Why do i own this thing? I mean i made. I made a lot of fun of this thing here about 10 months ago. Well, actually about 11 months ago now, so why would i own this thing? I mean ive been flying since 1979, ive flown everything, helicopters, gas, powered and electric been flying. Fpv drones since 2014 been flying fpv. Since 2010, i built my own camera drones, my own gimbals the whole night. So why would i own something thats made for a beginner? Well, its really simple guys. I bought a jet boat. Okay – and this is where we take the jet boat, its 26 miles of canyon like this with cliffs the whole nine yards, and you can fly a drone in here. The problem is, is not flying. One of my regular drones, like this okay, its the problem, is, is landing a drone like this and on the back of the boat, its its shaped like this and theres a pad back there. For you know when you want to do wake boarding or water skiing or whatever not you slide over the pad that pad 650 bucks, and ask me how i know so. This is out. Ive tried this and just in the yard, without the boat doing this, and you can, you know the props are just too low to that pad and it comes down. It also wants to slide off the back of the boat too, because the back of the boat is is arched with a pad on it.

So if you, if you just get this a little bit wrong, you just tore up that pad its its over with if it starts sliding off the back of the boat. Good luck catching it and trying to cut the power and catch it in your hands. Not really a viable option, okay, so this is out. This is out um. Also this here. This here is a diatom taken or tai can, and i call it the billy d60 thats who gave me the frame from rc groups – and i made this for my wife – its got um inav in it. It does everything that the plastic fantastic does uh its got stabilized mode, return to home the whole nine yard, shes, never flown a drone or even touched a controller in her life, and she was able to fly this thing. This thing is great, its absolutely stable its made for cinematics, because its a cine whoop um and you can put a gopro right on top of it or whatever you choose. This is absolutely awesome and its built, like a bridge, its surrounded by foam, its perfect right, except it isnt it doesnt dive. Well, when youre coming down it wants to wash out, i try to tune it out and i nav its just it. Doesnt work um its just not super super stable, not only that this thing uses a hell of a lot of power to get back to where i want to be so.

By the time i get back there im having to return home already and theres a couple of times where i did use the return to home and it wanted to return to mars so yeah thats out um it. It also kind of slides off the back of that pad as well so lets get back to the beginner drone thats, where i think this product has been absolutely misunderstood. Um people, you know like myself, were laughing at it. This is made out of plastic its got. These cheap little proprietary, um propellers on it i mean come on man, you wrecked this thing: youre coming home in a bag of parts, not all the time, but a lot of the times. It only takes one wreck before youre. Looking at a couple hundred dollar repair, perhaps right, whereas a regular drone, if i break an arm on this thing, its like ten dollars and it takes ten minutes out in the field. This thing is built like a laptop inside here and just to remove this one arm yourself. You got ta. Take this whole damn thing apart. This is not made for true fpv freestyle. I dont care what rhoda riots doing i dont care. What yeah can you do it sure, but i can also take my my pickup truck and enter it into a race car race. I dont think im going to do very well and its really not made for that right so, but as a beginner drone for a thousand dollars thats what they are now, a thousand bucks – and i dont know if theres, because theyre phasing them out or its just A typical price structure for dji – they usually do this after a products been released after about a year um, but youre not going to find a better beginner drone package period period.

I guarantee you, whoever you are youre, going to be able to go from not knowing anything to actually be able to fly this in manual mode up high, like im gon na do in the flight video. I would not get down low with this. I would not try to do the things you would do with a typical fpv freestyle or racing drone, its not made for that, but up high. You can learn tricks. You can get that muscle memory. It also has an app so that you know like a simulator. So you can. You can learn that muscle memory like when you first learn how to drive a car. You werent very good at it, was kind of scary, but then, after a while, you dont even think about it anymore. Your body just does it and when you get to that stage, you can get rid of this or you know just park it on the on the shelf. Somewhere buy this with a vista built into it and then just link it up to your helmet, which is the one of the most expensive things in fpv. Is the helmet so youre already part way there, and then you can just get a cheap, 100 or 69 controller and youre in youre good to go youre good to go. It doesnt mean when you get to that stage, guys this. These things have stabilized mode in them. They have horizon mode in them. They take off just like this does in regular normal mode, and then you can click over into rate mode or manual mode.

