So stay tuned Applause. So, if you’re new to the channel – and you want to know more about the dji air 2s – definitely subscribe, because i’ve got a bunch of videos coming out about it. However, i also have a full review of this drone. If you want to go check it out. This video is just an unboxing, so we can see what’s in the flymore combo now at a high level. The air 2s is the next generation of the what was called the mavic air and the mavic air 2.. So i think they’re dropping the word mavic from a lot of these names but it’s the same form factor and i think it looks a lot like the mavic air 2.. I actually haven’t opened it yet. So if you did watch the review, i shot this video before i did the review, because i had to unbox it and wanted to do an unboxing video, so let’s get into it. So it is the fly more combo. Of course it has the usual cellophane around the outside, which causes reeks, have it with the cameras and reflections and such all right we’ve got the plastic off now let’s see what this unboxing experience is like, oh yeah. I love it when it goes really slowly. That’S not me pressing on it that’s just the vacuum of lack of air in there as it tries to peel this off and slowly suck air in through the sides, because it’s a tight tolerance box built with high quality cardboard.

So in the box we have what looks like kind of what they’ve been doing recently. Is this sort of rubberized um kit that it comes in and it is really nice when drone manufacturers send you a kit to put your drone in, because you have something to actually carry it around in you? Don’T have to buy a separate case. These are very high quality cases. As far as what comes with the drone, i have several of these probably some different sizes, but i remember in the old days they used to just come in the cardboard box and then you’d, pull it out and there’d be styrofoam inside and you’d, throw all that Stuff away, then, you had to go get another case for it, so it’s nice that they include a case with the fly more combo, so let’s set this over here. Actually, there is a box here at the bottom of of that box, and this box has beneath it the instructions so that’s the quick start guide. So if you need to know how to get started, you can get it right. There there’s also qr code on this. For to download the app which i imagine is going to be, the dji fly app a newer version of that, but let’s go ahead and see what’s in this box first and then we’ll go to the big one. It says accessories pull this out, pull this out. There’S, our full set of instructions, not just the quick start guide, there’s our warnings and here are the extra propellers and i like how they come in these little uh plastic, uh containers and man.

They give you quite a few of them. We have one two. Three: four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve twelve uh propellers, which would be three full sets now i don’t know if the drone actually has a propeller on it or not already i’d, be curious to see if that’s four full sets i’m guessing it doesn’t There is a little plastic thing right here. That is some sort of a. I don’t know what this is: oh it’s, your filter set, so it comes with a set of uh nd filters or maybe they’re polarized or maybe they’re, both i’m, not sure i’ll have to look and see but that’s, pretty cool, and i like this little box that They come in it’s, very plastic, it’s it’s, very solid it’s, going to protect those keep them in there. So it looks like you got four of them in there and let’s see. I think these are just nd filters. I don’t know that they’re polarized but i’ll double check and if they are one way or the other i’ll put a note up somewhere on the screen, so you can see it all right so that’s. What that is. You have your cables here for different types of phone. You have a micro usb and a usbc cable, both going to usbc. It looks like the usbc is what’s on the actual drone itself. Yep, you have some sticks, some extra sticks in case your sticks, get lost or stolen.

You have your usb a to usbc cable here for charging and such and i think that’s it from this box. It’S really cool how they make everything fit so well into all. This stuff, all right so i’m, going to set that aside for a moment now we’re going to open the big boy now. This, of course, again is the carrying case for the drone get rid of that little piece of plastic. It has a shoulder, strap already built into it, and i don’t think this shoulder strap is easily removable and you could remove it if you really wanted to, but i don’t think it’s easily removable and let’s see what’s in the box boom there. It is the dji air 2 s now it looks like it does not have propellers on it wow. It looks a lot like the original dji air 2, but a little different. These little guys right up here, which i’m assuming are forward. Sensors um they are, or maybe they’re upward sensors. They look very uh kind of 1920s race car. You know kind of a vintage race car with these little bulbs that are going up. The rest of it seems about the same as far as the form factor goes. Like i said it, doesn’t have the propellers on it, so it is uh just without the propellers you’ve got them in here. Let’S see what else is in this box here now it does have one battery on it and then it looks like in this box.

Comes the remote which is very similar to the previous remote i’m wondering if there’s going to be cross compatibility and has a little bit of a charge on it. It sounds like that one’s already blinking antenna wise, oh yeah. This has that that funky thing where you pull this up, you put your phone in there and that becomes your antenna, so uh that’s, that has the um actually the the buttons. These levers feel a little bit different up here. This little rubber bit right here feels a little different i’m gon na have to compare this to the other one and see how different it is, but it feels like there’s, some subtle changes to it. Just like some subtle changes to the actual air 2 itself and then of course, we have the batteries and the charger there’s another battery, and there is the charger which is pretty standard. It’S got uh one usb port on the end and then the plug adapter and what’s nice about these bricks is that you can use different plugs with them for different countries. So it’ll do 110 voltage like in north america or it’ll, be do 220 like in europe. So you could actually take that overseas, oh and it looks like they actually gave me a european plug, so i’ll have to trade that out, but i’ll hold on to this, so that if i do go overseas again, i can take this with me and plug it.

In but they’ll both work you’ve got an interesting little box. I think this might be one of these things that changes the battery into a usb charger. Yes, that’s. What it is this actually connects to the dji drone battery and allows you to use it as a so you put it on, like, ah put it on like that, and then you can actually uh charge usb devices from this battery, which is a pretty cool. Little handy thing to have they’ve come out with these before, but i always appreciate when they put it in there, especially if you need to charge your controller and you do have a full battery still you can do that or your phone okay. Take that off. Put this back on the drone: this is the multi charger, so this allows you to charge multiple batteries. At the same time, these are pretty standard for dji. These days looks like you’re going to plug your end of your brick into the end here with this, and then your batteries will sit on top of this one two three in order to charge, and it looks like they have one more battery in here so it’s Three batteries that come with it, one on the drone and two in the box, the remote control 16 propellers, including the four that you put on the drone, initially the nd filters and the case – and i guess that’s it. The remote control, of course, and this little extra charger thing.

So, if you do the math you’ll figure out that everything that’s included in here, if bought individually, would cost quite a bit more than buying the fly more combo. But there may be a case where you just need the drone and the remote one battery and you’re good to go and the charger of course, but in most cases people want to fly for more than just one battery. They want to have spares that are available. They want to have the extra props they want to have the nd filters that fit specifically on the drone, etc. So the fly more combo is generally a good idea if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck with the new drone setup, especially if it’s your first drone don’t have any of this stuff already. So, as i said, this video is not my review of the dji air 2 s. It is just the unboxing video and i have a separate review, video that goes into a lot of detail about all the features of this drone and all the things it can do. So you should go check that out so that’s it. If you like this video, i hope you’ll give it a thumbs up and definitely subscribe to ready, set drone.