When are you gon na make a review of the dji air 2s? Well, i have to tell you honestly the reason i haven’t made a review. Video of this drone is because it’s nothing new it’s, not a new drone, it’s, basically it’s kind of a cash grab from dji in one respect: it’s, basically just uh an enhanced dji mavic air too. This one here, it’s they’re, almost identical in so many ways. So um yeah, let me give you a bit of history. So in the past we had the dji mavic pro that drone came out took the world by storm, but a lot of people thought it was expensive. So dji said: hey we’ll just make a cheaper inexpensive version with lesser features and they did, and if i push this away, i could show you it right here they made this one. This is the dji mavic air. This is the first one. This is where it all started with this baby here and you had this really simple: uh remote control with it nothing exciting. It suffered from really short flight time and really bad range with this thing, but it’s still sold it’s sold in the millions and it was a different design than the existing mavic pro. So it was considered a new drone because he had a new battery new body shape a lot of other features, even added rear sensors on this one here, so this was considered a new drone that was a lot less than the mavic pro and then dji.

Let me get rid of this one and put this over here. Then dji had to do something with the mavic pro, so they released the series of the mavic 2 pro and they had the mavic 2 zoom and the mavic 2 pro, and that was a totally different drone as well. This one is huge in size, it’s, bigger than the original mavic pro, so the entire body is new. It has sensors everywhere. It’S got a new battery new motors um. Everything on this thing was pretty much upgraded to be new and professional, and they put the one inch sensor and the hasselblad color scheme in this thing, so it was nothing like the mavic pro. This was the drone to have you see it’s a new drone. You see where i’m going with this, so let me get rid of this one. Oh and the controller for this one was the same as this one here: uh, except it had a display in it, and that was the mavic 2 zoom in the mavic 2. Pro controller i can’t find mine honestly because i use i use a smart controller with all these drones, so i don’t even know where i put that one anyways so even had a different controller with a display in it for that so let’s move this out of The way and show you what happened then dji said hey guys. We love all this and let’s cash in on that air type thing that we did before and let’s make this one here called the mavic air 2.

. Now, when this drone came out, i thought oh, my god dji you have broke the mold. This is an awesome drum the mavic air 2., my god, i did a review on it last year and i love this drone and i can’t recommend this drone enough. It is so so good and the price point, my god, dji came out with 799 u.s. For this thing this was a steal of a deal. So if you own this drone, you are one happy person and then having some great times with it, because it’s a really, really good drone. But then this year dji said you know, we’re losing money with so many problems. We have to make money, so they came out with the next version of this. Let me just find it back here and what did they do? Well, they added two more sensors to the front. Uh they didn’t change the battery. They didn’t change the shape they didn’t change, the controller it’s still the same freaking controller. They didn’t really change much, except for the camera and the two sensors in the front. You know they added some software updates, but it doesn’t matter. They could add those software updates to anything and the camera on and the new one is 5k and you’re going, my god it’s 5k it’s a new drone. No, no, no, no, no it’s, it’s 5k with a one inch sensor, but it’s, not even a manual aperture. So if you want to use this as a professional drone, you can’t you can fly around and take video and photos and they look darn darn good, just as good as they did on the previous model, but a lot of the features don’t even work when you’re In 5k, you have to drop back to 4k to get some of the features to work, so this almost reminds me of a drone that was put together really fast and brought to market.

My problem with this drone and the reason i didn’t make a review before is because it it’s, overpriced i’ll, explain that at the end of the video and i’ll tell you more about the overpriced up now, if you take away my complaints about the price and just Look at the drone itself. Well then, my god, this is the best drone on the market by dji. It is the best drone sure, it’s, missing, side, sensors, sure, it’s missing a manual aperture and a ton of other features. But you know what for most of us out there: this is the best drone. I find this very reliable. Now, honestly, i loved this one here, the dji air 2. So this is the s version dji air 2s. So i love it. Plus it’s got a plus. I love it a little bit more so yeah, so this is a really really good drone if you have deep pockets, it’s, a really really good drone i’ll explain, as i mentioned at the end, why it’s priced so high, but for now i want to show you The cool features on this drone and the reason i love it and i’m going to show you some video that i’ve used over the past month flying in around and i’m finally getting time to put a review together. So uh check this out. So how good is the camera honestly? Well, i did some tests with dynamic range here’s one, the sun is low in the horizon, it’s a very dull day and the clouds are discernible.