If you want to call it that, where youre youre, you have to control it more, but you can start out in those other modes and fly just fine, especially if you already know how to fly something. This heavy that doesnt really fly in the wind im going to show you that in my flight videos um, if you can get the manual mode where youre not thinking about you – got the muscle memory. Youre. Definitely ready for this. Youre definitely ready for this, and then that way you can take it thats next step. You know where youre not worried about wrecking where youre, locking up and youre thinking about what youre doing, because youre so worried about wrecking dont worry about wrecking these things. Theyre made to wreck theyre made theyre made for it youre not having to worry about sending them back to dgi. You can actually do it yourself with a few tools and perhaps maybe a soldering iron, but mostly its just tools. So lets get this thing on the bench. Lets talk about this thing a little bit more. You do get a lot for a thousand dollars. I mean you get a really nice camera its got stabilized in it um it does have a gimbal on it. You do have a simulator, its got a great controller. It comes with one battery and a power pack, they call it a charger, but its actually just a power pack im, also going to talk about a lot of the accessories that i bought for this.

That i think you might want to look at as time goes on, but honestly lets just get this thing on the bench and lets just break it down and ill talk about it a little further now, as you can see, i have a lot of accessories here On this one, i have the skins just for fun, plus its easy, a little easier to find if you, if you do crash it in the bushes, i also have a guard up front here for the gimbal plus it comes with a nice little carrying. You know convenient carrying handle. I like that, so im going to go over some of these accessories. Some of these accessories are great. Some of these accessories that i purchased are just absolute garbage, so maybe save a little bit of money that way. So this is the drone um. Some of the benefits of the drone, like i said, is because it is raised up. It does have rubberized feet, so it cant slide around thats. Really nice, however, thats also kind of its crux, and what i mean by that is that when you wreck an fpv drone, typically its like this, you come in you land, wrong boom and with having this material underneath here, these these land, this landing gear, its going To act as a torque, its going to want to torque this way and break at the root of the arm and thats. Typically, what happens when you see pictures posted or video posted? The arm breaks right here at the root.

Now that wouldnt be so bad, i mean honestly, it really wouldnt except the dgi and their infinite wisdom of a 15 billion dollar company thats. Their estimated worth also made it extraordinarily difficult to switch out an arm and thats something i really dont understand. I mean not just for the as as a customer, but also to cut you know the the the care program where they fix the drone for you. That requires a great deal of labor for them. If you send this thing in so i dont really understand the logic behind that. I understand the logic of what they did here, but i dont understand the logic of making it so difficult to just replace one arm. A typical fpv drone is very, very simple. You have three screws: three screws, four screws here for your motor. You pop your motor down. You take these. You pop this arm off. Ten dollar arm goes back in there and within ten minutes, youre up and flying thats, typically how its done in this course of carbon fiber its made to take an absolute beating, heres another one right here, same thing: you know you have a few screws right here. This one has this screw right here and thats pretty much about it, its just these screws right here and the way it interlocks. Is it just pops out an arm, and you only have three screws on here and thats it, and this is really really thick carbon fiber, so its very simple to change out an arm on a typical fpv drone, because its going to happen its going to happen.

Thats these things are made these things wreck a lot um this not so much. You got to take this things built like a laptop, so its its got so much electronics jammed in here that you have to remove all of this just to get this, and it makes absolutely no sense. They could have easily made an interlock here. A couple of screws and some plugs pull this arm off pop the pop the new motor off or pop the motor off and and boom. There you go, you got an arm replacement. The other thing that doesnt make any sense is making your battery so that its part of the landing gear and a lot of people have been breaking their battery typically right in here. Let me show you well actually ill. Just show you on this one. Typically, they break right here and the reason why is because this here is not real pla. This is kind of like a plastic black tape over the actual lipo bags themselves. So inside here let me show you what it looks like it kind of looks like this inside here, and so they just took this black stuff and they just stuck it on the top here and thats it, which is fine. I mean theres nothing wrong with that, except for that, because this is used as a landing gear. It breaks right here and right down here on the casing, not back here, but here and thats a problem, because this is a 150 dollar battery.

