Why now let me get this out the way i’m, not an annual drone buyer. I don’t buy drones every single year. The only reason why i decided to buy a new one, my spark, which i got back in 2017. Unfortunately, i crashed it on the side of a tree because the battery was so puny on the spark lasted only for 16 minutes. It just started landing automatically and i just couldn’t control it. Dji was working on a brand new drone. I didn’t want to buy one right away so that’s why i decided to play the waiting game and now, lo and behold, the air 2s is here and is being my favorite drone now this particular drone is for beginners and for professionals, so essentially take the maverick Pro 2 and the air 2, and just you mash them together, you get the air 2s. What makes the air 2s so special is the camera. You know you have a one inch sensor this time around, so you can capture amazing low light and to go alongside with that. You have the 5.4k video resolution, while the maverick 2 pro can only shoot up to 4k at 30 frames per second, the air 2s. 4K, at 60 frames per second. There are some caveats behind that and i’m going to explain in a little bit. The air 2s can shoot up to 150 megabits per second, while the maverick 2 pro has 100 megabytes per second now here’s the caveat i was talking about when shooting 4k at 60 frames per second you’re, getting a cropped image so essentially you’re not utilizing the one Inch sensor, when you shoot in 4k, 60 it’s gon na be cropped in just a little bit to accommodate the 60 frames per second, especially if you’re taking a video, an entire landscape, and you want the whole field of view just accommodate that crop.

You might have to move back a little bit now. You do have zooming capabilities present here so 1080p at 60 frames per. Second, you can zoom up to six times while 1080p 30. You can zoom up to eight times. 4K 60. You can zoom into three times: 4k 30. You can zoom up to four times and 5k or 5.4 k should say no zooms whatsoever and of course, with that 4k 60, we got to add in that crop sensor, so you’re already zoomed in anyway. So i just been using this drone non stop just flying it all week, especially fourth of july. I was able to record some fireworks and i was able to capture those amazing fireworks with the air 2s and, as you guys could see, low light capability is pretty insane. I could be able to see everything the cars, the fireworks, the building lights and i wasn’t even shooting at the maximum resolution at 5.4k, so it’s going to even be more sharper and on top of that you’re going to be able to adjust the white balance. The iso or even the shutter speed, and to keep it simple, you can shoot it on auto, but having everything on one iso keeps everything nice and smooth without it flickering now the battery life you’re getting 31 minutes of maximum flight time. Now you also got to accommodate the wind speeds or how strong the wind is going to be. But realistically i would say i get like about 25 minutes with this drone, but i feel like dji at this point in the game.

They should be able to increase the battery life. It shouldn’t be no need how all the drones are 31 minutes. I feel like now with these drones, especially on the pro models. We should be getting an hour battery life, but nonetheless the battery is still good. I wanted to fly more combo, so i could just swap out the battery and get back up in the air with no problems, but nonetheless it would be nice to see 60 minutes or even 40 minutes. At least the batteries are pretty expensive, costing like about 124. So if you try to buy like two of them or three of them, you’re better off just getting the fly more combo totaling out to be thirteen hundred dollars for three batteries, but you’re getting plus more you get in the bag. The extra propellers the nd filters. Everything adds up quick by time. You turn around and get all the accessories so get the accessories one time plus the drone. Thank me later now. The reason why the battery rating is a bit lower on the air 2s compared to maverick air 2 is because of the weight the weight on the air 2s is rated about 595 grams, while the air 2 is weighing about 570 grams, the heavier the drone, the More taxing, it is on the battery or the more battery drain. Now another thing too that’s new about the air 2. We have an additional sensor, so we have a front sensor, a backward sensor, upward sensor and a downward sensor.

So the more sensors you have on the drone, the more safety is gon na be or less prone of you crashing your drone. The drone could be here and the object could be here and the drone is gon na. Just like uh uh, i can’t go now. There’S, a mode where you could bypass and have the drone fly around the obstacles, but i feel like it’s a it kind of hesitate, a little bit and that’s one of the caveats of shooting in 4k 60 that bypass mode is just gon na, be disabled automatically. So it’s automatically gon na break. This has active track 4.0, so it keeps me in focus and the drone is just gon na follow me. It was just able to just follow me dodge around the branches and just keeping me in focus. Now you have another mode called spotlight: it’s gon na stay right there, but it knows what to track. So i can manually move the drone anywhere. So i could freestyle i could go whatever while active track is just going to follow you. So spotlight is a handy feature, especially if you want to keep control of your drone while keeping you track basically, and then you have poi point of interest. So if you want to get those really smooth shots, you could be able to have the drone pan around. For keeping the substance focused basically, in this case me now fun little fact: i actually crashed the air 2s.

Try to demonstrate this. I was right next to a branch and the drone just now. Thankfully, it didn’t damage the drone. Not everything is still okay, but just keep in mind. You want to test out these features on the wide open area. Don’T be like me, testing it out where there’s a bunch of trees and stuff like that, and i these trees are tall too. These trees are definitely like high up. So, if i crash my drone it’s stuck up there i’m pretty much screwed, probably now one thing that was really cool, though the master shots. This is only found on the air 2s and i’m sure this is going to make its way up to the pro models. Drone is going to do all kinds of moves, and just have these nice cinematic shots it’s, actually pretty cool to see how much the drone can do without you even doing nothing and it’s so easy to set up. All you got ta do is just draw that box, you tap on record and the drone is gon na. Do all the work for you. The amount of pictures that you can get out of the drone is just jaw dropping. So just imagine you had a beach and you you or maybe you had a lazy, river and you’re laying on the donut. You could be able to take a picture while the drone was up in the air. You could get some fantastic pictures and i was testing out the panorama mode and it just looks so freaking cool, like it.

The world just looks so much different, and i see myself using this going to you know exciting parts of the world taking pictures on the drone is just a league of its own. I am traveling to florida next month and i’m definitely going to bring the drone with me. I say that to say: when you get a drone, you want to travel, you want to be able to explore different areas, and i forgot to mention when you’re flying at night. You have this light on the bottom of the drone. So this is very important because you want to be able to see the drone, especially when it comes down to the landing, and that light is super bright. Now you do have eternal storage, eight gigabytes to be exact, but i highly recommend you guys pick up a micro sd card, the sd card. I recommend you guys. Picking up is the sandisk xtreme plus 128 gigabytes, especially if you’re going to be shooting at 5.4k you’re going to need a space to accommodate that now i’m, not going to talk too much about the remote control. But all i can say is it’s very straightforward. Easy to set up, i love the fact how it has a lightning cable built into it. Now you can swap this out for type c or micro, depending on what phone you have and i’m just ready to go within a minute or, if not. Second, of course you have your different modes, so you have your cinematic, your normal mode and your sport.

The only time i really use sport, if i want to quickly get to another area but cinematic, if i really want to get those chris move, cinematic shots, it’s a well designed controller. I was considering getting the smart remote from dji, but that eye watering price tag of 750 dollars. I was like nah, i can’t do that that’s just too expensive and that’s. Why i got ta say this? Is my favorite tech of 2021 so far, but there’s a lot of tech coming out this year to keep in to keep in mind of because we have that subpac that subpac x1 i’m calling it now that’s going to be my favorite tech of the year? Oh fun fact i could have had on a green screen. It could have probably worked, but i didn’t want to try anything new too much um. Hmm. Let me know i could put anything in the background.