You put your heart on a letter: Music, hi everyone. This is christian, pastor, welcome back to crp films, so in todays video guys we are going to unbox my new drone, which is the dji mavic air 2s Music do. Actually. This is the dji mavic. Air 2s fly more combo, so it has a lot of things inside of this box. So what well be gon na do now is to to see whats inside of this box. Of this fly more combo and lots of things like you can see the back of the box. As you can see, there is a bag, the drone it has two extra batteries, the propeller blades and the filters and a lot more. So are you excited guys? I did mario lets begin Music, all right, Music, Music. Slowly but surely oh, no Music, just cut the plastic Music, all right, just rip the plastic off Music, now its open Music, so wire air 2s. I was thinking of buying the mini 2, but then i saw it on amazon. It is. They have a special offer for this drone, so so that made me decide to purchase it. Okay, so its like this, like this okay guys here it is all right, Music front and back its a fly, more combo bundle flying more combo. It has a one inch cm sensor and so so come on so inside the box. Is we have the bag? Of course, so lets get the bag now all right, um guys, so the weight of this drone is 595 grams.

Well get the bag. Now here it is dji. I think this is the um manuals, so the bag yep like this Music, all right, Music um. So in the bag is the the accessories, so the flamer combo has a lot of accessories guys so, which makes this drone special accessories. I will later i will remove the drone last and uh what else we have whats this. I think this is the chart for the charger, and the controller here is the controller. This is the very first time for me to hold this kind of controller. This is the controller Music and we will unwrap this later on. This is the charger for something Music and uh. Lets see here, Music. This is the drone inside well get down the drone or later Music. Oh, my! This is the drone Music Music. So what else is in here, i think, yep, so the bag texture of the bag is smooth its nice. So i think, if should i put this in my my backpack or i dont know, or should i put this one i dont know lets see about it. Music, so first is: we are going to Music, see first, the accessories before we are going to open. I mean to flip the wings. So just put this aside: first Music. This is my second room, no um. Actually, before i had my my spark jace park, then i sold it to my friend his names james, then.

Actually i had my first drone, which is the phantom 4 plus for pro plus im just Music, the mavic pro i had that mavic pro. I used it for two years, almost three years then today i bought this air2s, as you can see at the side. Music. All right, Music, all right, yeah extra batteries, Music. We have um Music, two extra batteries, so the other battery is in the drone already. So we can get three batteries for the flymore combo. I think this is the charger theres still other things inside of this box. Maybe the nd filters, the propeller blades are in this box: Music, two extra batteries, Music yep! This is the charge airport Music. What is this Music? So? What is this power bank adapter all right? So this is a power bank adapter. I love this one here. Oh wow, okay, now i get it power bank adapter, so meaning um. If you put the drone Music, if you put it, i mean, if you put the battery you can i dont know you can now charge your phone using this um using your using your here. Is so i just plugged this power bank adapter the battery, so you can charge your phone using the battery in the box guys. So we have the we have. There are 16 pieces here inside the box of the flymore combo, so the aircraft here it is check. Dji rc and one remote controller here it is check and nice and then intelligent flight, Music power, cable and then low noise, propellers six pairs, avirito six pairs, so yeah, alibaba, Music, so yeah, my moles here Music.

It has a low noise, propeller six pairs, Music yeah. So six pairs of propeller blades one two, a b one, two, three: four: five and the sixth pair Applause, guys so check and then six pairs of propeller blades. So what else? Type c, cable and type c cable? We have the type c cable here – Music and then um, dji, rc, n1, rc, cable, usb type c, connector, rc, n1, cable, lightning, connector, all right, ammonia extra, the cables. So i will just i will not remove this one. This is for extras, okay, so this is the dji rc, n1 rc, cable, usb type c, connector, lightning connector. So these are the two cables here so ill. Just put this one here and rc: cable standard micro, usb connector micro, usb connector wheres that micro usb connector usb wheres that micro, connector micro, usb rc, cable, standard micro, usb connector. Where is that microphone? Hello, hello, hello, hey its the cable standard micro? Usb, oh well find it later, so i wonder whats this one. So i know this one for sure is the stick extra stick, so yeah so gimbal protector. It is the gimbal protector guys spare dji rc and one controller sticks yeah. This is the spare the spare controller, stick and theyll open this one later nd filters. Oh no guys, so this is the nd filter. So this is the nd filter, wow wow, guys wow wow, look at the nd filters, so there are four nd filters, neutral density filters and the four and the eight this is the.