So why would you want to use your battery as a piece of landing gear? It makes no sense, so one of the accessories that people are buying is something like this, and this just fits right over the top. It actually sticks really good while its flying even at high speed, and so therefore you got extra protection here, so youre not toasting a 150 battery. If you happen to land very, very hard, so thats just a couple of little things there that just do not make any sense now its fine, if youre flying around in regular mode or sport mode. But once you start getting into manual mode thats when things kind of go awry because a number one youre not used to manual mode and a lot of guys are trying to fly this as you would fly something thats made to take a beating – and this is Not made to take a beating at all, in fact, in my flight video, i will show you how i fly in manual mode and what i think about it in manual mode and how you should fly it in manual mode. Do not get this thing close to trees and obstacles and things of that nature, unless you have a lot of money where you dont mind sending this off to dgi every week and having them fix it. The other thing thats kind of interesting are these props. Now whats interesting about these props is just not number one how thin they are theyre, not standard stiffness, which you know.

I dont know why they did that. I dont know why they made it proprietary where they pop on and pop off. It doesnt really make any sense to me at all. I cant see any real positive benefit of these props, the shape that they are the material theyre made out of and the system that they use to put them on and off. When this is proven science, i mean this is absolute proven and when these things bend backing just you know when they bend, you can just bend them back and theyre theyre hugely efficient, where these ones here tend to have a lot of flexibility and and the problem With that is, this is something i was surprised by. This thing does not handle wind very well, um, its actually shocking. To me i mean i had a 10 mile an hour wind. I thought maybe it was too much wind up top, maybe where i couldnt measure the wind, but i took this one out and it handled the wind just fine. It wasnt buffering in the wind every which direction and whatever not, and that has to deal with these props being so damn flexible. I mean this is already a heavy quadcopter, a very heavy quadcopter, and so when you have flexible props like this yeah theyre not going to perform as well as standard fpv, props, so and theyre expensive, i mean theyre very, very expensive for what they are these. These are dirt cheap per pack, and these are really expensive, so thats, something that you know a lot of guys.

They bought the um the adapters to adapt the propellers to regular fpv propellers, and i would highly recommend that i i truly honestly would the performance is gon na be better um, because this doesnt fly very well. It doesnt fly very well, especially in manual mode. The best way to describe it in manual mode is it flies like a quadcopter like an ill tuned quadcopter of five years ago. It has a lot of prop wash. It has a lot of yaw wash um really. I was actually pretty shocked by how badly this thing actually flies compared to a standard quadcopter of today. So thats, you know thats just something right there, one of the other accessories that um that i did get for this, because, even though it did come with a battery charger for three batteries and whatever not the so called battery charger is not an actual charger um. These chargers that come are basically just a power pack thats. This is what you get it doesnt actually charge anything. The charging is happening inside the battery. So all this thing has to do is just provide power. Now your stock one, what it does is it takes a turn. It starts with one and then it flashes to another and then to another, and then this one and this one and so on and so forth, so its it kind of takes a while. I mean its safe, but it takes a while this here charges all three of them at the same time and its not a charger, its just a power supply.

