Please do subscribe and like and share it with your friends, so i was shooting my videos mostly you know, with gopro max 360 and uh and mobile. I dont have any other tools. I dont have any secondary camera as well. So im im planning to buy one, but not right now, so maybe um so drone. When you go to places like uh, you know mountains or so places like ot and uh in anywhere. You go right so where in uh you have uh nature surrounding itself. So you need that you need that drone, so thats, why you know i wanted to buy this. So when i concentrate only there uh, i guess um. I will do a quick review. Also. You know how uh this is my first drone, so i dont know how to dr how to fly also so im going to learn that and im going to post some videos on once. You know i learn uh, you know the drone. I got many videos, so please do subscribe like and share with your friends and it helps you know me to grow and professionally and i will try to make you know more content for you, so it will be easy for you if somebody wants to buy a Drone, i think this is the right place. I guess let me go and see and explore more hey building utilities um this particular piece. You know drones. Basically, if youre planning to buy, then you know you need to order it first and then you can come here or they will.

They will deliver uh. You know to your place so lets see. I mean um advanced. Basically, so you get uh daisy and mini 2. Also uh – and there are some more but i thought, okay, this is my so this is my first drone, so i thought you know i mean, and then i will try to fly also later on hmm, so so aircraft 20 megapixel camera, i think so lets get Back joystick – and this is basically charging hub – we can charge three battery simultaneously and we have batteries also spare batteries, one two and three attached already and uh, also profilers extra propellers and uh then usb cables. Basically, these are ac power cables. Usb cable here is this and then extra joystick actually and then this is actually power. Cable, joining up a connector, the nd filter says i dont know. What is this? I will have to explore, which is – and this is the beautiful back theyve given awesome back. You can fit a drone here in this pack: okay, its all about it, okay, how and where to buy this drone. Okay, what you need to do is you need to go here: xboom, dot, n and then youll have to click here. So you get a lot of accessories cameras, action, cameras and the other essentials are already available on this website, and i think you know they gave you a good price. Actually, so you go here, uh drone cameras, okay under drone.

I think you can rent a drone. Also, if you click here so you can buy um not buy. Actually you can rent a drone. You know for starting for 4k for a day i think 15 000, or something for seven days like that. So here we are not buying uh. We are not renting a drone, so we are purchasing a drone here. So just go here, drone cameras and explore click anywhere on this banner, and so you will find you know a lot of drones. Actually so dji is one of the you know the best company that they make drones. Initially i was planning to you know, buy this drone dji mavic mini 2 uh. I it was costing me around 64, 62k, basically uh. So now 64.. I mean here on this website. They have mentioned 64 699, but if you do a negotiation with them with their customer care, the xboom dot in customer care, so they will give you best price. Okay. Initially i was planning to buy this. Then you know, and then i i just little research – and i thought you know this is dji. A2S is one of the fastest selling cam drone camera in the market at this moment, so i thought you know why not buy this and im im the beginner. So, im buying this first time so and for beginners. I think this is one of the best camera drone camera available in the market, because this has uh sensors, so yeah i mean youre crashing, but this one, i think, does not have any sensor.

So it is just the the camera, but trust me this is the best camera available in the market. You know we are buying first time so lets go here and okay on this website, so they are selling it as one like 46, 999, rupees, niner and uh. If you are buying directly from this website, so you can convert and if you have a chest account you can create this accounts as well. So you can uh buy this camera with three simple industry options: okay, 49, 000 rupees per month for three months: okay, and if you have uh, you know cash or if you have um money in your account, so then you can. You can pay that amount using your debit card, your upi as well. You can use the credit card. Also. If you have a credit card, you can make the payment by using credit card as well so um. So i was when i was planning to buy this. So i i did call up their customer center. They said you know well give you a best option. So i got this camera for one like 42 000 rupees. So so they will give you a uh when you negotiate with them. Theyll give you a link. So you will have to um, you will have to pay using that link, so its trust me its very uh, trustworthy and uh. So once you make the payments you will have to provide the screenshot to them and then within two or three days, youll get the camera delivered to your doorstep, or you can go to your hsl layout and you can buy uh the drone from there itself.

Okay, so this is, it is your air to, as it has um you know, a lot of you can explore. The futures was also a lot of things are available already uh on their websites, so this camera has 20 megapixel camera and lot of sensors actually to avoid crash. Okay and itll. Give you awesome. Itll, give you awesome, uh video footage to your uh videos, okay and um, okay, so there are uh if you go to amazon and other websites right. This camera is little pricey. But if you go here in this website, it is really youll get it in a very cheaper price. Okay, so you just explode, go here and explore all the cameras available on their website and thats it. So this video is getting a little longer so thats. Why? I thought you know lets make part one and part two so im going to click im going to capture some of the footage on our uh using this camera. So so please stay tuned and uh. Please watch my channel. You know for part two as well so youre going to see uh the footage and my first flying experience with this camera.