No idea! If theyre going to be banished to open countryside in a years time, dji released a 90 mile an hour fpv drone, we had more lockdowns there, no lockdowns volcanoes erupted. Travel opened up just at the right time to get some close encounters of the hot lava kind. Water fire ice all making for some stunning shots, and after three years waiting, we finally got the supposed successor to the mavic 2 pro only to find it was more overpriced, unfinished symphony rather than groundbreaking replacement. But here we are thems are the cards so lets have a quick look at what happened and what we might look forward to in 2022. Music, hello, everyone im ian and i play with drones and 2021 was a year for some very new and different drones to play with. Although for those of us in the uk and in the european countries, we started the new year grappling with 172 pages of new rules that came into force on the 31st of december 2020. These unified most rules for most of us in europe and it actually brought in a new approach that focused on the size and the risk of the drone, coupled with the proximity to crowds and the risk of the flight which made perfect sense. But as ever, what could have been so simple was made so complex and sadly, as of now were still left in a state of purgatory, with all of our current models of drones, possibly becoming relegated to only flying in open countryside at the end of 2022, because They lack the new numeric c classifications that the rules require, but look a lot can change in a year, so lets see what happens.

More importantly, lets have a look at what actually happened. What better way to start than looking at one of the ugliest alien light. Like loudest models that came with one of the shortest battery lives ever and yet still i loved it. The groundbreaking, dji, fpv and look, i say groundbreaking because for most non fpv flyers, this really was a groundbreaking model, rightly or wrongly. Most non fpv flyers would view fpv drones as simply a hardcore case in soldering and electronics, with tiny battery lifes and, frankly, more time spent fixing and repairing them than actually flying. The fpv did change this. It brought in the stabilized high definition, camera and gimbal. The most dji flyers were used to into a really immersive world of genuinely exciting and impressively dynamic, flying always with the safety net of that hard brake button that i have no doubt saved many, an fpv from smashing into pieces. It was so different to anything id flown before, but the super short battery life really really did frustrate me. But look ultimately, when youve got a drone, thats traveling around at 60, 70 miles an hour thats. What happens you plow through the juice and you end up with a super short battery life? So you cant really complain, but you can, because all this came at a price too well over a grand, and you still only got one battery with that. But, as i said at the time, you make your choice: you pay your money that ability to freeze its motion in mid flight when it was all about to go.

A over t was such a great function that in itself saved me a truckload of repair bills. Then, in april we had this beast: dji air 2 s, a huge 1 inch, 20 megapixel sensor top flight performance and the ability to fly an absolutely crazy, strong winds, host of intelligent flight modes, 10 bit color and, really importantly, a really really reasonable price. As this, this drone really did prove itself and in my opinion, he quickly gained its rightful place as the very best all rounder that dji produced and when i say all rounder, i definitely do not mean a jack of all trades and a master of none. No, that drone is and remains a top spec and top performance model, its an absolutely amazing bit of care and, as i said at a very reasonable price. So its no surprise that became so popular so quickly and its also no secret that its still my absolute favorite model. As of now when i was over in iceland this year, it was the air 2s that performed fantastically in every situation. Apart from, i should add, uh stepping down into a volcano, because there was no way i was going to risk this amazing bit of kit, with a load of red, hot lava and crazy high temperatures. No for those flights, i used the trusty old mavic 2 pro for all those risky shots in iceland. In fairness, though, it produced fantastic shots and it performed incredibly well.

Those clips went on to be used by alexander armstrong in iceland on channel 5 in the uk, and also jeff mcintyre for abc earth documentary right across the usa, so happy lad all round, but look the only reason. I was happy to use the two pro for those risky shots is because i was under the impression this was soon to be replaced with a new model towards the end of the year. Sure enough, as autumn came round, the polarizing mavic 3 was finally released. Ish, because if ever there was a lesson in how not to launch a new model, the mavic 3, was it brilliantly specd model that has truly top end engineering, let down by being hopelessly overpriced and launched with a mind, numbingly long list of stuff that just wasnt Working along with a brand new rc pro controller that managed to piss off practically every single existing smart controller owner in the world. So i kind of find it a little bit ironic that djis last release of 2021 will probably end up being similar to the first release of 2021, 2 unpopular and misunderstood, because the mavic 3 remains a very troubled model. I think it goes nowhere near to genuinely upgrading and replacing the mavic 2 pro youve got the bigger sensor and longer battery life, but it does still bring a level of performance and specifications, but, albeit a to me, frankly, crazy, crazy set of prices. So that actually brings me on to what we might look forward to coming up in the next year, because i do think theres a lot to ponder and wonder about.

Will we finally get these new uh models launched with these new numeric c classifications? Um, its still a huge issue for a market that has got over twice the population of the usa. Dji is not exactly flavor of the month with the us government at the moment. Is it so im genuinely hoping that dji going to get these markings sorted? Very? Very soon, as far as actual new releases go im, guessing mini three is not too far away, especially given the enormous benefits that uh. This gets under the easter based rules, because its under 250 grams also wonder if theres going to be a smaller, lighter fpv. On the cards, its an incredible bit of kit, but frankly, it is just too big, too expensive and way too easy to massively damage with any level of crash. So a smaller, lighter, cheaper fpv is defo needed and i cant see this going unnoticed by dji. Frankly, similarly, i am actually genuinely wondering if a slightly rebranded mavic 3 pro is on the cards at maybe a more realistic price, possibly making more of a new rc pro controller bundle, because there is no doubt that the mavic 3 is a struggling model. But, as i said, i think its more to do with its launch than its actual specs, which genuinely are top spec, so its a shame, its being let down by that. So i hope they get that sorted. But look. I hope we have quite a few surprises.

Coming up the autel nano is uh coming out very, very, very soon ill be looking at that one carefully, its bigger sibling, the evo 2 pro its three years old, its very much due for an upgrade as well. So look as ever, let me know below what you think. What, in the comments, tell me what you think of the 2021 releases and tell me what youre hoping for in 2022. This is where i get to see what youre thinking, and so i really really do. Love going through all of the comments, even if i dont get to manage to answer every single one nice little year end bonus sees me sneaking over. The 50 000 subscriber mark, which, i have to say, is just brilliant im. Usually a man whos more focused on numbers of views rather than subscribers, but i cant deny being pretty chuffed at getting to this milestone. 2022 sees me changing jobs and ill be having far more time to dedicate to filming and producing and reviewing for this channel. So i really am hoping to get a lot more videos there and try to get more content on more of the models. Again, let me know in the comments below tell me what floats your boat and what you want to see either way. Look, i just wanted to say thank you for those of you that have helped me out those of you that have made so many constructive comments and followed me along during the year.

I really do love my little corner of youtube and i love that so many of you seem to like it too. So look with that. I really do wish you all the very best for the coming year and as ever, whatever youre doing wherever you are stay.