This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to share, and if any of you follow me on instagram, i probably leak these photos already in advance because they’re already some videos online before, of course, the release date. I think some people already post it before so i already found out about it, so that was cool. I was surprised that some people even got their hands on this product before it came out so that’s. What shocked me – and i was like wow okay, so today, we’re going to be going over the new drone that released – and i am so pumped like i am always for a new product and very excited to finally review the dji air 2s. I knew this product came out already in advance, although people didn’t know that, but i actually saw the leak and it’s all the specs beforehand, so it’s good product and then the day that came out is amazing, so um, okay, today we’re gon na be recovering the Resolution the ease of use, the new technology that is out the sensor size upgrade and also we’ll, be critiquing. Sam colder’s dji product video of the dji dj. I air 2s correct those are the products and those are the topics that we’ll be covering, of course, and um, and i might show you some other bonus videos too, that that just displays the dji, but my goal for today’s video is to make it short. Everyone welcome to a new video, i’m janna and today we’re going to be unboxing and testing out the dji air 2 s.

Now the air 2 has been my go to drone for the past year. The new functions we now have master shocks, spotlight: 2.0 active track. 4.0, as well as apis for the max resolution, we have 5.4k 30 frames per second 4k 60 frames per. Second, we have a max photo resolution of 20 megapixels. This does weigh 595 grams and we have some nd filters. This is exciting, looks like we have 4. 8, 16 and 32. for the low nd filter. This is gon na be good for the precise adjustment of shutter speed, so this will also keep the shutter open at 180 to create that cinematic footage with the dynamic blur. One of the reasons i do usually like to get the fly more combo is because more batteries, and also you get this nice little adapter, which lets you charge everything at once. I want to do a little comparison to the mavic air 2, real, quick Music dji, but my goal for today’s video is to make it short, but i believe that i don’t know how i can make short videos it’s a little bit hard on me. But i i will do what i can to the best of my ability. So, okay, so let’s start out officially. Okay, so dji has put a lot of effort into their building technique with their ai technology, and i just wanted to show you how far this technology has gone in just one year.

The drone does it even compare to the inspire 2.. Now the inspire 2 footage is still the best, in my opinion, and with its price that i paid for it i’m kind of relieved, but the thousand dollar price tag of the air 2s. It clocks in at a close second – and you can definitely see the extra resolution in the day footage when compared to the mavic pro 2. It is definitely sharper there’s, a little bit more color fidelity and while they both go up to iso 6400, the air2s imagery just feels brighter, which makes this a very compelling bite. A thousand dollars add a solid denoiser to the picture, and now you got a twilight. Shooter all right, so now we are at civil twilight. This is the darkest that i normally will shoot, because after that, you can’t see the mountains or anything so there’s, no real context, so let’s see how the air 2s does at the highest iso let’s give it a shot for the last shots of the evening. I pushed the air 2 sensor to the max 6400 iso 1 over 24 shutter speed at this level. The noise is quite noticeable, but not the worst i’ve seen with a noise reduction pass in davinci resolve. I get a much softer but less noisy version of the image and it looks brighter than what i’m used to seeing this footage really does clean up. Well, if you remember, last year the mavic air 2 came out and it was the previous model of the dji air 2s.

But guess what this year it’s going to be really high tech and really easy to grasp everything, because last year was just the basic model. But this year, they’re building on top of it so it’s stunning, so let’s get into the details now so i’m ready to go now. Okay, let’s! Do this baby? Okay, ready! You see it! I mean this is this is the drone. This is legit Music, Music, Music. So, Music, Music, so Music, that is so cool. I told you the dji air 2s. This thing is just whoa mind blowing. Oh, it is mind blowing this drone is just wow. It shocks me as a person who like gone with like different resolutions in life. Wow i’m, just like stunned honestly like this, is an amazing video yeah i mean so let’s get into the details now so i know all of you are going to take a look at the specs, so i’ll make it really quick and really easy to understand. Okay, so this new drone is called the dji air 2s and it comes with a 5.4 k resolution i’m going to show you a picture, an insert right here. There should be like a 4k resolution and like a 5.4 k and back in my day, 4k was like really intense, 8ks. Of course, the cinema. Now they got 12k for the um aria, whatever the big cinema camera, but this guy can shoot 5.4k and that’s stunning. I don’t think, like most cameras, can’t even like you know, handle that 5.

