tv and today, ive got my full review of the dji action 2.. Now this is everything you need to know about. Djis latest action camera the action too Music. So this is the camera here and ive got the dual screen combo, so it comes with an additional screen. You obviously get one on the back of the camera system itself, and then this also works as a battery pack as well. Ive got something to talk about with the battery pack very soon, but just in terms of this combo love the idea. I love that snap that magnetic slap just oh so satisfying every time just works perfectly and the thing i really like about this camera as well lets just start off with one of the coolest features. The base of this unit is magnetic, and also the base of this is obviously magnetic, because it you know snaps in like that, so you can actually connect this camera to a ton of different items and things in the environment like, for example, when we did the First, video with the remote control car, we literally just stuck this onto a metal like bracket kind of thing that holds the shell on, so you literally just click it on and its magnetized straight away. Most of the poles that i tested it on just slapped on straight away. It gives you so many options. You can even mount it to a car without any sort of mount its a really powerful magnet system and the fact that it works so like intuitively.

You dont have to think about it. You can literally just slap it on and its that strong like. It will not come off at all really cool design, and i love these modular designs where you can remove and add new accessories, its a really cool concept and completely redesigned like compared to the action one. This is a whole new camera. Unfortunately, thats actually brought up a ton of issues with this unit before i get into some of those issues. Another thing to mention is this unit here: the camera itself, with just the screen, the camera the button and that magnetic base. This section is waterproof up to 10 meters. This one is not waterproof because it has the usbc charging port. So if you do want to have these connected like this, you actually need to buy a case that will enclose both of them into a really weird rectangular designed item. But that is just something to be aware of, like they havent really mentioned that they kind of call it a waterproof unit. But if you buy this and go straight into the water youre going to damage that bottom unit straight away, so remove that you can use this immediately underwater. But if you want this as an additional battery power, then you need to get the accessory as well. Now, while were talking about the dual screen combo, i love the concept. I love the design one major thing that has really annoyed me and i dont know why its a thing is: the unit will constantly charge the camera, even if the cameras at a hundred percent, it will constantly trickle charge so the unit itself, the camera on top, Is not smart enough or this isnt smart enough that the way they interface to basically go hey im at 100? You probably dont need to charge me and for whatever reason this doesnt hold charge that well so what happened was i charged it up? It was fine.

Went to bed had it connected like this on my top didnt realize that the light was still flashing, even though everythings turned off woke up in the morning run down to a local park to do a video guess what im at zero percent. So if you do get this combo charge it up and then disconnect these two, because for whatever reason it doesnt tell the other system, hey im fully charged. Please stop charging me or the battery isnt good enough in here to store the charge so its constantly going down and then just being trickle charged from this unit. Just keep that in mind in a span of eight hours. Both of these were at zero percent. When i woke up thats the first issue ive had with the unit so far now ive done a video already on the action 2 and i basically said, do not buy the dji action 2. Just yet now why i say just yet is because in its current state the way it is right now, i would not recommend this to people its had way too many issues and ill mention a few of those later on, but i think its got potential. Hopefully, some of these issues can be ironed out and hopefully software updates can fix some of the issues ill be talking about the first one. Is this constantly charging like its unnecessary if the battery is good enough on the main unit, you really shouldnt have to trickle charge the entire time.

I should be able to leave this on and the unit go okay, its at 100 theres no need in me. Sending more charge to it, hopefully thatll be fixed, because now that ive figured that out, i can leave these disconnected leave them on the top, and this will still be at 100 within a few hours. So its clearly not trickling its just. This unit thinks it is so its constantly trying to charge it at all times. Dji have actually done something quite bold. With this new camera, they could have just stuck to the same formula similar to what gopro have done time and time again same form. Factor slight tweaks, slight improvements: nothing crazy, theyre, really not pushing the boundaries. Now they did have the gopro session, which had a similar kind of design, but this one here is a little bit thinner than the session. Its got a nice screen on the back, obviously more powerful than the session, and i love this design. Its very unique, and i know that the fbv drone pilot space are going to love. Finally, a camera with a different form factor. Obviously, a gopro on a little fpv drone isnt ideal, quite a large camera system, but this can slot in perfectly and capture some unique shots for fbv pilots out there Music. Before we go any further in this video, i do have a 10 off discount code. For my viewers out there, if you go to the d1 stores website which ill have linked in the description below you can use the code dans tube and you can save 10 off your cameras.

