If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you don’t miss any future content. With that let’s begin, the other night i was joined by very special guest, johnny alfonso, otherwise known as johnny droneflyer and very special co host ron bryant. We spent a majority of the evening discussing the dji fpv drone regarding pricing releasing and who this drone is right for so without any further ado. Let’S roll that clip in its entirety the fpv we’re gon na we’re gon na start chatting about that here and i want to find. I have a something on the screen here, hang on a second all right, you know, um let’s go ahead and share again. You know we did get some more. We got some interesting pictures from ocedalev here. Okay now he sent us this picture that it looks like that you can put different color schemes. It has covers. It says somewhere that i read yeah, which is real interesting right. There um, then, with some other ones, he’s in stock, okay and what’s. Real interesting here is: this has to be an english store because i’m, pretty sure you know, you don’t see any chinese lettering on on these on these items. Okay, because in the very least there would be corresponding, even though it’s in english, there would be chinese uh lettering on on a chinese box here, okay, so this store isn’t over in china, which i thought was, was very interesting, and then he also put out this Video here, which was real, put the sound on it and it also was a three minute long video i watched it was really cool, very different kind of startup sound that they had on this yeah, and i saw that three minute, video too, as well.

Um here’s the race car and then the gazelle i think we’re running man. It was it was it. It looked awesome i i did see that and then dji is good here’s. Some probably these are probably promo shots. What this is. I have no idea a handheld control controller, a single one i redefine flying now. This is real interesting here. Okay, because i know i saw demarco uh more and i don’t know if demarco’s in the chat or not uh lauren is right. Lauren goes leaks. Are free advertising yeah? They are free advertising for absolutely and they’re the master at it. Leaking these things out um. You know i saw demarco our our buddy um. There was a comment he had. He had seen something – and i don’t know if it was hey kestelu or not said that this was going to be around two thousand dollars and i’m like whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, you’re, not gon na get a lot of people to buy the two thousand Dollars guys that’s, just not gon na happen all right. I don’t i don’t care. I don’t care how deep your pockets are. Okay, um! You know you pockets that deep to get a drone for two thousand dollars like that. Okay, that thing better be make me breakfast and bring me coffee in bed: okay, yeah and lauren and lauren even thinks uh. You know, i think, lauren by just talking: lauren uh, you know lauren in the chat last night, uh yeah, i i think he’s had it at 11.

99 and he’s thinking that you know, but what was funny the spectrum. Now we see 1299, we heard 2 000, but even at 2 000 some people – some people were acting like you know it was you’re getting a lot for two thousand dollars. So you know it’s kind of interesting the price swing. Yeah. I mean it really is well lauren lauren put in there. Um use it um like a joystick instead of um, using a normal controller that that other one that we just uh, that yeah it’s like a game controller yeah like a game controller, which is which is real, interesting um. You know, and one of my questions has been you know, and i saw a lot of people ask me this question and i can’t answer it and i don’t know if you guys talked about it. The other night or not was will something like this work without without the goggles will it work with a app on a phone which i think you know i’m just i’m curious for something like that because um you know that may help break some other people into Getting something like this, you know um because for me, okay, especially for me i’m, just like i got ta, i got ta see things: okay, i’m, one of those kind of persons. I would get dizzy, probably nauseated at wearing goggles, okay that’s, just that kind of stuff, not gon na work. For me um, you know – and i know – and the other thing too is – i was talking about this with my wife.

Is this isn’t the kind of drone that you’re gon na go out by yourself to fly okay right because you’re gon na need somebody there with you johnny it’s like well, she brought up the point and it’s a real good point. Somebody can come whack you over the head, you wouldn’t even know they were there. I mean yeah and i mean it’s, something i guess it’s something to think about, even though even when you’re flying a camera bird, you know camera girl, you’re, not really. Looking behind you a whole lot, but you can turn around you know and and but it’s going to be very interesting but yeah because even in the advertisement i know you saw the head of a girl in a you know like a visual observer, so it was Kind of interesting that ad yeah yeah, you know and that’s what and that’s what i’m thinking with something like this is you got to have one there i mean that’s, just not going to pan out that you, you would be able to do this on your own. You know they have done and one of the things – and i was doing more thinking about um, oh okay, um yeah, michael wright. I believe yes, especially with the joystick controller sort of like the skydio beacon, michael that’s. A great point. Thank you. Thank you for raising that. You know um that’s, that’s, a very good point, because you know other people like me who wouldn’t even begin to think about something like this because of having to wear the goggles.

