Well, did you buy yourself a dji air 2s drone? You know with all the hype going on. You think it cures, blindness or baldness, but it’s just a drone. So this is the combo kit and if you bought the combo kit, you know you spent a lot of money. Unfortunately – and you got one of these really crappy bags – it’s made out of imitation cheap vinyl, yes it’s, just a piece of crap that’s, not what you want to carry around your you know super expensive investment. You need some sort of carrying case, so this video today is about carrying cases now full disclosure – i did not pay for either of these carrying cases here. These are from pgy tech and every time there’s a new release from dji. They send me all sorts of products to review and test out, so this one here this is this is their shoulder bag and they had this out for the mavic air 2 and, i think also for the mavic air. This thing is really sweet and it’s. The most underrated carrying case on the market for the dji products. This thing, if you don’t, have one of these – you got to get yourself one because a it’s about 49 u.s, that’s it and watch this i’ll open it up. I’Ve got everything inside. If you want to go out and fly, this thing has everything you need there we go. Let me just spin it this way, so it’s right side up the whole uh dji combo is in here if you bought the combo kit.

So if i lift this up, you can see. I got uh three batteries two here, one in the drone, the controller, the whole charging system on this side and all your accessories that you want to add, closes up nice into a case and the case is not waterproof, but it is water resistant and it does Have a shoulder strap that i put some place right here and you can sling it around your shoulder. So, if you’re on vacation, traveling it’s really good, because it fits up into something small like this now that’s this here bag for people on the go traveling. What? If you are somebody who is going to ship your drone or beat the crap out of the case this year, pgy tech said to me and i’ve had it now for well just over a week – and i put my air 2s in here and if you watch My videos, you know i take my hard cases and i just throw them in the bed of my jeep and then i head off someplace to film. So this has been banging around in the back of my jeep and there are scratches all over the back and the bottom of it, but everything that was inside the contents. Every time i went to film solid and secure, as you would not believe. Let me show you what’s inside now before i show you what’s inside. Let me just say, because i know i’m going to forget to tell you this.

This is ip67 rated, which means it’s, waterproof dust proof shock proof. It even has a pressure release valve right here. In the front, that’s in case you’re, sitting out in the hot sun and it’s heating up, if this thing heats up on a lot of cases, you can’t get them open, because you’ve just caused a vacuum. Seal same is true in the winter time, you’ll get the opposite effect happening, but this one has a pressure relief valve bonus for that it also has on the back the hinges, since this is entirely waterproof. Your hinges are not going to rust. It also has on the front here, tamper proof locks if you run a lock through this some sort of padlock through the front portions uh. The metal here is designed to be non tamper, proof that’s what it says in the specs. So let me just say this is the case i use with my dji air 2s. So in the videos you see me flying the air 2s, maybe you haven’t seen them all. Yet this is the case that i always have and it’s been used. Very much i’ll. Tell you why i like it because check it out. I can put four batteries this case here. Very small in design will actually hold four batteries, so one two three plus one in the drone, plus the smart controller. So if you just have the normal air 2s controller, that came with your kit, certainly it fits in here as well.

But if you have the smart controller bonus, it fits really nice here, plus all your other stuff, like your filters and your accessories, even the power system for the smart controller fits up here nicely. So what i want to do now. I have both cases here. So what i want to do now is, i want to show you how i put everything in these cases, because people always ask me: how did you fit everything inside so when you see me put everything inside you’re gon na see that they actually hold quite a Lot so i’ll start off with the hard case and then i’ll go over to the shoulder bag. Hard case so check this out Music. So, Music do Music, do Music, Music, all right, so both really good products from pgy tech. Like i said, price wise. This one here is about 49 us, i think that’s the best buy in the world. This is really good. If you don’t spend a lot of money – and you want something better than that dji case – i threw halfway across the room, then this is a good one to get for 49 bucks. This is just over a hundred dollars, u.s and it’s. Probably your best bargain. On the market right now, so yeah check it out so pgy tech. Once again, they sent this to me free of charge. They did not ask me to make a video but i’m making a video, because i use the product and that’s.

True of anything you see me do if i don’t use the product, you’ll never see a review video, but if i use something i’ll make a review, video so yeah. So this is the one you’ll see in most of my videos and if you see me, traveling around walking through the woods or something you’ll probably see this one, all right guys hope you enjoyed this video.