The water is discernible. Everything looks good even in this image flying towards these huts. You can see the clouds still and you can see the water color, plus all the colors of the objects in front of you. Dynamic range is outstanding on this drone. Next i took the drone out on an evening. Once again the sun was down. It was pretty dull here we go here’s the image and, once again, you know everything looks good i’m trying to film a plane flying it’s, not a super sunny day, not bright, and everything comes out really really well, and this is a test i like to do With drone cameras – and that is look up at the sky while flying underneath trees, if you can make out all the branches on the trees, you don’t see any purpling effect happening or anything like that. Then everything is good. So then the question is: are the photos just as good as the video? Well, the photos are 20 megapixels and yes, they are look at this i’m going to zoom into each photo that you’re about to see 200 percent so watch this i’ll zoom into this one, and you will make out all the detail of the photo it doesn’t get. Blotched it doesn’t get pixelated, it looks highly detailed now you can see i’m zooming in in post production. So i’m doing this in my editing software, because the drone does not allow you to zoom in and take a photo.

The zoom is only for when you’re taking video, and only when you’re taking video in certain resolutions, the end result or the takeaway from this is that the air 2s can actually take poster quality photos. Now you can do panoramas or spheres or hdr photos, all of which look outstanding. The great thing about putting a one inch sensor on a drone is that in theory, the dynamic range should increase, as well as the low light capabilities, but a lot of people think the nighttime video increases and that’s, not true, so i’m going to show you. So the video you see here was taken with a professional canon. Camera designed for low light, looks great now, let’s see what the drone saw yeah. This is what the drone saw looks like night and day. You know literally it’s like pitch black. This is the best. The dji air 2s can do when there’s no light. It looks nighttime compared to that other video footage we saw now. You can see the house light on the back of my house and you can see me because i’m standing in the light, even when i film the street lights here, we go, you can see the street lights i’m, looking down up the street and people walking by It looks really really dark, and this is the best the drone can do without getting too much grain in the image. But if we jump back to that canon professional camera here you see me here, you see the drone it’s still pitch black, certainly there’s some grain.

In the image but it’s acceptable, you it’s useful, so here’s the drone flying at me. What does the image on the drone? Look like so let’s switch to that and here’s the same thing. The drone now you’re getting from the drones perspective, looking at me and it’s, going to turn around and fly towards my little canon professional camera on the ground and that’s what it sees Music next up, because how good is the tracking and avoidance system on the dji Air 2s. Well, here, it’s doing a parallel track: i’m walking. It is low light and it’s doing an awesome job. I was really impressed usually when there’s low light things get a little squirrely, but it did well here. I have it like rotating around me as, if i’m a point of interest, you can do an auto rotate. If you want and walk. I have a bit of zoom on happening here. I’Ll show you the zoom function coming up here. I am just standing still and you can control the speed if you want it to rotate either direction at whatever speed it can make for some interesting shots, and you can have it at whatever height you want as well the tracking on here the point of interest On here is really good here’s point of interest flying over an object. I just draw a square around the building and the drone keeps flying straight, but the camera points down and tracks the building really good.

Here the drone is going to lose me so, as i walk around the bleachers it’s looking at the bleachers and for some reason it can’t figure out that i have come out of the bleachers, so it’s still staring at the bleachers. Here i have the drone flying backwards as i walk forward and notice. I have a controller in my hand, the smart controller, i put it down and i’m going to hop on my skateboard and have the drone follow me. I want to see how good the drone is at avoiding all the lamp posts that are in the parking lot and spoiler alert it avoids. All of them goes around them with no issues, but the big test i want to try is driving my skateboard in between the guys that are at the field with me, because sometimes the tracking system gets confused and starts to track. Somebody else advice you so when i fly through them, not only is it not a problem, it avoids them and it keeps on tracking me and even when i get off my skateboard and walk towards the drone, it just flies backwards. Doesn’T hit any of the vehicles and does really well so how good is the zoom on this camera? Well, it is a digital zoom and not an optical zoom. So the more you zoom in the less quality the image is, however, software manipulation is happening inside the drone to make the image look good, and this looks pretty good.

