The concept is kind of interesting, but i dont really know where it fits into my workflow. On one hand, we have a hero: 10 black, which is a full fledged action camera. On the other end of the spectrum, we have these little tiny micro cameras, which are good for point of view. Cameras, but the osmo action is kind of awkwardly in between dji is promoting it as their new action camera, but it has some pretty serious limitations that i think a lot of people, including myself, may not be able to use it as a full fledged action camera At best, i think, maybe perhaps a point of view camera, but even then, when you compare it to something like the insta, 360 go 2, although when youre using just the camera module, it is small, its not quite as small and light as the go 2.. Then, when you factor in the screen on the back the non replaceable screen on the front, it is fairly delicate and fragile. I have dropped the go to. I dont know how many times – and i have yet to do any damage to it. If you happen to crack the front screen, it is easily replaceable for those who arent aware about this new product. I will kind of go into a little bit more detail about it, how it works and its modular system, but lets take a look at the original osmo action. First, i know many people were a fan of the osmo action and for the last year, weve all been waiting for an action too.

Now people who were a fan of the awesome action were hoping to get something very similar, just better, better resolutions, better stabilization, but instead dji decided to go with this modular system and it really kind of makes you wonder why they strayed away from this design. Now i have a couple theories why they decide to go to this new modular system now. This is just my opinion, its not based on any fact, but i think the sales of the osmo action werent quite up to par with what dji was hoping for. After all, they were going up against the king of action cameras and with just an average designed action camera. I think they were having a hard time competing. So when it comes to the action too, i think dji needed to get creative and try something different. So what they came up with was this interesting modular system. You can use the camera module independently, but if you want to add some extra functionality and features, you can add the dual screen: module or even the battery module. Everything is held together, magnetically, and it is actually a really strong connection when using it together, magnetically. There is no worry in my mind that its going to come apart, even in some pretty intense situations, its a good, solid connection. Of course, then they have all the mounting accessories that mount down below, and i think this magnetic system is probably one of the better designed ones that ive seen weve seen some magnetic mounting systems in the past and they all work well.

But i think this is the best designed one and easiest to use purchasing. Several of these magnetic mounts allows you to go from mount to mount very quickly, but with all that said, like i mentioned, this camera does have some severe limitations, the workflow for managing the content and charging it just isnt very user friendly, and i think, at the End of the day that may steer away some people from using it so lets talk a little bit about its limitations when using just the camera module. It only has 32 gigabytes of internal memory and out of that 32 gigabytes, only 22 gigabytes is actually usable. The rest of it is used by the system now thats, okay, if youre using it as a point of view, camera and youre just capturing little clips, but if youre wanting to use this as a full fledged action, camera 22 gigabytes just isnt enough. In that case, you will have to add the battery module or the dual screen module once theyre connected. As you can see, there is now a memory card in it, so you have all the storage you need. You can record either to the internal memory or directly to the memory card. Once you have this bottom base connected, whether its the dual screen mod or the battery mod, the unit itself is no longer waterproof. The camera section is waterproof if youre using it just as is, but as soon as you connect it to a base.

The whole unit in general is no longer waterproof. That top unit will remain waterproof. So if you happen to drop it in water, the only thing thats going to get damaged is the bottom half. But if you do want to use this in the rain or wet conditions, youre now going to have to purchase a waterproof case, thats more money that you have to spend and its going to add bulk to the setup going back to just the camera module. If you decide youre just going to use it once you fill up that 22 gigabytes of space, you then have to stop filming and transfer it to the memory card or through the memo app, and that is kind of one problem, because it is a very time Consuming task moving content from the internal memory over to the memory card, its a very simple procedure: dji has done a good job at making it nice and simple, but it just is time consuming. You can spend 10 15 20 minutes just transferring content. So if you have to stop filming every half an hour to transfer content, you know that can get quite irritating. Now. Ive already experienced a pretty serious problem when it comes to transferring content, and when i mentioned the problem to a colleague he told me, hes heard a few. Other people have experienced the same issue and basically what the issue was is. I was out filming. I had about 10 gigabytes worth of content on the internal memory, so i decided to transfer it over to the memory card.