You know hey, i might entertain this thought you know of being able to see something like this um and being being able to use something like this um. You know, whereas normally i wouldn’t consider it because it’s simply because of the goggles yeah i’ve never put on a pair of goggles, so i wouldn’t know, but i i mean with the glasses and having to see. I don’t know how that would work out. Yeah i’m. The same way, you know because of my glasses and just it just because people had always asked me when dji came out with the original goggles. If you try them – and i said no – and i said why – and i said because my spatial awareness i said i you know – i i would probably get dizzy and i might get nauseated from it and that’s just not something i’m ever going to entertain. I mean i just i just can’t: do that and i’m sure we’ll have a couple at the uh sebastian meetup i’m sure that uh, oh yeah there’ll be some, and you know this is interesting because you know one of the things that and here’s ron ron ron’s. Here ron welcome hello, gentlemen: how are you today hey good, to see you good? I just got back from best buy. I was hanging out in the drone island, one of those fpv drones got put out by the stake. No, such luck right. No! No! I you know all i could get was a uh.

You know uh mavic air, one, ah, Music yeah. I know i had to stop at the i didn’t stop at the bank too, because i applied for uh. You know to get a get a mortgage for the mpv drone. I was trying to get a fixed interest rate on it. Well, we just went, you know, we just saw um. I just uh and i’ll share it again. Here is, you know, um dji, and this little teaser had had it for 12.99 um, so that is a much more reasonable price than what i’d seen originally demarco had posted like around 2 000 and i’m, like we were fearing two grand yesterday yeah because the uh, What the the amazon store in the netherlands, if you convert their price over, it, would have been 2 000 us dollars. Wow wow that’s for the flyboard kit. Yeah i’ve got everything. If you only wanted the drone and the controller, it was much less wow. Well, you know one of the other things that i wanted to talk about with both of you here and i’m glad you’re here ron and um. You know and i’ll go back. Let me let me bring this back up again, um with the ceta lab, which i thought was real interesting. Oh yeah, he put that tweet out uh the last 24 hours, yeah they’ve been a lot out in the last. The last 10 or 12 hours been a lot of videos.

Well, when i see it, when a club puts the tweet out, you know it’s close yeah, it’s it’s common it’s coming well the one, the one that he did and i’m trying to trying to find out that one right here, the one i the. What i sent you today in mess in messenger, yeah yeah you you want. Let me see if i always you keep looking i’ll see if i can find it in messenger, okay, well, here’s. One thing that i wanted to talk about right here is these. I thought i was sharing dang it. Okay, let me let me get yeah. This is what i this is really yeah. I got it here all right, um. You know one thing that it just i i can’t it boggles. My mind is look at the size of the battery here compared to you just get a picture they’re putting it in the drone, and i mean it looks it looks bigger than the drilling just thinking it’s. Just i don’t i’ve guys this just you know it’s it’s, like you, know, i’m kind of speechless on this. I really am well. I mean, let me ask you billy i mean i know. None of us here are fpv experts, but in a normal fpv drone is the battery the same proportion proportionally bigger than the rest of drone, as it is with the uh i’ll just start saying the flash down because it’s easy to say yeah that’s that’s, that that Is a great question ron i don’t know because you know i mean from what i’ve seen no they’re they’re they’re proportion, they’re kind of like in size proportion to the drone itself.