Drones accessory needs whatever it is. You want to get from the store and you can save 10 using the code dans tube so make sure to utilize that when youre thinking about getting a new product from the d1 store or any dji product or accessory thats compatible with the dji product. Now back to this unit here, so its still charging, like i said before and thats frustrating i have to remember constantly to disconnect here, even though i want to leave it connected just for peace of mind like why would you want two separate components sitting around the House that annoys me a little bit but thats, not the major issue. The big big problem is overheating. This is a problem. Thats been reported by tons of other youtubers out. There ive had very similar experiences where ill be filming for maybe about seven, eight minutes or so and then ill walk around for a bit ill figure out. What im gon na say for my outro start filming and its overheated boiling to the touch like its actually burning me to hold it its uncomfortably hot ive had to put the unit in the freezer like thats, just not good enough from a very expensive action camera. It should not be overheating at all that wasnt, even in the high frame rate, that was 4k 60 frames per second. The action 2 is capable of 4k 120 frames per second, and it was overheating at 60 frames per second 4k.

Luckily, for me in australia, theres the option in the menu to actually adjust the temperature threshold, so i can turn it up to a higher threshold, meaning that if i want to continue filming even past that point that it wants to stop, it will continue going. My main worry is like what about the internals. I do not want to damage the internals, and i know that for people in the eu they cant even enable that high threshold they just have to leave it in the standard setting which is very limited and just not good enough really. So hopefully, that can be fixed with a software update and hopefully its not just a limitation of the design, the form factor and the power that this guys capable of this is a very capable powerful camera and thats. Obviously, why it isnt that efficient at cooling, theyve designed it to be a waterproof unit. Thats 4k 120 frames per second, but it doesnt do a great job of cooling unless youre running around constantly using it for action, which is obviously what its intended for. But the way theyve marketed it its more than just action, so theyve designed it in a way that its got really good microphones onboarded its got tons of options for just the everyday consumer, but if its targeted at everyone, it needs to be working in all different Scenarios now i dont know whether they can fix that issue. The overheating issue with a software update.

You would imagine that they would have stress test this unit, and you would think that if it wasnt ready and if it was overheating, they would have held it off. A little bit and waited to release it, but it just feels like something that was a little bit rushed and it obviously wasnt stress, tested enough, because that is a major major problem that you cant just go. Well, you should be using it for action. You should always be running or it should be mounted to you know a drone or you should be always using it. Underwater thats, fine if theyve pushed it as an action camera but theyve designed it as an everyday camera as well. So again, it should work in all scenarios. I dont know whether that will be the case. Just keep in mind that if youre in the eu, you might not want to buy this just yet because you cant even put it in the higher temperature threshold, its going to be overheating within a few minutes and thats just not usable the other issue ive had With this camera, unfortunately, i will get on to some of the good points very soon, but the other issue im having which might not be a deal breaker for people, is that live streaming. Isnt working ive had issues. Ive tried it time and time again, ive been troubleshooting. It sets up a live stream like it schedules it through my youtube account, but it just wont.

Let me go live, it says its live streaming. It says its going ahead. Nothings working ive tried so many different things. I was wondering why there were no live streams from this unit on youtube. Thats, probably why? Because it just doesnt work – and i had some issues with the other settings as well, but if youre buying this for live streaming, it isnt working just yet at the time of me, filming this video. So now, moving on to the positives of the action 2, which it actually does have a ton of positives, i mentioned before that magnetic design, which i really love. You can attach it to really anything just as the camera or with that combo the the dual screen combo. You can attach it to anything that is, you know, metal and going to work with a magnet. It just does a great job in those situations, and i used it in a ton of different scenarios where there was metal and it just sticks on and holds its great. But in terms of the video quality. Beautiful im really happy with the video quality for an action camera its remarkable what it can capture the colors are vibrant everything is extremely sharp and im very happy, like the video quality is phenomenal, which is one of the more important things about a camera. Obviously, but the fact that theyve nailed that im very happy about the other thing thats great is there are a ton of features in here.