I’Ll show you later, where it doesn’t look as good. So here i am walking and doing the parallel tracking and you can use the zoom while you’re doing tracking now in this next segment, i’m going to fly the dji fpv, drone and jack, who you can see down on the ground in the center he’s going to Fly the dji air 2s, so here’s me filming the dji air 2s, with my dji fpv drone and watch what jack does he’s going to zoom in to me, because the zoom is quite good on this drone and watch this it’s going to get really really close. So that’s me stable in the air filming away and yeah it’s, not bad, actually it’s, not 100, in focus, because the things in the background are in focus. But it looks pretty good so here i am filming them from the side and i’m going to get a little bit lower and then jack is going to zoom in on me and film me again there he is looking at me and he’s going to start filming And zooming in same issue as before the background’s in focus, but what zoomed in is not in focus, but if he tapped on the screen i’m sure it would adjust the focus now check out the canada geese i’m far away. I don’t want to spook them so i’m, going to zoom into them. Now in this segment is where i can actually see the digital zoom, starting to show itself that it is a digital zoom, so now i’m zoomed in max and i’m going to get closer to the canada geese.

It probably looks decent to you if you’re watching this on a small screen, but if you’re on a big screen, you will definitely see that the canada geese are pixelated now, while i’m filming the canada geese. I notice there’s a heron over to the left check that out right there. The heron has no idea i’m around because i’m, far away zoomed in and i’m zoomed into the hair in here again it’s going about its daily business. But as i slowly fly closer while being zoomed in it kind of notices me so it’s going to fly away. Music, as of the recording of this video master, shots are only available on the dji air, 2s and basically it’s pretty simple. All it is. Is it takes all the quick shots that you’re used to you might have it on your mini two or your dji mavic mini or your air too, and it just combines them all together automatically. So you get the raw footage. If you want that, you can manipulate yourself or if you’re on vacation or you have no editing skills, then it makes this check this out. So this is a video it created itself and it adds the music. You can change the music if you want and does everything for you it’s, very low res it’s, designed that you can just send this on your phone. So this is one and i’ll show you a second one, coming up Music here we have a second one.

That was created on my phone just pay attention to the music. Whatever music you select at key points, it will automatically sync up the images, so they match Music. Well, i thought i should show you some footage of the sport mode, so here’s the dji air 2s flying in sport mode. I just wanted to show you that the horizon there’s no tilt there’s, no wobble it’s a very smooth footage and it’s very usable for a lot of videos it’s not really faster than the previous model. I don’t think you could tell the two apart or you could tell the video part, but yeah it’s it’s, one of the benefits of this drum. So after watching that you can see why i love this drone i’m, going to let you in on a little secret a lot of the footage you saw from probably about eighty percent of the footage you just saw in this video looks pretty darn good right. How did i get it to look so good? I did no color correction. I left all the settings on auto in this camera, except if you look at the front of this drone, i have a permanent filter on it. It is this filter here. Do i have that straight up? Yes, i do okay, so freewell filters. They sent me these filters, i don’t know. Is it even in frame? Do i have to put it sideways, anyways here’s, what the filters look like.

They sent me this all day, pack and there’s. The jewel case with the filters i don’t know if the light’s getting it, but there we go so uh. I fly this drone permanently with an nd4 polarized filter on the front, and that is because the aperture on here it’s not manual it’s automatic and it goofs up a lot. So sometimes your images don’t look right because the shutter is too fast. So if you put an nd4 or an nd8 on it and just leave it on, i would leave an nd4 on permanently. Then your footage all looks like you saw my footage, especially when you’re flying into sunlight and everything, because as soon as you have sunlight shooting at your camera, it causes the shutter to go so fast. It’S, like you being outside. Looking at the sun, you blink blink blink and the images from drones like this, when the shutter is blinking too fast, it doesn’t look as good as you want it to it. Doesn’T look a cinematic so, like i say, i have a permanent nd4 on the front. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to put links below to where you can get these filters here and check it out alright. So this is the box for the dji air 2s fly more combo. Let me show you what comes in the box, and this is a captain drone unboxing, so it’s extremely fast watch this and then i’ll give you my comments on this drone and why i believe it’s so overpriced, watch this welcome to another episode of captain drone unboxing, Which are all very quick, so this is the box.