So all it does is supply enough amperage. The output is 25.2 volts at 6 amps, so 2 amps 4 amps, 6 amps each battery gets 2 amps. Now these are only 2 amp batteries. So therefore it takes an hour to charge all three um. I would highly recommend this, especially for the price. I think i paid 48 bucks for it on amazon, its not a bad deal, its got a built in fan its pretty heavy, its still compact enough to throw in a case or a backpack, but this is one of the recommendations that i have for an accessory Right here, itll make it a lot easier for you to charge. Lets talk about the helmet, so the fpv helmet is is a good helmet. If you want it its its actually more of a helmet than a goggle, and what i mean by that, is that typically, an fpv goggle is shaped differently. Let me show you here with my standard set of goggles: these are the hd02s by fat shark and, as you can see, theyre much more compact. This has got a lot better of an angle for the forehead and the head all the way around and theyre. Just lighter just way more compact: this is a typical fpv goggle, and this is actually one of the best ones on the market. Arguably this here, as you can see, the design of it is not really designed for any kind of human head.

Its i dont know how they shaped it or why they shaped it the way they did. I think they tried to make it so it looks smaller as opposed to longer so that it looks more like a goggle than an actual headset, its not bad its just. It doesnt fit as well as a regular, fpv, goggle, and so one of the ways to solve that is by having different foam now. The one thing i was shocked by was that with the dgi fpv drone combo is the lack of adjustability on the screen. When youre dealing with the cadets or the air units on regular fpv quadcopters, you can actually adjust the screen up and down and shrink it and so on and so forth. With the fpb drone combo, you can only shrink it. You cannot move the screen up and down, and i dont understand why, because i dont know if its my firmware, i dont think so. I think i had the latest firmware when i checked it, but yeah you can only size down the screen. You cannot move the image up and down, and that becomes a real problem, because not one size fits all. This is the number one crux of these goggles um. You dont. You have an ipd adjustment. This way in this way for your eyes, but you dont have them where each individual can go in and out like regular fpv goggles. These dials right here make it so that you have a strong eye, because every person has a strong eye.

Every person has a weak eye and you can tune your eyes individually with standard fpv goggles, where this one all you have is just the adjustment this way and thats it so thats kind of shocking one way to get around the inadequacy of the actual design of The goggle was to go with a fat strap as opposed to the jock strap that goes over the top of your head. This really really helps. I highly recommend a fat strap and also this particular foam. So ive tried the standard, dgi fpv foam on this, and this 17 piece of foam is absolute garbage and what i mean by that is what happens is when you have an optics engine in a set of goggles. It is reliant on the person where the persons eye is in relation to the actual screens themselves and the farther you get away from these screens. They become more blurry and with a thick foam like this or even the standard, crappy um foam thats, i dont know what the hell they were thinking with this thats a bit that becomes a real problem. You have light leakage around here and especially around the nose area, so you get light in there and then with a thicker foam. It pulls you away from your forehead and it ends up blurry and it doesnt sit on the face correctly with this foam here i found it actually solves that problem. This is the best foam ive been able to find.

This is on amazon and, as you can see its quite a bit larger its quite a bit larger all the way around the head, its its made of a velour material, so comfortable on the head, its absolutely wonderful on the head. It doesnt make your head sweat its beautiful. However, there is a problem. The problem is: is that right here on the nose piece? It actually goes all the way across where this part right here was fitting, underneath my nose its the strangest thing, i had to cut it, and then i had to use double sided, sticky tape to push these ends back up inside here, and i put a little Piece of foam here to block out the light leakage by doing that, this became the perfect foam. It doesnt shove my forehead away from the lenses. So now my you know, the lenses are now the screens are in perfect focus um. It has no light leakage whatsoever. Its completely comfortable, especially on the cheeks here, where the weight kind of rests on your on your head. This is a recommendation of mine. I highly recommend this foam here ill put a link down below a non affiliated link. I dont make any money on this channel guys um its, not thats, not what this channel is about its an extension of my hobby, so i had to cut it right here. Two pieces of double sided. Sticky tape, push these up there and just hold them right.

