My late three months. This was a video i like athena and now i’m back with another video you’re going to reaction video anyway. This is an unboxing one of my unboxings but topic and you’re interested in your video. So today i bring you Music mavic air to ass. First of all, the ground runner goodbye, drone, Music, let’s, say your import got ta somebody you review gon na buy. Now you can see with me an a2s first time in nepali first time in nepal for the regard feature organization, Music, um, mostly photography, while videography make them like known someone, say uh, you have to know about it. You say direct sunlight or zuma, and a smooth motion go like it’s used inside rambo scenes or capture gon na like anti physical use. Guardians are zoom as a nd4. You can see he is trying to get into vlogging a motovlogging muscle, helping to raise subscribers and you can remove it. So you can see. Maybe a 2s is also better feed garam and i will be talking about features so ready weather so guys talking about this feature. Sorry, sorry, on the tool let’s go update when i got the mavic air to word. I said to s sensor right here: camera you can see a this is a one inch sensor, okay, one in sensor, so that my photography, you answer high dynamic arrangement, so just like others at night, on a color accuracy like a mavic air, two one that’s a Fast difference a mavic pro or something like your lineup girls, okay, maybe the whole game.

You guys can shoot raw pictures say, dummy pictures are 12.6 stops go and it is going to be a game changer in a drone master feature wow and oil features agency, and you can have a lot of short scheduling members and you can use it center of Attention whenever there’s a focusing junction esco like it’s, a spotlight, 2.0 focus point 4.0 and point of interest 3.000, but it is too strong a connection at the diamond in zlat. So you will never have to lose your drone or maybe two one that’s, this much alligator. There is sensors. It is a very good drawing and argument and it is a 20 megapixel. Go your camera one inch sensor and 20 megapixel camera with three axis gimbal. It is even though dji fpv drone launched money. People are choosing this over that, because fpv is sick time lapse and it is too hard again. You can lost that drone anytime. Do not remember. One was again, i know, but it takes a lot of given me practice: training on the worse and baller color perfection, one second, sir. Just make them rick sponsor timing punsa, but this drone is totally i’m reported so that i have drones on the comments. A mavic series when you get a comment and do you know a feature somehow this drone is killing it okay market, my mavic air 2s is killing it 4k, 60 frames, let’s, say 5.4 k at 30 frames per second, they would say 24 or 25 frames per Frames per second didn’t, you like 30 frames and which you can slow down a little while no, i could argue competition, so it is too good for new and uh old users too, and upgrade gon na go like a plus nike, like even you so much for The house Music so have a memory card, always in your backpack on guarantee.

So now it is turn and guys. If you want to take license, i can make a license. It can cause a lot of harm to a so safe barcelona say if you have drone or if you are planning to buy drone, so save fires alone. For me, your drone, when i get up the amazing drones and i have only camera as a drone manager, our team meredith, about these things, this combo pack mavic m2s, why you have to bought it whenever known someone you see if you want to go and buy It is maybe available china mavic air 2s airside, so air go price almost 140 to 1 132 for 135 to 40 range massage market. My different different price signal all on one, so you it’s not gon na last a day, one at one, zoo and uh. If you cared and your amazon without a secret on why it’s gon na take you to next level. Finally, talking about pricing is a nepalma available china, so i cannot talk about it. Um us a dollar smart 999 it’s only for a drone, a drone or a battery doing the mongol non success of saksa, but it cost him uh more than two laksa it’s, a quite expensive thing, so probably them care girls alone. If you are buying. If you have buy, if you are planning to buy if Music work and be healthy and stay strong, maybe god bless you right. So, as you go like it, even the guys stay safe.