The most convenient way to trigger recording when youre out being active. The action 2 has a reliable voice, control feature that works even better than i expected start recording, stop recording shut down. But if you dont want to sound like youre in the 1980s arnold schwarzenegger film set in the distant future of the year 2000 computer activate, recording, recording procedure initiated or you need to trigger the camera when its a bit too far away. Youll need a better option and thats where this comes in. I knew from pictures. The remote was going to be small, but i wasnt prepared for just how minuscule it actually is in person it sold as part of a selfie stick which is designed to fit the dji ball joint adapter and nothing else. These two pegs fit into holes on that adapter and that adapter only comes with the dual screen combo. If you bought the action 2 power combo instead of the dual screen, you kind of get shafted, just like you did with the official magnetic case, which didnt fit the par combo properly. Youll need to spend another 50 canadian dollars on the ball joint or just stick a bit of rubber in there to cover up those pegs. I didnt have much need for the selfie stick, so i tried to find the remote on its own, but theyre sold as a set and its not cheap. It usually connects really quickly at worst. It takes about 15 seconds and it best about five or six and so far its been very reliable Music.

The oled display is very helpful for checking that the camera is actually recording and for seeing the remaining battery life, the joystick is a shrunk and down version of the one in the pocket too left and right lets. You move through the menu Music and up and down lets you move through the menu. There is no additional function provided by that extra access that i can find moving. It lets you switch from video to photo and any of the other capture modes, but you cant change. The settings thatll have to be done on the camera it charges by usbc and according to dji, it should last up to about five hours. Im really pleased to see a hole for a lanyard, so i dont lose it as easily, though once the lanyard is attached, it can no longer fit into the selfie stick. I want to give a shout out to your subscriber peter nichols as his range test. Helped me decide to buy this in my range test. I got a maximum distance of a boyd. This is more than enough for me to remotely trigger time lapses from a distance or for controlling it when its attached to my bike, what i dont like so much is that, after just three minutes, it goes into standby. This turns the little display off to save battery and, while thats a good idea. In essence, it also disables the recording button. So when i press record, all it does is bring the remote out of standby.

It doesnt actually start recording until i press it a second time. This means, when youre recording frequent clips. You have to make sure you check the display to see if its in standby or not before, you hit record. If you just reach into your pocket and press it, it wont record if its been longer than three minutes so youll have to press it twice. But if you press it twice when its not in standby, youll start and immediately stop recording in the beginning, i was missing quite a few shots because of this, and so i wish theyd made it so that pressing record would always start recording, even when its in Standby, or at least let us change the three minute on phase to something longer like 15 or 30 minutes at almost 90 canadian dollars after taxes, the price was harder to swallow than the remote itself. Luckily, for me, i found an open box one on amazon for 50, something dollars at full price. I think its quite expensive, but it does have an oled display which isnt cheap to manufacture and, aside from the unfortunately rapid entry into standby, its almost perfect and its a lot more enjoyable to use than a phone app.