Oh yeah that ain’t no that’s as big as the drone itself, at least a body of it and i’m no expert in this stuff either. But is that, like a six cell battery, which i think the six cells are the are the like? Are the biggest most powerful ones that they use it could be, it really could be. I mean you know the the thing is just i mean when i saw him putting it in. I was like i had to do a double take and then i ran that video again to look at it and i’m. Like holy cow, i mean that that’s, like that’s, like a quarter or three quarter, or at least half the drone right there. So so is that joystick controller included in that kit, the the flymore type or is that an extra yeah that’ll get you that’ll, get you like everything you see in the table? Well, you can’t see the goggles too well, but i think the the rumors, the rumors this is all rumors. Now the rumor, the flower market would be the the the drone controller goggles three batteries and you know, looks like extra propellers charged, but ronnie uh bill. Put that picture back up that little joystick. Where does that come into play? Oh, i know what you know, but you think do you think demarco was posted today. No, no okay! You mean beyond the controller there. It is oh yeah. Yeah, obviously, is that actually today, i’ve never seen that picture before and i do i don’t think that’s included with the package as it is now, but again i’m, giving you rumor on top of rumor here so that so that’ll be an ad.

I mean you’ll. Have the badass separate and that’s what it looks like nobody’s being mentioned of it as being honest, yeah lauren, said in a chat that’s an extra okay, that’s kind of what i thought i mean, because i didn’t see it in the um. Let me go ahead and now that i would call that a wand haven’t we seen toy drones before that you could fly with a wand type device like that mm – hmm Music. I haven’t again. I know nothing about fpv, but if you’re flying along in 70 miles per hour bill, would you want to be controlled out with a wand? No because i can tell you i have that you got from the astronaut, it was kind of like a wand in a way. What am i trying to say bill? The astronaut made that controller about because i had a. I had a like ‘ east gene drone that you could use for one like that: um yeah, but that eachine drill – probably it flew along at like what top speed of like you, know, five ten miles per hour yeah, but it was still even getting used to The cadence of you know moving forward moving backward on side moving the side going this way going that way that direction you know trying to let up on the throttle, those kind of things it was so different than a normal joystick. It really just you know it really wasn’t.

There was no comfort level there bill. Let me just let me just say that right, us old guys, like our sticks, yeah yeah, i want to have – i want to put a plate in english right. We we we, we want to stick it Laughter. Oh i’m. Sorry. I’M. Sorry, i didn’t sound right. We want our sticks, but you know this is a good thing, seeing it at twelve hundred dollars: okay, because yeah that’s, really that that’s a really good thing and and lauren says you know: dji – does some of their best marketing with these leaks. Okay, when they, when they push these leaks out to us ahead of time um, you know from what i saw on both drone dj and on drone xl march. 2Nd is a hotly rumored date that is going to be released as as far as as far as personnel lauren was speculating in 1299 praise, but i think he’s also speculating like a a little bit higher price for a fly more kit that this will be. This 12 9 now it’d be more of a base kit right yeah, maybe maybe you know, drone controller goggles and maybe one battery and and john cooper. You know a long time ago, of course, everybody. You know john said about 500, a piece for everything, so he hit it. I mean it’s, pretty it’s, pretty close yeah, even when it was up around 2000 john said for everything you you, you were getting.

If you specced it out, that still would be a you know. Well, that’s what i told you error iran. It was kind of interesting because you, if you think of something gon na be 12.99 and you think it’s, okay and then you it goes to 2000. You still think it’s okay, so it must be okay, hey it just. It just goes to show that uh. If you want to get an fpv big time, you better have some pretty deep pockets. Yeah it’s gon na this is gon na. Take some deep pockets. I mean you know, even you know, coming up with twelve hundred dollars. You know you know for those of us who are not, you know, fpv drone fliers, you know who who have flown camera drones all right. You know the include and i’ll say the three of us here. You know twelve hundred dollars. I can get a zoom for that. Okay and if i spend a couple hundred more i can. I can get a mavic 2 pro for that. All right – and you know – is this something that’s gon na pull me in. Is this something i’m going to be interested in is goggles something i’m interested in well, you know, i think it depends on the type of flying. You know, i think, we’re all we’re more, like photography type. You know, of course, ron’s a you know a base photographer, so he you know he definitely. You know, like loves the camera bird.