There and it became absolutely perfect its the best foam ive been able to find, and it completely flicks fixed the blurry problem that i was having with these um and they sit on my head correctly as well. So that is, those are two things that i would recommend is the fat strap and this foam here. The fpv drone kick also comes with this little battery. Now this doesnt seem like a very adequate battery, but it actually is. I mean i, i have no problem with the three batteries that i have um and when, if i have to charge these up, i just charge this up, it seems to be extremely adequate. It handles the co, the cold, just fine, which i was surprised by um ive flown this out in 10 degree weather and it flew just fine. It didnt kill the battery at all. So i i dont have a problem with this, and these are pretty inexpensive. I mean theyre like 20, some bucks, a piece, and so i just picked up a couple of them, its its not a big deal. So i i dont, i dont mind the the battery pack for the helmet itself and with the fast strap you can just fit the battery right here right inside here and then you can just run your cable straight to your thing and so its all on your Head its really really nice um the controller, the controller i didnt have to do really any modifications whatsoever, its not a bad controller.

I had to kind of fix the i do a lot of thumbing with this, because i just think that its its just a little too much its short sticks to try to do any kind of hybrid or any kind of true pinch. So i just thumb with this radio anyway, its not a bad radio. I dont see a problem with it. Its got a good battery in it its its actually its actually pretty nice. The one thing i dont really care for is how far these switches up. I have three x size hands and these switches are kind of like way up here. I dont, i dont quite understand it theyre kind of weird i dont know why they just didnt use standard um standard switches like youd, find on most game style controllers. I dont really understand it, but anyway they used rockers theyre, just kind of out of the way. So you have to think about what youre doing, while youre trying to fly um thats, typically a no no with an fpv drone, but whatever its its, not a bad controller. It fits good its heavy in the hands. I like it its a little on the slippery side. They didnt use any real, like this isnt real tacky or anything um, unlike the material thats on here, which is rubberized uh, and i got another radio just kind of like this thats rubberized as well. This is more slippery in the hands so thats.

One thing i didnt like is how slippery it was, but overall, its its a damn good controller. These batteries are 150 bucks, a piece and the reason. Why is because youre not going to find a better, probably a better battery out there um they use strict controls, it has a built in charger, a built in conditioner. The one thing i dont understand about this drone package is the fact that, when youre done at the end of the day, you can see these are fully charged. Typically in our hobby, we do not leave our batteries fully charged for more than 24 hours. So if you charge up a bunch of batteries, the weather changes, your schedule changes, you cant, go fly, we take these batteries back and we actually discharge these to a storage charge of 3.8 volts. There is no way of doing that with these batteries. I guess they automatically do it after a week, um thats, not good, thats, thats, just not standard practice, its not good um and the reason. Why is because lipo batteries in these bags right here theres six of them on this? This is a 6s pack um. You have an antho, an annoyed and a cathode cathode, and so what happens is theres a gel between the two and when you leave them charged up like that, they create like little crystals ill put the name right here and it can cause internal resistance because it Can actually poke through not the bags themselves, but the was it android or the cathode i dont know anyway, it causes problems thats.

Why we discharge these down to 3.8. You cant do that with this. I was really shocked by that. I thought maybe thered be a button on here or something on here. Thats, you hit a button and it just discharges the batteries, but it doesnt do it thats kind of shocking um. The other thing i would highly recommend is a landing pad. This one came with a landing pad when i purchased it. This is made by this company here and whats nice about a landing pad. Of course is you can keep it out of the grass and whatever not also too this little pad right here i like this because you know it does protect the screens, especially if you accidentally tip it up in the sunlight. You pretty much killed it. So i like this because it fits right in there and it protects that from direct sunlight and dust and whatever not its, not its, not a nice little piece, its soft right here, so its not going to scratch up your uh, your screens. But this is nice because this has happened before with other fpv goggles, where i lay them down and then next to another like this and the sun comes in and just completely destroys them ive had it happen to me twice. So this is a nice little thing. You can get this on amazon as well, so that is nice. What are some of the other accessories that i have oh this piece of garbage, so i bought this thinking that you could put this on the gimbal and it would protect the gimbal.

