That looks pretty good, oh yeah, it looks really good. That was pretty good. Oh my god that looks good. That looks like real, steady, gopro watch out. Music. Hey guys welcome to rotor right im ladrib and today we are taking a look at the all new dji action 2.. So this is everything that you get in the box. You get a couple accessories that well get to in a minute. You get a screen with no lens, oh and another box that this one has a lens. So this is the actual camera, and this is actually all you need to record and thats. What stands out to me immediately is just how small this is, and yet it packs a punch. This little guy is capable of 4k and up to frames per second and most impressively to me and specifically for our use on fpv drones. It has a field of view of 155 degrees which i believe is wider than gopro or any of the other competitors. So thats whats got me most excited about this camera. That looks pretty good. Oh yeah, it looks really good. The colors are beautiful, oh its, so smooth that looks pretty good. That looks like real, steady that looks good yeah that looked really good like if it looks as good as it looks on there on a piece on a computer, yeah thats a pretty severe crop, though for the horizon city. When you go from off to rocksteady, you get a little bit of a crop, but when you go to horizon study, oh yeah, thats, significant, but wow.

Look how much you crazy, though yeah thats, crazy, thats wild! Did it just flip when you got it all the way, sideways yeah? So those are the two things im most excited about in this camera are that it is lightweight and has an ultra wide field of view. Those two things are very important when youre using an action camera on an fpv drone, which is what we do here on rotor ride, we strap expensive cameras onto drones, do all sorts of crazy acrobatics. This is all you need to actually record and something else that youll notice when youre looking at it is theres no ports, theres, no port to charge it theres, not even a slot for an sd card. So when you turn this on, you will find that it has a built in battery as well as built in storage when set to 4k. You get just over 30 minutes of recording if your intention is to use the camera. Just as this solo unit, you might have to find that you need to work around that 30 minute limit by dumping. Your footage in the field, formatting it and starting fresh. But if you do need more storage or more battery life than is built into the camera itself, this is a module that attaches to the actual camera and it clicks on just like that. Okay and then that gives you your ports and your slots and your front screen and a front screen.

I probably wouldnt, want to fly like this. Definitely not for freestyle. Maybe i mean even maybe on the cinewolf. You could do this its still smaller than a gopro hero 9, but its just so tall yeah, i dont, so i like it put it sideways. I think, no because then youre filming for tick tock. Now you have extra battery life. You have a usb port and you have an sd card slot and, like i said its got a screen on it. So now you have a front facing screen, so what dji was really going for here was the ability to strip everything down to be the smallest and lightest possible form factor while still being an incredibly powerful camera, and if you do need more functionality like an actual Sd card slot, its just kablamo, and i just love that function its magnetic, so it just kind of pulls itself on and then theres also clips on the side so like its pretty its pretty strong. But if you just squeeze the two clips comes right off this magnetic clip system is how all the accessories for this camera work. These are the other things that you get in the box, so you get like this mount that you can screw onto a tripod or i guess this is so it can be its own little stand. Youve got so you can wear it. First person drew and then last in the box, youve got. I dont know exactly what this mount is called its basically, the action camera mount it will slot into and screw on to most all the action camera accessories that you may already own gopro accessories.

This works with gopro accessories, its a gopro, its a gopro but better. I think its potentially better theres, a lot of things im excited about here. What about that warranty best buy thats? What we really really really want is that more best buy warranty. Is this going to be for sale at best buy because you got dji refresh, but i think it says it says right on the box good for three replacements im like what happens after that. Ive replaced my gopro seven times at best. Buy bleep that out another accessory that dji sent us to take a look at is a simple battery accessory. This is nearly identical to the screen accessory except it doesnt have a screen, but you get everything else. You get. The usbc port, you get the sd card slot and you get more battery life so, like i said here at rotor right, we fly the finest in fpv drones and to capture our flights. We need an action camera so that we can get a beautiful high resolution. Video to share with all you guys and these drones are very powerful super fast. I mean you go from 0 to 60, like that they can turn on a dime, do power, loops and all sorts of flips and tricks its amazing, but to get the most acrobatic performance weight does matter and what we see from the other guys is, while the Cameras keep getting better and better image, quality theyre, also getting bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier, and it is breath of fresh air to see dji making a camera that goes in the exact opposite direction.