I initiated the procedure and everything seemed to go along normally when it was done. Everything finished the way it normally does, but when i checked the memory card there was nothing on there and the original content was no longer on the internal memory so somewhere in that transferring procedure, it deleted all the content, so thats a pretty big flaw. You could actually lose quite a bit of content inadvertently now, as mentioned, thats only happened to me once, but still its just put that doubt in my mind that i dont know if i really trust it now. Another limitation of using this as an action camera is that it doesnt have a replaceable front screen. We all know the backlash that gopro had when they released the hero8 without a replaceable screen, because after all, it is an action camera and things do happen. So why dji decided to release a camera without a replaceable screen is a little bit of a mystery. You think they would have learned from the mistake that gopro made, even if you take a look at something like the original session, which is kind of very similar in design, you were able to replace the screen on it. You can see we have these screws around. It so if you did damage it, you were able to fix it. Of course, you can get the dji care refresh, which isnt a lot of money for the action 2, but of course, if you have to send it away its just a hassle, that means you, dont, have your camera for a couple weeks now, the next limitation of This camera, which i think is going to be a big issue for many people, is the fact that it has no battery and what i mean by that is, of course, when youre, using just the camera module youre using the built in battery.

But when you connect it to the battery base or the dual screen, mod thats going to greatly increase your filming time. But what happens when the battery runs out on this? This is essentially your battery. So if youre going out, filming and youre used to bringing a couple gopro batteries with you youre kind of out of luck, what youre gon na have to do is purchase another battery base or another dual screen mod. The battery bases cost 75 dollars. So if you have to buy a couple them to have spare power thats going to get very costly and worse yet if you purchase the version with the dual screen mod, because youre going to be vlogging with it, and you want that dual screen, you can of Course just buy a battery base to get extra power, but then youre losing your screen. So if you need that second screen, youre gon na have to buy a second one of these or a third one, and these are 169 dollars apiece. So, as you can see, the battery problem can be serious to some people. Now, of course, you can feed power directly into it from a power bank, but again thats not always convenient the other big problem with it is the overheating. Now, if youve been watching videos and reviews about the osmo action, you know thats a big problem. I did some of my own testing and its definitely not very good. Now dji realized that this thing does overheat, so they actually included a setting called high threshold.

So you can turn on the high threshold and that will allow the camera to get a little bit hotter before it powers off now, thats not available for every country. Many european countries. That option is grayed out so thats not even an option. Now i made some notes about the overheating and ill kind of read you my results here in the normal temperature recording recording at 4k 30. I was able to record for 9 minutes and 22 seconds before it overheated recording at 4k 60. I was able to record at 6 minutes and 22 seconds before it overheated and when recording at 4k 120, i was able to record for 2 minutes and 40 seconds before it overheated. Now that was testing at my desk here, of course, if youre using it outdoors, theres air movement around it, you are going to get a little bit longer recording time, but those numbers are not very good at all and to let you know when i was doing Those temperature tests – i let the camera cool down for a good half hour in between now. When i turned on the high temperature threshold at 4k 30, i was able to record for 16 minutes before it overheated and at 4k60. I was able to record for seven minutes and nine seconds, basically a minute longer and whats worse, yet is, if you do end up overheating, you have to let it sit for a good amount of time.

This camera can hold its heat for quite a while, for example, i did a test when i was recording at 4k60 and it overheated i let the camera sit for exactly five minutes and then started. Recording again, when i started recording again, it was only able to record for an additional one minute and nine seconds before it overheated again. So if youre out in the field and your camera overheats its not like, you can just let it sit for five minutes and continue on youre gon na have to let it sit for a good 20 minutes half hour to make sure the camera cools down completely. Now one thing i kind of wish they had done with it. If you have the dual screen mod, i kind of wish they would have allowed you to use this as a remote if it had a bluetooth connection to the camera, module itd be nice to be able to use this as a little remote, maybe thats a feature They can bring with firmware, but i guess well have to wait and see now another little gripe i do have with it. I guess you could call it its just a small little thing, but theres no way to charge just the camera module the only way to recharge your camera. Module backup is connecting it to the battery base or the dual screen mod. It would have been nice if they included a little accessory a little magnetic charger that could connect to the camera, module and charge it up now.

