Also going to do some filming on the gopro hero 9 so well see how that turns out so lets go. I love doing a day trip to noosa as its only an hour 45 drive from brisbane its got beautiful beaches, great food and an awesome national park to walk through Music. Hey guys, so we made it to noosa. As you can see, um and ive got my drawing with me here so im gon na pop it up and fly it around. But first let me show you the kit, so it comes in this cute little bag um, which is really compact. Its got a front zip here and ive got my polarizers in here. So this comes with the fly more combo and then the zip is here on the top of the back. So if we just open that up there – and you can see in here its pretty compact, so ive got my drone here which sits down the side, my remote and some batteries down there. So this is the drone, its very cute and small, see there and then weve got the remote here. Your phone goes in the top there, so its nice and compact, and just some spare batteries in here power, bank and thats. It so lets put it up in the air and see how it goes. The first thing i noticed once i put it up in the air, was flying over the beach was the colour of the water was a lot bluer than my original mavic pro, which looked quite green.

So i was quite happy to see the improvement in color tone for a comparison. I put the mavic pro up as well and flew that around so that you can see the difference between the dji air 2s and the mavic pro Music. The main improvements of the dji air 2s compared to the mavic pro is that it has a new one inch sensor compared to the half inch sensor on the mavic pro um. It can shoot still photos at 20 megapixels compared to 12 mix megapixels on the mavic pro, and the video resolution is 5.4 k and it shoots 4k at 60 frames per second and also the flight time. The difference is 31 minutes compared to 27 minutes of the mavic pro and the maximum travel distance is 18 kilometers compared to 13 kilometers Music. As i said earlier, we are shooting this on the gopro hero9 um, so weve done a little bit of time lapse and also the super slo mo, which is 200 frames per second ill. Look into your eyes. I see were out of time Music after playing around at main beach. I wanted to find some surfers, so we headed over to tea tree bay to see what we could find guess we couldnt see somebody we couldnt feel. Maybe we werent so fast. Maybe we got too high Music. The air 2s is quite a bit smaller than the mavic pro, which is great as its a lot quicker to set up, and the all in one gimbal cover is really good too, as its a lot more secure on the camera than it was on the mavic Pro Music, as you can see, it takes no time to clip your phone in plug in the remote and get ready to fly Music, Music, Music, mmm, Music, so Music Applause, Music, okay, so i just uh spent about an hour flying my drone around.

I was following the surface out there going up and down the beach over the other, the other beach near main beach, um and so far im absolutely loving this drone, it is so fast um. I really have to learn how to slow down with it and the battery lasts for so long compared to my old drone, um, so yeah so far, so good uh, i didnt crash it, which is always a bonus for me, because i crashed my old drone five Times, yeah um thats why i got a new one, um yeah, so absolutely loving it and its just been a beautiful day here in noosa. This is the middle of winter. In australia, like you, cant get more perfect than this. Its warm its sunny, theres, no wind its just one of those awesome days now, ive had an awesome time. I hope youve enjoyed this review of the dji uh air 2s. I think its an awesome drone. I would highly recommend getting one and yeah loving the footage on the gopro hero 9. So far too.