This just looks like its supposed to be there. That is so slick anyone thats been flying. Fpv drones for a while will think of the gopro session, which was our favorite camera because it had a very similar form factor it fit on the drones perfectly, but gopro decided that the world didnt need a teeny lightweight camera without a screen. So again, its really cool to see that segment being filled. You know with these accessories, though i dont know how usable its going to be on one of our drones. So i mean, if you clipped on this extra battery, so you can have longer battery life and more storage space. I dont, i dont, think thats a good fit youre, almost always going to be flying it so low, which means youre just going to have to work around the fact that youre not going to be able to swap the battery out, and you only have 30 minutes Of record time, so maybe have multiple cameras or just have a laptop in the field, so that you can dump footage and keep flying it. Just comes down to a matter of deciding is the benefit of having the smaller form factor and the lighter weight for flight performance worth trading off the convenience of the gopros, where you can swap the batteries and swap the sd cards really quickly. Another drone that we might use this on would be like a more cinematic oriented drone. This is one of our cinewops.

This has like the action camera mount that i was referring to and when youre flying a drone like this youre, probably less likely to crash, i mean were flying our five inch. Drones were trying to do freestyle tricks, so were you know, really pushing the limits here, but on one of these were flying, probably slower and closer proximity, like i said on a drone im going to crash more often, probably wouldnt want to use this mount id want To use a 3d printed mount that completely wraps around the camera and gives it some more protection against crashes and holds it really securely, but for cinewoop flying where youre not crashing as much thats, probably fine, and then you get the angle adjustability. So what i want to do is take this camera out and try it on both of these drones lets see how it does on a cinewolf trying to get some slower, really beautiful shots flying through a more enclosed area and lets see what happens when we put It on our freestyle drones, how does it capture more fast rapid movements were going to show you the different field of views and when you might want to have something a little narrower if its more cinematic or more wide, if its more action oriented well, try it With and without the built in stabilization to see, you know, how does that work for the slower versus the faster flying were going to put this camera through its paces and find out if this is the new best action camera for fpv drones, because you havent seen This face in a while.

Have you Music look at this tank right here? Oh boy, all right, im now flying over the airplane, its a lot of money youre flying around Music. As far as i know, theres no way to do real study on this. So whatever we can get out of rocksteady is really as good as it can be possible with this camera, so im a little nervous about that. It might be amazing, though man, judging from looking at the back of the screen super stable yeah. There was times where you saw in the goggles like i was making really yeah. I saw a lot of adjustments and you didnt see any of that going through here. Even without you, you were keeping it pretty smooth, but even with the hole where i was going down and then i came up, you didnt see any like variation of like crazy, like smooth it up and thats my first time flying that quad that radio in those Goggles, if rocksteady was going to work now is the time for it to work Music, what you thinking drew im, just shooting gaps, and i like talking to people when they fly up shoot. Oh theres, a pole. I wonder if that lets see if the rocks steady, horizontal, lock, yeah oh yeah dude, because you did a quick side to side yeah to avoid the um, the wire thats. Why we put him on there? You know get the horizon lock. He makes a couple mistakes here and there we get to see him.

Oh hey, we got bowling alley here, no way. Oh yeah im going viral over here im going by Music. That was a lot of flying nine minutes. Nine minutes. Do you think its that much lighter thats? Why, yes, i think how many grains is that lighter? No, i know its like its only 56 grams weighs 158 grams. So this is games, oh its 9 volts 9.10. Oh, i did destroy this battery. We should go to the trampoline park to try out the high frame rate, because this can go up to 120 frames per second, i want to do it back so can you do a backflip, maybe were going to ultra slow motion? Music, all right guys, weve come out to the bando, because we got a freestyle. Its pretty sweet now were gon na risk, the camera a little bit more and do our favorite thing put it up on a five inch quad see how long it lasts. Lets talk about the crashes, the other one i got like were talking 100 grams, less yeah, so much less yeah ive gotten so used to carrying a big honking camera yeah. I mean its also more aerodynamic if you think about it. That way were back to the session. This is the form factor that everybodys been waiting for to come out and i think its even probably weighs less than the uh session did. I dont know exactly what the best way to mount this is going to be, but this is what ive come up with something that squeezes it im going to do my pack without rock steady on, because rocksteady does crop a little bit okay, so i want to Try and get just the widest possible thing.

