. It really is quite a genius little camera and it has a lot of great features, im working on a full review which will be coming soon. However, there are some pretty major flaws with this camera, which i thought was worthwhile bringing up early because im aware many people are either waiting on their orders to be dispatched or are hovering over that buy button if youre thinking of buying one of these, this video Is definitely for you, Music. There are some pretty major issues with the dji action 2, which actually leads me to make quite a bold statement if youre in the uk or eu in particular, dont buy it. Yet, during the rest of this video, please keep in mind that this is not a cheap camera. This isnt some 50 pound off brand action camera. It cost me 455 pounds for this dual combo with the front screen, so it really should be setting standards. Frankly, in the action camera small camera marketplace, the biggest issue is overheating. This little camera gets very, very hot. Now you would expect that because of the sheer size of it wouldnt you, but it might interest you to know that at 4k 120 with just the camera module youre getting about three and a half minutes before the camera, overheats with the other module attached and recording To the sd card again at 4k 120, i was actually getting around three minutes: okay, 4k 120, thats, obviously a fairly exceptional frame rate, however, bringing things down to a more reasonable standard of 4k 30, which youd certainly expect a modern, 455 pound action camera to be Able to handle then, unfortunately, youre still only looking at around five and a half minutes before the camera gives you the overheat warning and stops recording, keeping in mind that this little camera fits very nicely on top of the dji fpv drone.

So youre not actually even able to record a full flight at 4k 30 before the overheat warning comes up and things stop again. One thing to keep in mind here is the geographical situation. With this little camera, whod have thought, thered be any kind of geo fencing with an action camera but thats. Essentially what weve got here? There is a button on the menu which allows you to basically give the instruction like were used to with so many other larger cameras, mirrorless, dslr cameras, etc were able to basically tell the camera to keep operating at that high temperature. Unfortunately, due to regulations in the uk and the eu regarding surface temperature of units, that type of thing did, you are only able to allow you to select that function on the camera, and so it is greyed out on the screen operating temperatures. Even at the lower resolutions are uncomfortably warm, it is hot to touch when this camera is running for anything more than a couple of minutes and to me that really isnt a good thing, i could live with that, especially if we were able to turn it on To the higher setting, keeping in mind that the care refresh does actually cover you for normal, wear and tear on the action too, but the fact that were not able to enact that high temperature mode here in the uk or eu means you are essentially geofenced into Having much shorter record times on what is a very expensive action camera there are other issues such as the transfer time it takes to transfer the data from this single device onto the sd card here, because, again, obviously, when youre recording in just this module, there is No sd card youre recording onto the internal memory, youre able to then transfer it to the sd card in either the battery pack or the screen pack, but that does take an awful long time for those transfers to take place.

All of this means, of course, that you are basically spending a lot of time out and about with this camera waiting for it to cool down having to plan your shots, only being able to get just a few minutes of footage recorded, which ive already had to Do today uh, whilst filming this review, and all of this really does lead me to say, especially for the uk and eu marketplaces that not to purchase the dj action 2 until we get some of these issues resolved the overheating thing isnt a small issue, especially when You factor in just how much its clipping your wings in terms of being able to record with the device whether thats, the modulus by itself or combined with the second screen. This is very frustrating because i was a huge fan of the original dj osmo action and i respect dji for pushing the envelope in terms of trying to bring something out, thats a little bit more innovative, a bit more adaptable and, as i said, there are a Lot of fantastic things about this little camera, however, i really would have appreciated dji warning me as a uk purchaser that these limitations would be in place and effectively preventing me from taking full advantage of the recording capabilities at anything longer than three and a half and Five and a half minutes in 2021, you really do not buy a 450 pound action camera to only be able to record in 2.

7 or 1080.. So there we have it. That is a very quick update in terms of what is happening with the dji action 2 and why? I think at the moment, if you, especially if youre in the uk or eu, with that limitation of not being able to turn on the high temperature mode, it really is something i would potentially avoid right now. This could improve in time and we will keep you fully informed of any developments that happen in terms of being able to actually develop this product as time rolls on. But i thought this was an important video to make, especially as i have covered a lot of the leaks on this particular product. We also did a live unboxing yesterday, which you can find in the live stream highlight section on the channel home page. I really didnt want to leave everybody with the overwhelmingly positive when im now finding some negatives, which actually, if i was a straight consumer and i wasnt buying this as part of the youtube channel that i run, i possibly wouldnt have purchased and i would seriously be Considering returning this right now, let me know in the comments below if youve experienced any of these similar issues and whether or not you are considering the dji action 2 and, of course, if youre new here like and subscribe, weve got lots more dji content coming up, Including, of course, the phenomenal, the insanely eagerly awaited release of the dji mavic 3.