, with this drone to get the most out of it, you need to fly as smooth as possible and then hack it by adding a gopro on top and with rocksteady. It will stabilize the footage for you and if you want to stabilize it even more, you have the option of 4k 60.. So just slow down the footage and itll look even more stabilized and if you dont want the stabilized. Well, you have a gopro on top and then you can make the most out of real, steady, thats the gopro stabilizing program, and that is how i utilize the drone to make the most of it.

Hopefully dji does continue to improve their rock steady system and and allow to be on the same level as real steady, because at the moment real steady is unparalleled in terms of stabilization one day, hopefully, but that is all i have for you today, my friends um. If you enjoyed the video, you know make sure to like and subscribe for the algorithm and plus ill deeply appreciate. It. Gopro just released the hero 10 and i think i might buy it because i want to test it out on the dji ipv gopro im using at the moment is the hero weight and its a bit scratched up so thats. Why im thinking of upgrading to the hero 10. thats something youre interested in? Definitely let me know and make sure you press the notification bell as well. So whenever that does happen, whenever i do get the gopro, i make a video about it, but yeah.