4 k resolution. So i think it is a privilege honestly for this drone to come out and like for creators who are looking for higher quality videos and want to shoot higher than 4k. So highly recommend this drone. If any of you are looking at it, okay, so it can shoot up to 24 frames, all the way to 30. it’s incredible. It gives you much more flexibility in post and when you’re shooting in 4k, it can shoot up to options of 60 frames like the maximum, so 24, 30 and 60 frames. So you got three options there in 4k and, of course, any of you lower class editors or you know just beginners starting out. I believe that it has an option of 1080p 120 frames and i did search this up already. I already take a took a look at most of the spec sheets, so stunning, i know you can get some nice slow mo and like some 1080p, so it’s cool, it’s, really nice. So definitely take a look if you beginner starting out it has this um 1080p. So just in case you know, if your computer can’t store like 5.4 k resolution, those files must be ginormous, so i i wouldn’t just say like maybe 1080p might work for you who knows so. Um definitely think about it. I mean 1080p is like wow, like you know: 1080p, like it’s good it’s, already good that’s, like what you view on youtube, what you see in every day, so i think that’d be perfect for any beginner starting out so great stuff, okay, so, okay, one more thing! I want to also say a disclaimer to i’m, not affiliated or i don’t work with dji or say i i don’t i i don’t i don’t work with them.

Like i mean like, i want to get sponsored by them one day, but this video is just because i just enjoy drones and i just want to share like yeah this. This video is not sponsored by dji, okay, yeah. So but one day i want to be sponsored by dji and that’d, be one of my wishes so that’d be really cool, so um. Okay, now let’s go to the coding part. So i want to add that i’ve been working with ai, with python libraries in um cv2, whatever it’s the face recognition program for the ai let’s just say i i could understand some parts of it. I don’t know all the code, but so pretty much ai. It uses object, detection and it’s incredible what you can do with technology, because in the field of ai you have code, you have lines of code that programmers build and the machine learning technology. You have these lines where programmers program it and then it actually does the code that you want to do and even the machine learning it learns from the code that you previously built. So if you can understand that, i mean like learning. Machine learning is extremely amazing. So pretty much it learns to track the subject. Then it builds like all these neural networks to capture for the future circumstances and it’s able to adapt with it so i’m, not sure exactly what a.i it uses. It has to be one of the four of course um.

Let me see one of the four ai’s okay. I forgot to do this, but i have it on me: Music, four types of okay, so they have four types of ai: the reactive, limited memory theory of mind self aware. I believe that it probably couldn’t be self aware, because it’s, not human intelligence, limited memory could be that one i’ll keep in mind that one theory of mind understands the needs of other intelligent entities. I got no clue if any of you understand ai definitely tell me more because i’m really interested reactive has no memory in response to different stimuli. No could be either reactive or limited memory, so i i’m not sure which one honestly it just depends but depends on how how the programmers build this code. So i think that’s the most important part and it it has to be one of the four ais. But, of course, not artificial general intelligence because i don’t know that exists yet that’s like doing everything. But, of course, not that smart yet but i’m really impressed, though, because they have them the object, detection and that’s stunning, like the focus on the subject and then to go around the subject like the parallax like so one of the cool features. That really surprised me is: they actually include included um filters for low light. I believe yeah they they did so nd filters, so that is so nice of that. Normally, in the past, with the air 2, you have to buy it separately, but this time it comes with the air 2s, so they they have like all of it included inside the package, so that’s the cool part.