It comes in open up the box, you can see you have a shoulder bag and if you open up the shoulder bag, you can see they stuffed everything inside first thing, you’ll notice, is you have four sensors up front? The second thing you’re going to notice is that the battery is the same as the previous model, so the batteries are interchangeable and the great thing is: if you bought the fly more kit, you get a total of three batteries. You have a usb on one side of the drone for firmware updates and for accessing photos, and you also have a slot for your micro sd card up front. You have your three axis: gimbal attached to a camera with a 20 megapixel one inch sensor. Now the air 2s weighs more than the previous version. You can see here, it’s 589 grams and the previous version was only 569 grams included in the fly more kit is the charging brick in the charging tray. You also have the power adapter in case you want to use the battery to power other usb devices. You also get a set of filters. These are nd filters, not polarized. Also in the fly more kit, you get a ton of spare props. You also get the connectors for all the types of phones out there, so that you can connect your phone to the controller and finally, you get the instruction set. Do you remember back when the mavic air 2 came out? It was 799 us.

I think that was an awesome price. This drone should have been the same, and this drone should have been lowered in price, but no dji keeps selling this drone and they bumped. This drone up two hundred dollars is like 999 dollars. Not only that, but if you buy the fly more combo of the original dji mavic air 2, it is. Let me look over here it’s 988 dollars, but if i buy the fly more combo of the dji air 2s, i have to look over there. It’S 1299: are they insane if you want to make a smart purchase? I would suggest get this one. The mavic air tube this one here. If you get this and the fly more combo and the smart controller package, which is outstanding, i’ll have to look at my little chart over here, it’s only one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars so you’re all set this thing you can use it with all The future drones, so it doesn’t matter you’re not just buying something for this you’re buying future proof stuff, but the reason i think they bumped up the price so crazy, like that is because of the launch of the dji mavic, 3 or they’re going to call it Dji 3.. I don’t know they’re going to drop the mavic anyways that’s, going to come out later this year and that’s going to be expensive. Oh no, it is not going to be the same price as the mavic 2 pro.

No, the mavic 3 pro it’s going to be freaking, expensive and it’s, probably going to be a new body, new sensor, design, new camera design, new battery, all sorts of things, because if they make the same battery, they can’t make any money they got. Ta sell you a new battery in order to do that and have it cost so much. Why would they make this drone here and make it cost 799 dollars? Of course not? Why would you go from 799 up to something that’s going to be, like i don’t know 1500 for this or 1600 for the new mavic 3., no one’s going to buy it they’re all going to jump down and buy this one. So, by increasing this to a ridiculous price range and having people actually buy it, it fits nicely in their scheme of price categories. So this brings me to a disclaimer, which is these are just my thoughts. I have no inside information and i will say: dji does contact me every now and then to say: how’s it going steve or this is what’s coming up or something like that, but they don’t send me products because i don’t fit their mold. I review every drone for consumers on the planet, apparently no other reviewers or very few. If any do that most people only review dji drones or something else, and maybe a little bit of the competitors. But since i review all the competitors of dji and all the competitors that copy dji dji doesn’t like that, so they don’t like having drones that i show that look like their drones on my channel.

So they don’t want to really send me anything or officially talk to me but uh. I do get a lot of information from them secretly all right. So this brings me to the end of the video links are below to this drone, overpriced drone uh, this more affordable drone. That, i think, is a really awesome buy and probably a bunch of other products like the smart controller and the packages you can get so i’ll put all those links below check it out. You can’t go wrong. Definitely none of the drones by dji are bad. If anybody tells you a dji, drone is bad. The only negative anybody should ever have on a dji drone is that they use a system whereby, if there’s an airport, nearby or you’re in a restricted area place, it just won’t, take off they’re pretty much. The only company that does that and that’s the only negative, a lot of people have about dji drones other than their online support, which, throughout the lunch half the time, can’t even answer a question so that’s another area, people don’t like about dji but myself personally, a Guy who flies a ton of drones, i love dji products and this one here, as i mentioned already this one here, the dji air 2s is the best drone it’s just overpriced. It is to me i would fly this even over the mavic 2 pro, because the mavic 2 pro is bigger and more bulkier, but this is it’s convenient.

It does a lot of really cool things, so i really like this one and it does them well. So anyways guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you have questions or your own thoughts on why this is overpriced, then post them below i’d love to hear it. But for now i say thanks for watching this video and if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll catch you in future.