Im zach mayfield lets just dive in so were going to start with the specs and the new stuff. First, as we do here, we got it. We got to start there and then get into the good stuff, but there are time stamps below if you feel like skipping around in the video. So what are the specs that you actually care about? This puny little camera shoots in 4k, up to 120 frames per second, it also does 1080p full hd all the way up to 240 frames per second and its looking pretty dang good. The max fov youre gon na get with this little camera is 155 degrees, which is plenty wide, and that is on an f 2.8 lens with a 1 by 1.7 inch sensor. One of my favorite features about this new little cube. Is it has 32 gigabytes of internal storage super exciting? So basically, if you max out the quality settings on this camera in 4k, from 24 up to like 30 to 48 frames per second youre gon na get about 29 minutes of record time and then in 4k, 60 up to 120 youll get about 26 minutes of Record time and theres also the option to put attachments on this modular design and on these attachments are micro, sd card slots, so you can expand. Your storage were gon na get into that more later, as well and last but not least, there is the new horizon. Steady and rocksteady electronic image, stabilization 2.

0 horizon study does what it says. It keeps your horizon level when youre rotating the camera left and right like this and then rocksteady 2.0 is the image stabilization that is going to keep your footage smooth when youre out riding dirt bikes or whatever youre going to do with this little thing. Lets talk about the new build and the design of the action 2. right off the bat. We can tell that this thing has a fresh coat of paint, its this kind of gun, metal, gray, aluminum, alloy style body and its all magnetic and modular its a really neat system. This modular design allowed them to keep the camera very small, so its about the same size as your typical apple watch, which is crazy, tiny and because of the modular design and the magnetic components you can attach modules to the main camera that expand its capabilities. Theres. Two main ones that you can attach the first one is a front facing kind of vlog screen, but it also gives you extra battery life, which is really neat, so it allows you to control the camera while having it face you, so you dont have to guess And youre not accidentally tapping things on the back of the screen and then the second main one is just a straight up battery pack module and i think you can guess what that does. You can charge it up and then plug the camera into it and it will recharge the camera.

You can go keep using the camera while youre recharging the battery module and just keep doing that over and over or you can leave the battery attached to the camera and get longer battery life. Its simple but effective. The little camera module itself is waterproof up to 10 meters, which is really cool, and it was very fun taking it into a pool the other day, but the front screen and battery modules are not waterproof. There is a separate, waterproof accessory kit that you can buy for these modules, so you can take those underwater, and with that case you can go 60 meters down. So if theres any scuba boys out there watching this bro, you guys are good to go on the body of the main camera unit. There are no ports, theres, not a usbc port or an sd card slot, and my guess is they did that to keep it waterproof and really compact. So if you want to plug in your camera to charge it or connect it to your computer, you have to attach one of those base modules with it, but i mean its really easy. All you do is, you know, do this so plug it in youre good, and then you get the benefit of the micro sd card slot to expand your storage. If you want to record for longer periods of time, the thing you have to be careful of is your sd card. Speed, make sure you get one thats plenty fast.

Otherwise, the camera will warn you saying that it might stop recording due to the quality or the speed of the sd card, and then to offload your footage and mess with it. You can either plug your module into your computer and just rip it straight from there or you can connect this camera to the dji memo app, which unlocks all of those app functions or you can mess with the footage in the app trim out your little clips Or just save things onto your device, then you have this magnetic necklace. And yes, this is like my seventh time. Recording that, because its very hard to say – and the necklace is very strong, like dont – be deceived its not like the iphone mag safe. That just falls off its actually very sturdy unless youre like swinging it around your neck or something dont. Try that by yourself, it kind of like holds the camera itself to your chest. Its not gon na like bounce like crazy, unless youre running, but if youre just walking around it stays pretty steady. And then the internal stabilization in the camera keeps things looking really smooth. But what i found about this camera is it functions very well without any accessories, because it has a magnetic base, its easy to clamp on to random things like your door, knob or anything metal, and you can get some really interesting shots because its so stinking tiny. You can just fit this thing just about anywhere.

You can use the accessories if youre getting very specific shots, but dont feel like you have to use accessories to get cool shots. This thing is very versatile. Just how it is. Okay, now lets talk about the footage. What do i think about the footage? You guys? Do you guys trust me with footage im doing my best here honestly, im really surprised at how good the footage looks from a tiny camera like this and the fact that it shoots 4k up to 120 and doesnt. Look like a super crappy smartphone sensor is just awesome. Honestly, i was blown away at the quality of the footage, especially when you feed this camera enough light. If you have it indoors and its really dark, it will suffer because i mean small sensors just have their limitations, but if you give this sensor plenty of light, the images look really really good. Now, if you want to get really spicy with this camera, you can set it to full manual. You can have manual exposure, you can dial in your custom white balance and you can change the color profile to d cinelike, so you can actually experiment with color grading and things like that now. My personal opinion is that shooting, with the normal color profile and automatic white balance and exposure is still going to get you wonderful results, especially if youre just doing things for fun or youre, not using this camera in a highly professional setting its nice that you have All those manual options, but i love the results i was getting with just auto white balance and exposure and the normal color profile.

It looks really good out of the box and now lets talk about the function, its great to have good image quality, but if it doesnt function well, then its not going to be fun to use so lets get into that. The oled screens look great for how small they are theyre, looking good and you can dial in the brightness with the menus the touch zoom function. I wouldnt really use that much, but its kind of funny to mess with how you doing how you doing how you doing how you doing and its really surprising how well the touchscreen works even after youve dipped the camera underwater, it wasnt like finicky how sometimes, when Youre like trying to use your phone after using the shower it wasnt like that it worked pretty well. The built in microphones on the camera unit are solid. It sounds really good for a small camera. This is so freaking puny, but its amazing, and if you pair the front screen module with that, you actually get four total stereo mics when making a pepperoni pizza. The first step is to make it. One thing i noticed is that the camera did get kind of scratched up on the body itself like around the lens element, but the lens itself has no scratches now me and my roommate were kind of rough housing with it a little bit. I i kind of dropped it in the bottom of the pool and was trying to find it with my feet.

It will probably get dinged up over time, but i mean its an action camera its made out of aluminum alloy, so it should be good to go depending on the environment. Youre shooting in the camera will get hot, pretty quick. I wanted to test the continuous recording of this camera, so i set it to 4k 120 maxed. All the quality out were shooting in pro mode and after three minutes of continuous recording indoors, it did start to overheat, but there is a setting in the menus where you can actually change when the camera starts to overheat. So i set that to high instead of standard. Basically, that means its going to allow your camera to get even hotter before it gives you an overheating warning. The best way to use this camera is in burst, shooting so youre going for clips youre, not really setting it down to film yourself like this for 45 minutes. There are other cameras that are really good at that this camera is going to be really good for high quality burst shooting and the idea of these magnetic modules was executed extremely well. These things are very firm, but theyre not hard to pull apart. They have this nice little clamping design, but then, when you do put them together, it snaps together really easily it guides them into place on its own, and it just works really well so, im really pleased with how they designed this for a while, it kind of Seemed like smartphones were going to overtake the need for action cameras, but its cool to see that this camera kind of fits in its own zone and its ultra portable like way more portable than a phone even and it can go way deep.

Underwater its got the 4k 120 48 megapixel sensor, its really exciting, so make sure to like this video, because today and today only one like equals one action, camera three that is edible and made of cheese, subscribe to become a subscriber and join our discord server. The zacky mayfam to become an honorary member of this family thanks for watching my silly little videos on the internet. I love you so much text me when you get home, so i know youre safe and ill.