Just be careful doing that not to use you know the side to side uh flight para, hindi, shimabunga okinawan is a really good drone Music and the best guys the mini tree came out but feature and problem indeed, Music. This drone is good for vlogging. If youre into taking a cinematic shots, video talagang its a very dependable uh drone talking the best, so if youre uh youre, not a professional photographer, youre vlogging, Music, affordable uh, if you wan na get the uh young drone battery and uh accessories yeah, i think the Cheapest, one you can get is uh 999, so like with taxes about a thousand, but if you want um, the combo comes with three batteries: all the propellers and accessories uh, the remote uh yeah. You can Music extra or you have the money to buy it. You can you can definitely get it, but uh yolanda is uh so watch the video and uh lets see what i was talking about about the avoidance obstacles, so uh thats. It guys uh watch the video bye Music. Um Applause is Music. Music me always. Music. Is Applause: oh Music, um, Music, um, Music, Music, ah Music Applause, my head uh, Music, Music, wow, oh Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music.