I want to see Music Applause, Music Applause Applause, so i think this is going to look sweet with that really wide view. Applause, okay, were good were good, were good, a little shaky, a little shaky im, im afraid to just full commit, because i really dont want to crash this thing and you guys want a trippy ill trippy, i mean see there. We go. Oh, oh, that lined up perfect that lined up perfect and then perfect, yeah and then well just backflip out the window. Music uh, it wasnt bad. So you want rock steady on for yours. I wont rock all right: im gon na turn, rock sitting on youtube im. Braxton, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, oh, oh, oh, that was a little rough bro, its not recording, though it did stop recording its still alive, though we got your whole flight, it looks so good. Oh, it looks so good. Oh dude. Roxanna is the way to go because yeah, it crops it a little bit, but it makes everything so crazy. Oh my god, i feel like it warps it even more. This looks so good Applause Applause, so is the dji action? 2 new, most ultimate camera for fpv? What do you think? One thing i like is durability? Yeah one thing is pretty durable. I think its pretty durable uh. One thing i dont like is that you cant have the external piece. You can only do 30 minutes of charging yeah.

It is kind of it is kind of difficult to like exporting it kind of in the field. Its a couple of moving pieces theres got a lot of moving extra pieces with it like a gopro everythings. There baobab, you can put as much footage as you want. You want to put 128 gig sd card. You can film for days yeah, where this is just a standard. This is what you get if you want to use it in the smallest form factor its just tough for our specific use case. We always want the smallest form factor so as of filming this video today on this firmware, we had to plug the camera into a computer to get the files off of it. Im hopeful that a future firmware update would allow you to just plug in one of those modules and move the files from the camera to the sd card and the module in the field. So you dont have to take your your computer out there and it could be a little bit faster of our project and i like that, i think, thats awesome. We are always worried about dumping footage, though you dont want to lose this or lose that being as though, if you bend your props up, you just go ahead. Snap that onto the external piece, dump your footage by the time your props are done. You put it back on and youre back in the air. I love the way the video looks.

I think it looks beautiful. The one thing im concerned about is the lens on the front and how its not replaceable, im just worried about qriket said it was really good on durability. I think time will tell whether it can handle the durability that i need. The type of flying that i do. A lot of crashing happens when i fly so best buy time will tell whether this thing can handle the durability test. I agree. I just love the image coming out of this thing. I think the color looks awesome. I think its sharp and i just love how wide the field of view is. It looks so good for fpv. One drawback i might see for some pilots is that you cant use real, steady, go, which is a really great uh post stabilization software, with the built in software that stabilizes you cant, really tune and tweak it. How you want, like you, can in the software on real estate, you can go in and pinpoint yeah you pretty much just get rock steady on rock steady off horizon city on horizon city off. However, those stabilizations built into here are um are really good right. I think that its probably gon na be fine for like 90 of the time, but for those rare instances where youd really like to use real studies, it would be nice if you could use real estate on that. So its not a deal breaker. I am going to be using it a lot im going to see what its like to actually live with it.

If i continue to enjoy it as much as i did given this first impression, i think all i need to do is just make a really big case for it and ill be good to go 100 grams. Lighter 100 grams lighter thats, a big selling point right. There, what do you think is this? The ultimate fpv camera leave a comment down below. What do you think if you fly yourself, are you going to be switching to this? I dont know i think hes got a pretty good chance of being popular. I think so too, if you enjoyed this video hit the like button. Let us know you had a good time. If youre new here hit the subscribe button were posting videos, every monday were always having fun with fpv drones, and if you want to make sure you dont miss a single one.