I think this is the battery charging hub, one battery power bank, adapter yeah and the adapter, and then this is the battery charging hub, shoulder bag and so the shoulder bag. So everything here is complete, except for the dji rc 100 micro, usb connector, i dont know whats that um rc, cable, our type c cable, lets see cable, txt, cable, Music. I really wonder whats that kind of um. These are the things that are inside of the box of this um combo, the fly more combo guys so yep and lets jump to the drone and the controller and yeah controller first, so the controller guys. So this is the controller. Oh nice. I think the rc cable is in the inside of the drone, its inside of the controller, so the stick, so we have actually stick so just make sure that we dont lost the extra sticks so in front Music. Music. Nice pull this to put your. This is the cable guys that i was looking the standard micro usb connector. It is uh in the controller. So what youre gon na do is just remove the this one, and this one can remove so just plug this one there. So, if youre, using an iphone, you can plug your phone here, just quickly fit your phone to the here. So this is it yes, Music lets remove it Music. In order to fly the drone, you have to use a app called uh, so just i already downloaded it.

So this is the dji flight, so you know youll deal it later. Music, pull back the the connector. So now lets go to the drone. So here it is the drone guys, Music flip, the drone flip, the wings Music. It has a lot of sensors. How many sensors does this drone have Music? So this drone has um a lot of sensors one two three four for the front at the back. So every side at the bottom and Music. So here it is Music press the notch to remove the gimbal protector, so remove the sticker Music Music Music protector, the gimbal Music. So these are the size of my palm the same size with my palm guide Music. We already removed the gimbal, put it back Music discharge to activate the battery before using for the first time and refer to quick guard start quick start guide. Music ive been discharged to activate the battery before using for the first time. So we need to charge the battery first, so i think the battery is empty, except for the controller. Music controller has a thing charged for two bars: the battery is dead and now we will put the blades. So this is a low noise blade. So a a we have the aaa, so the dont lost this one guys. This will uh protect your the board for the blades brother, blades dont lost these coppers put it there, look at the blade guys Music four months ago.

This drone was released Music. It has a 5.4k video on my right guys so 5.4k. It can shoot to 60 frames in for 4k, guys and 24 frames per second for 5.4 k and up to 30 frames per second, but on fortunately on and on 4k 60 frames, so yeah perfect. You could create a very slow mo shot on this one and also on 1080p. You can shoot until up to 20 120 frames per second guys, so yeah lets put on the blades Music, Music, Music and the b Music. So two as and four bs, two as and two bs Music there, it is, i just uh, already placed the pleats right. So what are you going to do now is to charge the batteries Music charge? The battery make sure its charging enabled before you can remove the batteries just have to press two buttons here. So we need to activate the drone first before we are going to fly this one. So, okay, this is a drone. So what can you say guys all right? So i think this is it the these are the things inside of the flamer combo, the drone, the controller, so look at the size of the controller with the drone, its almost the same size, guys Music, all right so lets put back the sticks, so the sticks Are at the back of the controller all right and the drone split it back Music and wait wheres the board for micro usb so for the micro usb guys, heres, the port side and theres another one at the side whats this port, i dont know i dont Know so ill find it out so yeah lets fold the drone back, so the air 2s request activation before using for the first time after powering on the aircraft under my controller, follow the on screen instructions to activate dji r2s using the fly app yep all right.

So um, Music, so features and details. Um lets read the features and details for this one guys. So it has a one inch image sensor has a one inch image sensor and equipped with a one inch image sensor and large 2.4 pixels, so its 24 20 megapixels. But okay, Music, so yeah its a great for low light, low light down, i guess and capable yeah for 5.4k 30 frames and 4k 60 frames and on 1080p you can shoot until 120 frames per second, so you could really slow mo it. Yep nice case now master shots. The next evolution of big shots, master shots is an advanced intelligence feature. Jet guides gives users the best shots in any location. We just attack center of attention, focus track, spotlight active drop 4.0 spotlight 2.0 point of interest, make it grease circle, your subject and one billion colors. The 10 bit log blog m color profile can record up to 1 billion colors, while retaining all little details that make footage Music and 7.5 miles max video transmission 7.4 miles is equivalent to how many kilometers, plus that was the dj air2s features most advanced three focusing Three point: oh mini two mini two is two points: malaya technology, giving an ultra smooth, clear and reliable image feed every time you fly environment. Sensing dji2s has the ability to perceive its environment in four directions up down forward and back, allowing it to actively avoid obstacles and even in complex scenarios at high speeds Music when youre flying this drone.

So you and we have the so all in all the the things listed here are inside of this of the box, the box, guys nothing is missing. Perfect. I, like the bag, his Music texture is nice and you can put some things here: lots of room storage, so um, i dont know if i will not use the bag or ill just put the drone inside the inside my camera bag. But i think i need to use the bag or yeah. I should use the bag Music so important and then the charger only thing is that you can charge it in a usb and, like the mini 2 mini 2, it can be charged in a usb for stuff, just like the mavic air mavic pro. So i think thats it guys everything is in here and complete, correct and complete and complete guys so guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope that you enjoyed yourself dji mavic, air, 2s, Music and excited Music, so i will charge the batteries and i will set up this drone outside. So you guys thank you so much for watching and if you havent yet subscribe to my channel, i hope you will subscribe and follow me in my next video. So guys see you in my next video guys bye for now and enjoy god bless, see ya. Music.