You know, i think it wouldn’t suit him and it probably wouldn’t suit me either. But you know, i think, if you, if you do that, you know because you know it’s it’s going to be fun to fly it’s going to go what 80 miles an hour 80. Something you know: yeah it’s, going to be fast, it’s going to be it’s, going to fly much faster than our our mavics. That we’ve been used to flying and it’s going to be interesting to see the footage from it. I mean you know granted you know it has some. It has some neat features you know, but for us you know we like ron’s as i’ve always said johnny. I call him the jedi master of sunsets yeah. He is okay, you know he’s too he’s too modest about that, but we all do know that. Okay, so on one of these days, we’re going to we’re going to buy an official crown for him with that title like he could do like quick sunsets with that you know fpv, like i’m, going to say bill to bill’s point. You know that thing going 70 miles per hour, how’s that going to make my sunset videos look any better than going at 40 miles per hour on the mavic 2 pro. Is that really make them more look better or i don’t know how that’s going to help me? I mean i understand if you i want to fly between some trees, and you know some real.

You know narrow gaps or whatever, but i don’t do that stuff. You know i mean that’s, the type of stuff i i do. I would think you’d have to have the right place to fly, that you know like a lot of space or either you know i mean well. I guess something you know the guys is that what makes it look good is, i guess, when you fly through things or whatever right really fast and of course, our big birds, not that they can’t do it. They don’t have enough space, but we couldn’t find that precise with our big birds because we’d own the goggles, so we’re, not the cockpit. We don’t know how many inches we have to when we hit that tree or that pole or whatever. But when you have the goggles on don’t know precisely how you need to adjust to get through whatever gap it is you’re getting through, but that goes back to the whole conversation bill and i touched on this last week. I know bill and i are both. The goggles may be our biggest barrier to entry. In this whole thing, do i think i could actually fly the thing. I think i could you know: i’m, maybe not an acura, but i could probably fly in stabilized mode or something like that. You know okay, but i just don’t know uh that i’m. You know how i’m gon na do with the goggles number one number two, the whole visual observer thing.

You know i’m always going to need somebody observing when i you go out to be legal, and somebody made a point in the chat i think last week on the show and also if i would violate not having a visual observer. What, if i’m in a public park, because somebody comes up pops me on the back of the head and steals 12.99 worth of equipment from me, plus your iphone right right right? Well, i can leave that in the car because you won’t need to fly this, throw johnny bill. Are they? Are they down points uh? You know no yeah. You know, you know one of the other things that that i was thinking about with this. You know and demarco just put up, you know when you buy the whole enchilada, including refresh and everything seems like 20 comes close to twenty five hundred dollars. You know lauren is saying it’s not gon na be that expensive. So i i would i’m kind of i’m kind of leaning toward what’s lauren’s saying, but you know it well poor demarco. If he spent twenty five hundred dollars, i don’t think he, oh boy, don’t lose weight. His permanent place would be the demarco. Your permanent place would be the couch. I don’t tell mrs moore. Well, look what let’s break this down! Okay bill. What is i mean? I i know i i mean i may not get it ap, but what? What is the okay? What price point would actually make you even consider getting it? What what what what what you know, what is the most you would even consider paying for this drone to me it has to be under a thousand dollars ron that’s just for any consideration right consideration, because you know look at the mavic air too.

Look at look at the interest. It generated. Look at the number of people that have bought that and enjoy it all. You know you just buy just one bag just get one battery, just don’t, you know go on i’ll hog. You know it’s it’s 7.99. That is a steal for getting that kind of a camera drone. Okay for me, and i understand what dji is trying to do. I understand they’re trying to get people interested in fpv. I understand that this is an untapped market for them and i think it’s a good thing for them to do this. However, i think if they really wanted to get more people in okay, they got ta brought that ceiling under a thousand dollars. I mean that thousand dollar barrier you know and marcus talks about it. A lot as well too that’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. Okay going over a thousand dollars. Well, if you bought it and i’m, not saying you know, of course you could sell it, but you know how that is on a secondary market you’re going to pay 12 1500, and you know you’re gon na get seven eight hundred dollars for it. Maybe i don’t know it’s it’s i’m. Like you bill, i would have thought if they would have come into the market with something a starter type kit i don’t know maybe – and i don’t know that much about it, but maybe five to eight hundred bucks.