So the filters help with super bright situations and helps you get the 180 rule with the filmmaking, so you get the proper shutter speed and all that so i mean it is a cool add on so definitely look into it uh. I forgot to also mention that it comes with this one inch sensor, so mavic air ii only had a half inch sensor. This guy has a one inch sensor, so the air 2s is like way up top the notch. It’S, like the mavic pro 2, but just with upgrades with a 5.4 k resolution. You know with some more frame rates it. It comes with a lot more options that you can work with. Okay, so oh another thing, i wanted to mention that there are some things that really like i questioned a little bit when it came down. I was like just because it has lower resolution less battery life. Does it make it a good drone? Well, i’m: going to give the answer: yes, because in this case, it’s very little you don’t notice the difference. The resolution from pictures goes down to 48 megapixels, all the way to 20. So it is a sacrifice. You know if you want more megapixels, but from what i heard in some of the articles, they said that 48 megapixels to 20 does not make a huge difference, especially for the one inch sensor, so i think it’s a good choice. If you really want the drone.

Try it out, for you know, a thousand bucks because it starts at 9.99 for without the um, the bundle pack, but if you buy more than of course, it’s a little bit higher, but yeah it’s like 1 200, something 40, something bucks. So i’ll put it up here, but yeah um, yeah, so 20 megapixels, i don’t, think it’s too bad. I mean it. It should turn out clear because you know bigger sensor, less noise, so most of the time that’s the case so uh to drop the battery life. Maybe dropped by like just a couple minutes. I don’t know how much like original was like 34 or something 34 minutes, the mavic air 2. But now this thing dropped only like 31 minutes, so it just a little decrease, but i think it’s good, because you know you need to have the flexibility, but at the same time you don’t want to sacrifice. You know like too much so so having the third 31 is um it’s very reasonable. I think it’s nice to have it um. Okay, oh, i forgot to also mention that one inch sensor comes in handy for low light and sadly it doesn’t variable up and down, but it does have a 2.8 aperture which allows you to go in low light. So i think, it’s important aspect to look for when you know you’re buying a new drone make sure it has good low light features to form at night time when you, you know, need it most and um by having a low light aperture and a smaller like Or number, with a bigger, like the eye, opening like depth of the features, if you’re interested in cameras interested in getting you drone or you know just for the sake of knowing stuff i i’m.

Here i mean i just gave you most of the description, although i don’t have the drone in my hand, you know like most people do like they can fly it everywhere. They can, you know, show you all the tests and demos so that’s. Why i’m going to show you the view right now, so the test and demo tm um, okay, so two point aperture: it helps you to go in low light. It helps you to perform at nighttime much better because 2.8 has a bigger opening the aperture. So it allows more light to come in and i think that’s a really important aspect because in the matty hippos video i believe he did a test. Oh that’s, my dog yeah. So he did a test with low light, pretty much so they use fireworks and then they shot it right in the middle of the night time and then it’s like really nice, as the air 2 weighs 570 grams. So we’re gon na go take this out in the real world, put it up in the air and see just exactly what this baby can do. Okay, we have made it to basically the only place my sister and i fly drones, although today it’s just me and it’s great, because there’s no one here as soon as i got here, i saw dolphins and i tried to send the drone out and find them And i couldn’t find them. The ocean is a very big place and it was very bright.

All right, let’s, uh let’s see what type of nd filter we should use. I actually forgot one for my camera because i’m, a professional all right. We have four eight. Sixteen thirty, two, oh goodness, which one are we gon na stick on? I guess we start with the four see how it goes: Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, okay, let’s switch out, nd filters and batteries Music, Music. We are now going to do the 16th dusty. I still can’t get the dolphins, the dolphins keep coming back and i can’t get them not meant to be Music Music. I 100 i’m going to be having this, as my main drone having a 31 minute battery is really nice also with the combo pack. I now have three batteries, something that isn’t new but i’ve been. Finally utilizing is the little uh button, the mini button. It gives you that more cinematic um slower motion so that you’re able to capture the smooth drone shots, which is really really nice, and then i put it into support mode. When i’m, like you got, ta, come home top five favorite features of the new drone. This is cosmetic, but i really like the orange tips. One inch sensor. You can tell a huge difference in the quality and obviously it’s been a lot of more low light that i’ve been shooting in because it’s there’s, no sun and then when there was sun. I had the nd filters that i could easily swap out so that’s three.