It would also protect all the lenses underneath here and you can fly with it. No, this thing here will smear it. It looks like absolute hammered hell when youre flying um, just its just its horrible and not only that it doesnt quite fit on there properly. So therefore, it just falls wants to fall off in flight, so the only time i would recommend this little floppy doodle here thats supposed to go over the top of this and yada yada is for storing it in your case or if you lose the standard cover Here what i do like about this is: it does protect all of this down here. That is kind of nice, but you cant fly with it its yeah, its garbage so thats. It guys thats pretty much the drone, the helmet, some of the pros and the cons thats and some of the accessories that i purchased with this, so lets get out there and lets get flying okay. So here we are, it is five mile an hour winds, 10 mile, an hour gusts 49 miles 49 degrees outside not what i would consider a windy day. Actually it would be considered a pretty typical day where i live. So, as you can see, this is the helmet recording. Now you dont see helmet recording very often when it comes to the dji fpv plastic, fantastic combo, because most of the people out there putting video well theyre wanting to sell you something thats.

Why theres an affiliated link down below im, not trying to sell you anything im, just telling you in my experience with this thing, as you can clearly see, it does not handle wind worth a damn. It really doesnt im gon na. I will show you the camera. Recording which smooths all this out, you know your typical. What you typically see in most these guys is videos. Um were going to go over here into manual mode right about there. That was uh. That was stabilized mode going out um, but you can see its just rocking back and forth and so on and so forth. Now that the the wind is coming from the south, so that would be that would be right there out of that direction. So those houses off to the right thats, where the winds coming from so heres, your super stabilized camera uh recording, which you normally see in videos or guys saying. Oh this things better than anything else out there. You should buy one click on my link down below and then here we go back to what youre actually going to see in the goggles and its pretty alarming its pretty alarming. I dont know what im going to do. I mean you know where 5 to 10 miles an hour around here for wind is pretty normal and i felt this is kind of sketchy to fly. Actually, this is in full manual mode here, um yeah, it just felt sketchy.

You can see the wind is picking it up there on the on the left hand, side of the quadcopter, now the right hand side, you can see the horizon now how crooked it is its. I mean for something that weighs 700 and some grams wind really shouldnt affect this. That much i dont know if its the those really crappy thin propellers or what but honestly i have three inch drones. I have. I have 2.5 inch bladed drones up here on the wall that can handle 5 to 10 miles an hour better than this um, the quadcopter i took my normal uh freestyle quadcopter. I took out in this park uh a flight before this. You didnt even notice. The wind um its its shocking ill, be honest with you. I know its got a gimbal on it and the gimbal. You know theyre on a mount and thats some of the jitteries youre, seeing here and stuff where our cameras are normally solidly mounted on on our quadcopters, but its its its. Not that because, when i ill show you the next video coming up thats the first video as soon as i took it out of the case, i just took it out and i flew it um and i never had a problem finding. I i never. There was no wind and it flew great, so yeah i dont know heres your creamy stabilized recording the dji would like to look for light for me to push to you and try to make you think that thats the way it is inside the helmet um, you Can see the camera does a great job stabilizing all that crap um? It really does its beautiful, i mean its its great, but you still have to be able to fly it right and that canyon im gon na take it in its got easily five ten mile an hour winds.

So i dont know: uh were back here to the shake inside the helmet. You know on your turns and stuff its its just so out of tune its just, i dont know it feels like a quadcopter uh, four or five years ago that just had a bad tune, thats, really what it feels like um yeah, but you can flip and Roll with it i mean, if youre a beginner, so what, if youre a beginner youre gon na be in normal mode and stabilize mode and by the time you get to this mode and stuff just stay away from things just get up high. There learn how to flip and roll and whatever, not so, heres me coming in for a landing in manual mode. What a mistake that was um once again, like i showed you on the bench: what happens when you go to land and how it flips forward and thats, usually how damage begins boom there you are and the thing would not shut down. I hit the pause start switch two times like youre supposed to that thing, just kept doing a dance upside down until finally, the motor said overload and it shut down on its own. All four props were completely destroyed, uh and it scratched up the top and scratched up that uh that little um that gimbal uh protector as well. So this is the very first day that i got it. I took it out of the case no wind whatsoever.