I know its just a matter of time before third party manufacturers come out with one so now those are some of my reasons why i would say that this may not be a good solution for those who are looking for a dedicated action camera. There are just some limitations when it comes to storage battery power overheating that some people may not find suitable as their daily action camera. Now, however, with that said, its not all doom and gloom, this camera actually does have quite a few good features and if youre going to be purchasing this for something perhaps other than an action camera, if youre going to be using it for vlogging family vacations, a Travel adventure vlog – this may actually be the perfect camera for you. First of all, the build quality is just superb. Dji really knows how to build products, the material used and everything about it just feels nice and premium its a small compact camera, so its not going to get in your way when youre trying to film, especially for vlogging, now im, not a vlogger, but if i Was going to start vlogging, i would definitely be using something like this or some form of action camera. I would have no interest to be carrying big bulky setups around, so in that aspect for a travel adventure vlog just a day at the beach, something like this thats small and compact might be perfect. The other nice thing about this modular system is that, if you happen to damage one of the components you can easily replace it.

For example, if you drop the dual screen mod and you end up cracking the screen its out of warranty, you dont have to purchase a whole new camera. You can go onto the dji website and purchase just the dual screen module. Now they dont have the camera module as a separate item yet so hopefully that is something that they do add. Even though the screen is small on the action too, its very easy to navigate dji did a really good job at organizing it and making it intuitive and easy to use. All the important settings are right at your fingertips and the graphics on it are quite nice and, as we already talked about the magnetic clip system that theyre using is really well engineered, its a good, solid connection, and they have these clips on there just for safety. I just really like it its super convenient and its really well designed now, as mentioned, you can buy several of these mounts and it makes moving the camera from something like a bicycle, handle to a chest, mount to a hand, mount simple and easy. You dont have to mess around with thumb screws when it comes to the picture quality on the action. 2 im quite pleased, its got decent dynamic range and, of course, if you want to you, can film in a flat, color profile and do your own grading. Now, the audio on the action 2 actually sounds pretty good for a small action camera when youre using just the camera module theres.

Only one microphone that its going to make use of. However, when you do connect it to a base, either the dual screen mod or the battery mod theres, now a total of four microphones that it can make use of, but whats even better, is that if you want to connect an external microphone, you no longer have To use any kind of microphone adapter the original osmo action you had to use a microphone adapter, all the insta 360 cameras. You have to use a microphone adapter. Of course, gopros. You have to use a microphone adapter to connect a third party microphone, but with the action 2, you can plug a usb microphone directly into it. This here is the rode videomic me the c version for usbc and, as you can see, when we plug it in here right away at the top, we get that new icon with a little bit of a audio meter. So it will now use the microphone when you record audio. It works with many other types of usbc microphones, including the wireless go to, and of course it will be compatible with the wireless microphone system that dji is releasing in january. So once that is available, ill be ordering that in so we can test it out. So that really is a nice feature not having to have to use a microphone adapter to connect a microphone thats going to be a big bonus for vloggers. With the action 2 dj introduced, the new stabilization called rocksteady 2 and its quite good, whether youre just doing some simple walking with it grabbing some cinematic b roll or mounting it on an rc vehicle or fpv drone.

The stabilization just looks really nice. Another really nice feature of the action 2 is that it does have horizon leveling and it even has the 360 degree horizon leveling and the nice thing is you dont have to spend extra money and buy a lens like the hero 10 black. If you want to use 360 degree horizon leveling and get that nice wide field of view, you have to spend a good amount of money on that max lens mod, but with the action 2 you have. Those features built right in another really nice feature is that it powers on super fast from the time you hit that power button. You can see there its ready to go in about a second. So if theres, something you have to capture really quickly, you dont have to wait five ten seconds for the camera to fully load up so thats, basically it for my 30 day in review, as mentioned, i dont really know if i would consider this a full out Action camera anymore, just because of its limitations, but all in all its a pretty decent camera, and i think, depending on what youre buying it for youll, probably be pretty happy with it. Well folks, thats, basically it for my video. Hopefully you enjoyed it and you got some value out of it.