This is sandeep ayer. If you dont know me, i create videos on travel, music and anything that interests me in the box. Youll get the drone itself along with the remote control two spare batteries, a charger, a bag in which you can fit in all of these products. It feels very good in the hand the remote is. The remote has a very good grip and now lets look at some of the features the drone has. The range of the remote is around 10 kilometers. You can fly this drone to some pretty far distances. The drone also has some very cool safety features. It has a camera in the front, it has a camera in the back and at the bottom and while flying, if it encounters any obstacles, there are options to bypass the obstacles or the drone can just stop and continue to hover in the same place. Some of the other cool features – the drone offers are something called master shots master shots is a feature where the drone takes a series of different kinds of shots and clubs them together and creates a video for you. Apart from that, the feature which i like is the active track feature where you can track a subject, and the drone follows the subject: Music. The drone has a 5k camera, so it is capable of taking 5k videos. The gimbal of the camera make sure that the footage looks very smooth finally to fly the drones in india.

They have categorized the drones into different sizes. First is the nano which is below 250 gram, followed by micro. Then we have two more categories. The micro is below 2 kgs for flying nano drones. You need not get any pilot license nor you dont need to enlist them in the djca website for micro drones. If its for personal purpose, you just need to enlist them in the dgci website and follow their guidelines, we need to ensure we dont light in the yellow zone and red zone and even in the green green zone. If we fly it below a certain height limit, then we should be good ill attach the link of the dgci website in the description they are making some reforms into the guidelines of drone flying so keep a watch on that website.