You know, but maybe they can’t do it. You know, and it wouldn’t be a good experience, it’s kind of like the cheap camera bird. You know everybody wants a cheap one, but they don’t fly good and then you get disgusted. So you better off just buy something good now straight down the road that this for this this first one, maybe when they release the first mavic pro you know they release their best. First of maybe a year down, the road they’ll come out with a um, a flash, a flash air or a flash mini and it’ll be half the price. Now it may not have all the features this one has, but it may be more affordable for somebody that just wants to get the hobby like we did. Then i see some specs today bill where they think this will have 4k 60 frames per second at 120. Bit rate – and i think they think it’ll have like 1080p at 120 frames per second at some good bit rate, so it’s going to have some really eye popping specs, but that may give them the opportunity if it does well to release again like a flash. A flash air or flash mini at the price point you guys are talking about less features, but maybe still enough features for a beginner to uh to be interested in well, you know i’m going to go ahead and share. You know you, you brought up those stats.

I want to want to get them up on the screen here. You know, but one of the things that i wanted to say about. This is okay, the typical times that i’ve seen um. You know footage that i would actually like to watch it’s, usually going through abandoned buildings, okay and it’s. Also, the other ones that i like to watch are trains. Okay, somebody’s got flying with a you know, with a train that’s going down the tracks, and there was this one guy who had him uh like a like a a micro one, and he was flying it under the train and over that and all that stuff. That was just crazy, but you know those are the kind of ones that i actually will enjoy and will watch um. You know, and you got to be a real expert to do stuff like that and flying through buildings and stuff. I mean that takes a lot of skill that takes a lot of practice. That takes a lot of nerve to be able to do that. Okay. I’M, not sure. For me, let’s say you know i would do something for 1200 i’m not going to be flying this through abandoned buildings, i’m, not going to be flying this close to trees or into an abandoned building more likely into an abandoned building it out and stuff. I mean you know: i’m, not gon na i’m, not gon na do that kind of stuff. I’M.

Not gon na. Take that chance, because you know if i drive twelve hundred dollars, you know it ain’t chump change um. You know i wan na make sure that i’m getting my money’s worth out of it number one and number two then i’m, not ta. I don’t i’m, not a high risk person. Okay, i don’t do high risk type of ventures. Okay, so it’s the same thing here. You know i wouldn’t do a high risk venture like getting this and actually going out. Oh there’s, an abandoned building there let’s go fly around that or oh look at this old orange grove. Let’S go fly, let’s, go down through the trees and fly through it. No i’m not going to be doing stuff. Like that. I i definitely see your point. Um yeah i mean, and if you do buy it and then fly like a camera drone, then you just bet off flying your camera. Yeah yeah and um manual mode disables, most flight assists enhance direct control of the operator, just like a freestyle drone. Would this enables amazing maneuverability but also carries considerable risk so much so the manual mode is disabled by default. It must be enabled through the goggle menu. In addition, manual mode will still limit the maximum attitude of the craft and prevent inverted maneuvers like flips and rolls a separate goggle menu setting can remove the second attitude limiter and unlock the craft’s full potential. Dji has provided a method to disable the automatic recentering at the on the radio controller by adjusting a screw at the back so um, so you can have the option to do crazy things.

With this i mean it’s. Just you know the sky’s. You know it it’s wide open with this, but you know they put in so they put on a lot of safety features and i think a lot of fpv beginner features to get people in to draw them in. But again you know i’ll go back to what i what i said and i think johnny and ron kind of echoed it as well. You know you do get you know for the price point. You are getting a lot of bang for the buck and i understand that and understand what what koopie had to say and he makes perfect sense with what he had to say. You know they need – and i think maybe in a second iteration of this and ron brought up a good point in the second iteration of this. They may have a light version of this or a or a two version of this or an air version of this. Where it’s under a thousand dollars has some similar features, maybe not as good a camera and stuff, but it gets people’s tongues wet and gets their appetites. Wet and they’re gon na go they’ll go ahead and they’ll take a serious crack at it because it’s under a thousand dollars. An item of note dji sent out an email on february 24th with a announcement that there will be an announcement on march, the 2nd at 9 00 a.m and it’s called redefine flying and there’s.

The graphic for you question of the day is the dji fpv drone? Something you would consider buying.