Stop they don’t stop. They don’t stop making drones it’s the air 2s; oh you’re, rolling, yeah, sorry, yeah, it’s, all good that’s. Okay. I was just singing to myself some honest thoughts: i’m, a little tired of new drones, new drones, smaller, more drones, faster drone, fpv drone drones, Music, Music, okay, Music, okay, Music. Add this new drone kind of is a a mash up of i don’t know the latest and greatest from the mavic 2 pro and the mavic air ii being that it’s, the s version it’s, shooting 5.2 k. It has a one inch sensor, i’m, a little tired of drones, just drones. Drones drones, drones, drones. It goes about, i think, 70 kilometers an hour and the ascend and descend it goes up like a rock and it drops like a rock it’s amazing. So we started making this video we started, flying the drone, got back and looked at the footage and got entirely re excited and super pumped, because this looks good. It looks clean. Forget videos for a second take a look at these still shots. These were still shot images taken at night, so like low light situations with the air 2s. Look at that that looks really really good Music. I don’t really get that it doesn’t look fun. The whole thing just looks clumsy it just doesn’t. Look any part of it. No part of that looks like fun. There is like not much movement. This guy can get a closer look.

What is that, like a 500 mil 500 and just putting on two times converter, run dude? You got a chair and everything you are ready to go. I want to be comfortable i’ll sit here for hours, so yeah, aesthetically speaking this drone. It looks like every other drone that i’ve seen it’s got some new stickers on it. If you’ve used a dji product, you pretty much, they look pretty similar it’s. What we’ve come to expect with build quality, fit and finish as far as dji is concerned? Oh that’s, too bad is that that velcro coming off? Oh that would happen on this. You have a peter mckinnon bag right i’m hunted by the bags i didn’t bring. You give away that 800 mil yet you’ve got the same remote. I would love to see this a little smaller an idea i had if there are any dji engineers watching, because i am qualified to give this advice instead of including extra little thumb sticks that hide away in the bottom. Imagine all you had to do was like push this over and like lock it down flush, and then you like hit a switch and like they both popped up. So this new drone has this feature called adsb and what that does is basically alerts you if there are other aircraft like actual aircrafts, it’s soft thorns in the air and then it’ll make you land, so the uh that’s gon na say the anti aircraft.

It has a cannon on it with anti it’s uh. The safety measures that are being put into drones make me feel good everything to make the process easier and safer for everyone i’m. Down with this is just nice light right now, like this looks great and if there’s, anyone in dgi that can comment or anyone that knows like it’s, the same size, sensors, the other drones, but the footage from this just looks considerably better come here for a second, Like you looked at this footage, super close up with your eyeballs all day, like it literally looks better so much better i’ve edited a lot of drone clips these primo. All right. I was just gon na start telling you about the pro mode and master shot, and then it started raining on my beautiful scene. Try not to get pricked by this thorn bush coming out again, so this now has a pro mode and it has something called master shot. So master shot is it’s kind of neat. When you’re flying, you can select an object, and it just does all the the quick shots. Uh the boomerang, the helix, the circling close circle out. Far like the specialty shots yeah, it does all the specialty shots all by itself, completely automated. All of like the hero shots in one setting, so you can just kind of sit back and watch it do its thing and then choose which one you like okay, tell me about this pro mode.

They moved all the controls and you can adjust your shutter. Oh that’s a way better spot frame rate yeah. You don’t have to go into that stupid camera area. So it’s like a new quick access area to adjust all your camera settings at the bottom right corner of the screen, rather than having to go through a bunch of separate menus off to the side, which can sometimes get in the way and slow things down. When you’re trying to get a shot and just change those settings on the fly fast image, clarity, low light performance, flight time’s great, this drone sick personally, you guys know i’m getting rid of everything i own as it stands right now. I would clear out all my drones minus the mavic mini because of legality issues. I would keep this in the mavic mini. That would be my setup, so i am a fan dji. Thank you for the drone. Very much appreciate it. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I hope you enjoyed the first look. I hope you enjoyed what the like the footage, the photos, your mind is blown. Maybe you had a laugh have a great day. Okay, i’ll see you guys in the next video Music, bye, Music.