This is the stabilized view, of course, the camera recording, but even in the goggles it looked great. I mean it absolutely looked great inside there. It did have some shakes on ya like right. There would have some shakes and stuff like that in the goggle view, but overall it wasnt that bad. I mean i felt pretty confident with this thing. I was actually really surprised on how agile it was and um yeah. I i was kind of actually impressed with it, considering what it is until you know until you just seen with all that wind i mean, i noticed it. Excuse me when i noticed it out here in the alley behind the house, when i i took it up, it was a little bit windy. It was like, probably about 5 10 miles an hour again and just another typical day around here, and i noticed how much the wind really affected it and then, when i took it out to the park that that video i just had earlier here, it was just Shocking i was like wow what the hells wrong. With this thing, i mean it wasted damn much. There should be no way for wind to even affect this thing. I think it is the props, i hope its the props ill. Try those ill try to get the prop adapters and regular props on this thing, but if its not the props and it acts like that, when im up in the canyon, then im im just going to end up having to box it back up and sell it.

But for a beginner, i still recommend it because theres youre just not going to find a better package for a thousand dollars um and by time you get to that level. Where youre doing this kind of stuff im doing right here, its time to move on anyway. Right its time, its time to move on to something that can actually crash, you can get a little closer because the fun guys the funds, the fun in fpv freestyle – is down low, its close proximity, its flying around those trees and in between those trees, and so On and so forth, i just i dont, feel confident doing that with with this drone here i just dont, because i dont feel like spending a bunch of money sending it back to dji if i do pile it up and youre gon na pile up an fpv Drone, its just inevitable, in fact, if youre not crashing youre, not learning youre, not pushing yourself thats the truth i mean, if youre not crashing all of the time, youre really not pushing yourself. I mean you look at these guys. These top pilots, like mr steele and drew and so and so forth, trust me those guys probably have trashed thousands upon thousands of dollars with the frames and motors and and components and so on and so forth. I mean you know for them to get as good as they are. They have broke a lot of things. Ask them theyve probably gone through.

You know for them to get a decent one shot video they probably are on their second, if not third quadcopter that day. So youre gon na wreck these things and if youre, if youre, not pushing yourself well youre, just not going to grow as fast youre, not going to learn as fast its its just the way it is. You know this thing here. You crash it as much as you would normally crash an fpv drone. Youre gon na be broke. You know unless you make a lot of money and you got a lot of money just to throw at a hobby for no reason, youre gon na end up busted. I mean just broke, so you kind of get an idea of how it flies its pretty nimble when theres no wind, i still recommend it for a new person, but um just im really shocked how badly its tuned for wind all right. So thats the plastic, fantastic dji, drone combo tell me what you think: um sorry the video was long. I did try to put chapters down below, so you can just stop where you know. Wherever and in your next break, you can just re watch it or watch, you know start where you left off um i like it. It doesnt fly very well on the wind, as ive shown. I do not land it in manual mode, obviously its it. It works for what i need it for and thats really what it comes down to other than that for an overall fpv drone.

No, you want to graduate once you get to manual mode where you have that muscle memory. You want to go to something like this and you can get this with the dji built into it as far as the video quality with a vista or an air unit, and you can just use this and then just pick yourself up a 69 controller and youre Done i mean seriously thats its really comes down to that um yeah, so its its its? Not this. It doesnt fly like that, either as youve seen it its different ill ill. Tell you that, but its good enough, okay, its good enough for my for what i need it for for a beginner youre, just not going to find anything better guys. I mean honestly im not trying to sell you anything because theres no affiliated links here. I dont make any money on this channel im just saying for a thousand dollars, youre not going to find a more complete beginner package and a more professional, complete beginner package. So thats my video – hopefully you liked it um yeah, if youre a beginner get. This trust me get this otherwise youre, just gon na get frustrated and youre just gon na quit the hobby. You know this here you have a better chance of sticking with the hobby and actually enjoying it so thats.