Dji has put the highest tag into one single drone, this one and it’s, not about the specs it’s about how things have changed. In the past 10 years, when i was studying in college, we had to rent expensive huge cameras and shooting from the sky. Well, that was, of course, a dream. We didn’t think we could fulfill unless we won the lottery and rented a helicopter right now in less than a minute and with the bag even smaller than your laptop bag. You’Re able to capture super high quality scenery from the sky. You don’t even need to be a pilot anymore. It’S become all so easy that literally anyone can capture stunning footage from the sky. The dji air 2s is here to become a flagship. I don’t even want to think about how the mavic 3 will be like, and you got ta remember guys that five years ago you were paying a lot of money for a decent drone, but a very big one, and right now for less money. You have everything inside this bag. Everything you need the one inch sensor you can film in 5k, you can film. In 4k 60 you have tons of sensors, you have you know it’s beginner friendly with pretty much everything inside this bag. Talking about the feelings that i had when flying this right now at the beach, we just drained a whole battery like 27 28 minutes, which was pretty sick, flying very slow that’s, true, not in sport mode with all the sensors and everything it’s like really really hard To crash it – and you know by now that i have a really easy way of crashing drones, but um there’s going to be a little bit more complicated than the fpv drone for sure.

So, overall it’s super beginner friendly. It has that apis. It has tons of sensors everywhere. As you can see and it’s been super simple. You can get a lot of quality in very simple ways. Plus you add all those extra like multi function, multi shots and intelligent flight modes. It’S almost yet you don’t need to be a pilot anymore and right now guys it’s a good moment to remind you to leave the thumb for chivo and his amazing edit. So by the way, guys today is the second day that i’m actually flying this thing. Yesterday i was with my buddy and a classic car. His classic seat says tientes. This video is coming out tomorrow. I really recommend you to watch that video, because it’s going to be a fun, video and here’s a snippet of that day. You can remember guys that the price of this drone right now is 999 us dollars just around in the controller, and i really encourage you this time to get the combo. We got the combo, it includes two more extra batteries, it includes a filter set and a bunch of extra props it’s. The first time that i really encourage you to get the combo, because i really think that once you pay the combo with the bag included, you just don’t need anything else rather than this. By the way, guys, i have new sunglasses models coming for us in eyewear, like the ones that i’m wearing here the links in the description and thank you all for the massive support guys we’re at this new place.

Chivo always brings me to this crazy, dangerous places and we’re gon na test the 5k it’s going to be downscaled but let’s see if you can spot any difference with the previous footage, get a few things that i just saw when we were flying again um. There comes a message inside the app that says always like check your props. If they are right in style, this is going to show up every single time. You turn on the drone, but you can press to not show it again and it will disappear and second and also very important in 4k, 60 or 5k 30 at least right now, in this app that we’re testing before the launch you’re not able to track anything. Use the active track – or you you know, do those orbits, because it says that message that you’re seeing now you cannot do this in a high frame rate, and the last thing is when shooting in 4k. It does crop a lot the image, but this is we’ll. Talk about this in a completely different video after using the air 2s for a couple of days and re watching and editing the footage i’m just blown the quality delivered is much better than i expected the sharpness, the details and again how easy it is to set Up and to fly it i mean even my six year old brother is capable of doing great footage. Well, wait. I don’t have a brother, but hookers.

Dj has been very smart by upgrading little by little. Their drones now remember that their smallest and cheapest drone is the mini 2, whose quality is super great, but jumping into the one inch sensor field with their mid tied rune is just very brave, and you know what we’re all asking ourselves right: an eventual mavic 3. What is that beast going to have, and another super good thing about this drone – is that it can be used by pros and by beginners, as it includes features such as the master shots and all those quick shots that can help unskilled people get awesome footage just By tapping the screen, i mean we all sucked at some point in the beginning, but it’s much more fun to do those things in manual. Oh guys, i got ta tell you that every thursday i do live streams, sometimes also with chivo. We interview people. We do tons of stuff we’re going to be also talking in the next live streams about the air 2s, and i really got to tell you that. Please join those live streams, because we have lots of fun. Well guys for finishing this video. Let me talk about a couple of things that i didn’t really like too much. First of all that killing activation process, i mean, if you buy this thing – expect at least at least two hours to be updating firmwares to be charging a single battery uh to be doing everything until you can fly this thing.

You know this kind of kills me a little bit. Another thing that i really don’t like, but i don’t know if there’s an easy solution, like the previous thing that i just mentioned, is this cap every time that i want to take it off it’s kind of stuck and i’m always scared like right now to break Somehow the gimbal so there’s definitely something that they can do about this thing, and apart from that, i think it’s a pretty solid drone, i mean they have unleashed the full potential right now that dji has probably – which is the 5k with the one in sensor. All the different sensing systems, the apis, the active track, the augustin 3.0. It has pretty much everything that you can expect from a drone these days and honestly, i don’t see why i should be purchasing a mavic 2 pro. The difference is not that big anymore, like the only difference is that hasselblad color coding stuff, but honestly for the price difference. I could not recommend right now to purchase the mavic 2 pro. I would definitely tell you to go for the air 2s. Well guys. I hope that you enjoyed this video we came here, for i know this place is really beautiful to let you enjoy a beautiful review, so nothing really else to say guys. Remember, there’s tons of videos coming also, of course, the crash test and nothing really has to say guys, leave the thumb if you have not done it until now, and nothing really else to say always remember to keep calm and talk to you baby i’m.