Like i said, i love how easy it is to navigate the menu system. Sometimes i have issues with scrubbing videos which i dont know how many people use the action camera to scrub through the videos, but that occasionally is a little bit finicky. The interface itself is quite nice, and i love this intuitive like smart little idea where, as you turn, the camera youll actually bring up a crosshair. If youre a gamer youll know what a crosshair is, as you turn, it itll actually tell you which orientation the camera is facing simple tool and its actually been really helpful, especially when you mount it to this one here, because what happens is the camera goes upside Down to mount onto your chest, its really good to know which orientation the camera is recognizing its facing and then thats the other major positive of this unit, its very versatile. You get a ton of accessories already and there are a ton of other accessories that you can buy for the action two right now, im sure therell be heaps and heaps and heaps of third party ones that come out. But this is the little like puck. The magnetic puck that can go around your neck, you can tuck it underneath your shirt and then between the material. It can just magnetically clap on like that, and you can just have it set on your chest, perfect, so easy to just have it set up to capture a moment.

You know if youre going for a hike somewhere if youre on holiday, if thats a real thing at the moment, with obviously the pandemic, but whenever you go and do something you can just have this non intrusively kind of floating on your chest. It looks very unique. The way it sits and then you can just set it up and record on the go. I love that design very unique and probably one of my favorite accessories uh from the action 2 combo. Now you also get the generic gopro kind of mounted option. So this is magnetic again, so you can just literally clip it on like that nice and stable. I love that magnetic design you dont have to worry about anything kind of hanging down or you dont have to worry about mounting it properly, its just a magnet. You know it just works every single time and its very, very strong, so you can use that mount, which is great and very easy to use and theres tons of accessories out there thats a great one, and that comes in the dual screen combo as well, and Then you also get this ball head attachment here. You can adjust the angle that the camera sits on. You know. If you want to angle it a little bit same design again, if i can get it right, just a magnet and then youve got the little base here that you can screw into the bottom and mount that.

However, you want, and obviously you can then mount that to something else as well, if you want to mount it to a tripod or something like that, thats a really cool option as well. All of this comes in the dual screen combo, so you get a few accessories straight away and theyre extremely useful and uh yeah really cool. I love that thats available straight away with the combo. Another cool thing about this camera is its got quite a large field of view, so its 155 degrees a very large field of view, but i found that when i filmed most things, i will say that with the slow mo it does seem to warp it a Little bit you can play around in the settings and adjust that, but you know, even with the d warping on it still looks a little bit warped, but when im shooting 4k 100 frames per second, it does an amazing job and it looks like its coming from A normal camera, and what i mean by that is a lot of action. Cameras do have a fisheye or a warped look to them its very clear, its coming from an action camera. But you can use this in a way where it just feels like a normal camera, and, like i said, the video quality is great. The audio is great and if it looks like its coming from a high end, camera thats a positive as well, and i really do love that.

The other thing is that it comes with the latest rocksteady 2.0, which ive been very happy with very stable at it. On an rc car as its bouncing around it looks so stable like smooth. It looks like its gliding on the concrete. It really does. Look amazing have a look at the footage thats popping out now. Let me know like: does it look like its mounted to something thats bouncing around it doesnt does it just looks like its gliding on ice, so thats beautiful, i love rocksteady 2.0, and then you also do have horizon steady, which means that, even if the cameras on An angle, then it will still steady out the horizon and stabilize it, so it looks like its on a flat canvas. I love that as well. That works extremely well, then, when youve got it around your neck, because if its around your neck, it might be on a slight angle, which is common, its quite obvious, why it might be on an angle if your material is moving around. But i find that horizon steady works really well, when its around your neck, the action 2 does have a ton of options. Like i said at the beginning, its got so many features, and it really has everything that you would need for an action. Camera 100 for an action camera has everything you would need its even got digital zoom. I dont know why you would need that because its four times digital zoom, it loses all clarity, really not worth doing it, but i mean maybe youve got something in the frame and you want to crop that out.