I also really enjoyed testing out active track. 4.0. I wanted to do like a a really. You know action packed uh chase of me on a bike or in a car, but i actually filmed the entire video myself, so i wouldn’t recommend doing that by yourself and flying the drone. But i did do a quick little section where i was just walking up and back down the rocks in palos verdes the active track. Definitely uh is one of my favorite features. I also think that that doesn’t record in the 5.4k, so i think that does record 4k, not a big deal master shots. I only did one of them, but it was perfect. The master shot that’s exactly what’s gon na happen right, like i finally get my hollywood action scene i’m, pretty sure we are not fully capable. This might go very well. No! No! No! We got this. We got this it’s very windy, it’s, not windy. What are you talking about? Let’S? Try it out Music right in that was great, oh man, that was awesome. It worked. It worked not quite like i expected, but man we just spent like 300 bucks on fireworks. It just disconnected again. We just had it the most successful mission and it’s just disconnected. Can i turn it on and off you think i’m gon na power it off it’s. Coming back, i mean it, hopefully lands again it better. The gps better be spot on when you’re landing on an island tap to cancel return to home i’m gon na have to cancel from here control.

I just can’t see anything: okay, okay, okay, oh okay! We lost that footage. All that i was just looking at how good the footage is Music, i literally i can’t see anything on the screen, but i have control over the drone it’s that little light up there in the sky. This little light of mine come down come down to me. I need your sd card Laughter, oh good call. Turning on and off, oh man, okay, just land on the roman candles, perfect spot Laughter. Okay, so i honestly wasn’t sure what i was doing here, because i made a horrible mistake because i did not actually introduce the viewer. Oh yeah. I also forgot to mention that once you’re done with the maddie heposia video, we would be doing a tractor video and then there’ll be more videos, and then i have to sum up the cons and the pros too. So, oh, my goodness, i don’t know how i’m gon na do this, but yeah. I hope you enjoy it. This is me editing, it’s, terrible Applause, Music, Music, that i had figured it out: never Music chemistry without you, Music, what’s, up Music, Music, Music Applause, Music. So um, Music, so Music. This is a real b h, customer story, jack and barbour, professional wildlife, photographers and b h. This is the new dji: okay bro. You heard it from me, um and also from the other cool people that you know got to get their hands on the this cool new drone.

I mean we did cover the resolution. The ease of use technology sensor size upgrade critiquing sam colder’s, product video. I i only gave it full comments like good comments, so justine ezrick and ijustine too, and then we also saw maddie heposia too, so they they all got their hands on the dji air 2s. So definitely great people they they’re able to receive the product early from you know dji, so that must have been a really cool blessing, so yep um, i mean that’s it for today’s video. I have really nothing else to say, but all you all, i have to say is you know, have a great day. You know um, i hope you’re doing well. You know just stay safe out there and what a couple other things i can say you know like just do something you enjoy doing today. You know have a good day. You know, i think that’s most important but yeah okay, so i will see you on the next video too and yeah. Follow me on andrew 670 on instagram, because i just changed my instagram recently. It was um for a while. It was piano guy in 1965, but i changed it to andrew mouse 678. You know just for ease of use and simplicity, so i think it should be easier that way and that counts and all that, so it should just line up. You know my youtube same as my instagram, so andrew ma, you know and then just plus six seven, eight, so it’s really simple, yeah, my emails and that too, so, whatever you need to contact me, you know you got my stuff, so yep um, okay, awesome! If you enjoyed this video, definitely go leave a thumbs up.

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