com and just the title of this video states. This is a video comparison between the dji action 2, with a bunch of other action cameras on the market and over the past couple weeks, i have been able to compile a bunch of just different scenarios, different footage from different areas, and i was only able to Put in some of those sample clips in my overall review video, so this video i do want to show some more side by side comparisons versus some of these action cameras. Here, the insta360 go 2. We have the original osmo action, one the gopro hero 10 and also the insta 360 1r. This is the 4k version and the one thing thats great about these side by side. Comparisons, of course, is that youre able to see just how good the resolution is, how the color science comes off of each one of the cameras. How well the dynamic range is on all of these cameras and before we jump into the comparisons. Speaking of audio quick shout out to our sponsor of this video epidemic sound and for those arent familiar with epidemic, sound, if you guys do hear some music or sound effects in my videos, they all come from. The epidemic sounds catalog. That now has over 35 000 tracks, as well as over 90 000 sound effects and the main reason why youre gon na want to use a subscription model like epidemic sound if youre ever doing anything on youtube on social media that has some music.

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