So you can just zoom in straight away. Just a tiny amount just to cut that out of the frame and thats, probably the best scenario, i would imagine to utilize digital zoom, its not a mechanical zoom nothings moving in there, so its all just digital, if youre shooting 4k. Maybe you have a little bit of wiggle room because the quality is so nice, but thats an option as well. If you didnt know so, as you can see, the main camera itself has no ports on it. Obviously this is the waterproof component, so you cant plug it in you, cant put in like a micro, sd or anything like that. You do have that option. On the dual screen. Youve got the micro sd down the bottom. There and youve got the usbc on the side, but theyve thought about that and theyve actually made this unit have a built in storage of 24 gigabytes. So i mean for me: i havent even bothered putting in a microsd im just using the internal storage from the unit and then just connecting it, plugging it into the computer and then taking the footage off that works. Fine for me and ive had no issues. So far, the other thing that ive noticed a lot of people asking about is the delay on the screen so as youre turning. What does that delay? Look like now? We had a ton of issues with the original osmo action. They did fix it with software updates, but it had a big delay and that was the same with the gopros as well.

They had a delay with the front display some of the rear displays as well have had issues, but i find its quite responsive, yeah theres. Still like a tiny delay with it, but its pretty responsive and overall ive had no major issues with like the responsiveness from the display, like yeah theres, a tiny trail, tiny delay, but its not enough to put you off. I have noticed there have been a few questions about what the audio sounds like from just the camera unit when the bottom piece isnt attached that dual screen compared to what it sounds like when theyre both attached to each other. This is now footage from the dji action 2 in a studio environment im using the video and the audio from the action 2 directly from it im. Maybe a meter away from the camera unit. Ive just got it propped up on a box. Ive got two studio lights, pointing at me theres, obviously a light. In the background from what i can see, it looks very nice, the colors pop and it seems to be doing a very nice job in a studio setting. So for me, i wanted to test this because the way theyve marketed this camera is its more than action, so that would imply to me that it can be more than action. It can be a camera that you set up in a studio. It can be a vlogging setup. It can be all these things that we want in a camera.

So what do you think? Does it sound good in a studio environment like this when im about a meter away from the unit ive got the camera pointed on me with two lights on me from what i can see, it looks great and hopefully the audio sounds great. So how does it sound now im still talking at the same tempo pitch all that stuff? How does it sound now that weve got the combo attached? Is that affecting the audio or does it sound the exact same id? Imagine it would be the exact same, but lets see with this little test here i do love having that front display its really nice to be able to see what youre recording to be able to frame it up nicely and its a nice addition to be able To have that, i really do like that. Like i said earlier in the video, the unit does get hot. I havent even been filming, as you know, ive been recording from this guy and its already getting hot, just from filming for a few minutes, not even a few minutes yet so thats a worry, but it does look great and hopefully you cant tell too much of A difference or if you can maybe that, will clear up the questions youve had as well. Hopefully, ive cleared up everything you wanted to know about the action 2.. It is a really powerful camera and even though its got tons of issues so far, i really hope they can fix it and rectify those issues and and make it a usable action camera that people want, because its a cool design, its a powerful camera system – and I just love that theyre trying something different.

You know like tons of developers out there just do the same thing time and time again. This unit is something unique and something special. One final note is: i was actually having issues with like recording videos and putting it on my computer. It just wasnt working that well. I did notice, though, by default its not under, like an efficient uh format, an efficient video format. So when i was playing it on the computer, it was jumping and stuttering and it just wasnt working. So if you do get one of these cameras go into the settings and make sure its under the compatibility setting like make sure its high, i think they call it high efficiency or high compatibility just to make sure that it will actually play back on your computer Smoothly because i had some issues with that as well, so anyway guys thats the end of my full review of the dji action 2.. I will have some more videos coming to the channel to revisit it. Hopefully theres some updates. Hopefully, things will be fixed and ill make sure to revisit that, so you guys can check that out and hopefully clear up any other questions. Youve got about the unit like i said i want to love it, its got a ton of options. The video is great. The audio is great, so there are a few things i do. Love about the unit lets hope that they can fix some of those other issues and make it a really competitive action.

Camera on the market, because i dont want dji to go back and just do another action camera that looks the same as the gopro. I just dont want that. Theyve done something bold and unique here.