And if you know us, you know, we have no limits. Oh no chiva. What happened? I just fell off the skateboard awesome shot Music by now. You must know all the details and specs because theyve been leaked off the action too, but you need definitely some real inside experience: Music, Music, Music. I went a couple of weeks ago to a very special world cup in france. To be honest, i didnt even know this sport existed welcome to the trike world. I met some nice people and they invited me to watch this tournament, so i decided to bring my new action to cam and attach it to them. You wanted to see some crazy footage. Well here it is. This is a stress test to see if rocksteady has been improved and lets see how the new horizon feature works out: Music, wondering Music Applause, Music. You know im a motorbike rider. I, like freedom riding so its important to me, to know if the action 2 can handle vibrations properly. I attached the action 2 to a variety of places around me on the bike and well. These are the results plus lets see if the new image sensor is as good as they say: Music, Music, Music. Yes, we tested this camera to the limit. We compared versus the gopro 10, the action one, the pocket. Two all those videos are coming in the next hour, so stay tuned, leave a thumb sup if youre not yet and see you in the next video too.

Let me quickly talk about the new magnetic system at first, my feeling was a bit insecure because even when i made the unboxing, it all seemed kind of fragile to me and most of the axes i didnt even know how to use, but after weeks testing the Camera i found it to be as solid as a regular screw hold, plus its much easier to handle. Now i acknowledge dji looking for a revolutionary system. Sales will tell, though, but for now me as a first reviewer, i couldnt be happier Applause. I talk about this. More in the comparison versus the gopro, but what do you guys think about the design of this thing? Dji has become the apple of tech in this case when comparing it to a gopro, its much more beautiful, well, designed slim and it just looks cool the magnetic system we just saw is amazing for different purposes. Look at this. You can be vlogging and attach the cam to your chest in 2 seconds. It opens up a new world Music. This is a sound test of the four built in mics that the dji pocket has included. I dont know if the quality is good or not. I can assume that it is good you can compare it now to the sennheiser voice, which is recorded by a decent mic connected to the camera over there. I hope that you like it and if let me know if its good for vlogging or not just put it in the comments by the way guys we just received this dji mic, which really looks amazing and interesting.

Heres, a quick unboxing stay tuned and sub, because we will also be testing it in the next hours for upcoming videos, attaching it to the action 2. Of course too. If this thing is good, dji will give us filmmakers an incredible new tool. Music. Let me guys thank you for the support youve given me purchasing my sunglass. I designed them for people like us, filmmakers, photographers, travelers and drone pilots colorful and made out of natural recycled materials like wood or bamboo. This helps the channel to grow, to rent better equipment. Go to better locations plus you of course, also look cool wearing them. Links in the description thanks a lot its true that this camera doesnt film in 5k, but its 4k 120p, is pretty astonishing. Im gon na give this surf skate to chibo hes gon na go down the hill, see what happens its too dangerous for me, he does the dangerous things well guys if you want to attach the camera to some dangerous places and record some dangerous accidents like cheapos Know that there is a care refresh also weve never actually recommended it in this channel. But you know, with his action cameras its a little bit more dangerous. You may face some trouble, so care refresh is an option check it out, because you know you can crash it and they will cover you, Music, you, Music. This is probably the part of the review that has surprised me. The most look at this quality at night and the rocksteady is still performing super.

Well, i went to watch the england football national team. Yes, there are foden sancho, grillish and kane playing, and i also wanted to hear the stereo with some brit hooligans. Yes, god save the queen, of course, isnt this test, amazing, listen and whats to some action: 2 performance, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, the small ultralight weight body of the camera is just 55 grams and its waterproof, but you have a water case in case you want to Attach the power bundle, i used it in the pool and look at this results. Music, as i mentioned on the osmo action one a couple of years ago. The action cam market is probably the only market where dji is not leading right now. This has, of course, some good and some bad parts. The bad part is, of course, that youre fighting against a monster named gopro and the competitivity is pretty hard. The good part is, of course, that you can take a little bit more risks and be more innovative. The new magnetic systems on the action 2 are pretty insane. I honestly expected them to be really weak, and, after more than a month, testing this, i just cant go back to all the screw things. Every single part of the footage that youve seen on this review is important to me, because i wanted to show that, for example, on the trike world cup, there are no really artifacts. The horizon level works pretty awesome, as they are constantly tilting their hats and the curves, and all that there are no strange vibrations.

The image quality of the motorbike is also impressive, and it was important to me to attach the camera to a bunch of places from darker areas to more brighter parts is super important and the camera overall handled this pretty good too, and what about the sound im? Pretty surprised after ive been editing this video that the quality of the four built in mics is also pretty decent, but what ive told you that has surprised me? The most is the night footage of this camera. We have a comparison coming up in a couple of hours, comparing this action to versus the gopro 10, and i must say that this camera well youll see it for yourself, but we tested in night. We tested it at low light situations and having a bigger image. Sensor than the gopro 10, which is pretty important – and nobody is really telling you that and having lower resolution, it makes overall that the quality for me is even better than the gopro 10, and this is a big step for dji its true. It doesnt shoot in 5k and to some people this may be important, but i must say that the 4k 120p is also pretty good. I mean it covers the whole range of frame rates inside 4k, which is standard. Nowadays, i mean i have 4k screens and everything, and i personally rather have a super good 4k than a not so good. 5K. I think that you get my point right: the ability, of course, to shoot in cinelike in a very good cinelike and to apply some bloods after that, oh, and something that i dont want to forget.

If you do record in vertical with the action 2, it saves the files automatically in vertical, which is i dont know its just. Somebody has to do that and its awesome, so really nothing else to say guys. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. It took me about three days to edit this 11 or 12 minute video, and i can safely say that im super happy how it turned out to be ive, been for weeks now, traveling to go to. You know those world cups to football match between the england. National team and andorra ive been traveling through the piranesi, with my bike with the car and spent a lot of time with shebo. Also here its been an amazing journey. I hope that you enjoyed it, leave the thumb, please guys sub, if youre not yet, and we have so many things coming and remember that in a few days, theres also new stuff from dji coming. So its a good point to sub now – and you know, expect the best out of this channel.