This little guy right here is the brand new dji action to the latest and most interesting in action cameras. It shoots 4k up to 120 frames per second crazy stabilization with rocksteady 2.0. You guys saw those fpv shots, buttery, smooth, no real, steady, no, nothing thats! All straight out of this camera image looks great. The colors have been much improved, in my opinion, from the first action in this tiny little body, which weighs 56 grams to put that into perspective thats about the weight of an egg, and you still have a 1.7 inch screen on the back. It just fills the whole back. This is super cool, but the most interesting thing is this modular design and magnets. Now i know what youre thinking its the exact same thing. That crossed my mind when i got this. How can magnets on an action camera be a good idea? That is just a recipe for disaster, but this magnets are actually really strong, like you have to really pull it off and like it, pops straight in there very strong plus they have these little side tabs. Here that kind of lock it in so not only are the magnets strong, but once you have those clamps up, theres theres, no way you can pull that off, thats thats on there for good. I guess you could accidentally, you know, hit one of these or hit both of them and then it then it could come out so be forewarned, but but i dont think theres going to be much issues with this.

This is a very strong even with this lanyard thing. It has this top piece and then you clip it in here. Okay, so it cant. That was a lot of shaking, but i was able to get it up, so this lanyard thing, maybe not for the most most action stuff, but for the real action stuff theres no way thats coming off. But overall, this locking system is awesome, its so fast and easy to just switch from one thing to the next speed is really the key here with action cameras theyre a little bit hard to work with sometimes or youre, just really under the time crunch, and so Being able to switch really fast from like this gopro mount wrong way, gopro mount to then this pole or just putting it on one of the other modular design accessories very fast. So, yes, this is a modular design. It comes in two different variants, so this is the power combo, which is really just an extra battery pack and an sd card. So you can put an sd card in here, just extending the battery life of it, and then they have the dual screen module. So you get a second screen thats, the other combo, and i like this, usually modular designs. They kind of just dont work in the end, they just make things unnecessarily complicated, but with this design you dont need anything else. This is all you need to film record. It even has a built in sd card in here.

You got 32 gigs of space straight inside this thing and then, if you want, you can have more battery life or another screen, but you do not need anything else and thats. The way a modular system should be. That being said, you do need one of these other pieces to charge the camera, but for in terms of shooting you dont need anything else. This is good to go. Did i mention this actually also works with anything metal? You can just attach it to anything metal which is okay, thats thats, not metal its a pretty interesting thing that you can kind of mount it to anything and everything. They also have a little sticky thing that you can put there, but with the magnets, you can do quite a bit and its also nice that this is actually waterproof, even though you can like see the connections there. This is waterproof now, im not 100. Right now sure, if you connect the two thats, probably not waterproof and thats, why they have a waterproof case thing. Maybe i could be wrong. Somebody comment and correct me right now, but this part is waterproof, which is great. We have three different fields of view. We have ultra wide wide and standard and in standard. If you go to 2.7 k, you have that 360 horizon leveling. That weve seen, which is just really cool technology, were still kind of just like getting into it. The resolutions always less and its not quite perfect, but it is a really nice tool to have in certain situations a small thing, but i really like that theres haptic feedback for when youre changing your settings just gives you a little bit more confidence that you actually Did what you wanted it to do, plus i feel like the screen is more responsive than im used to on some other action cameras.

Overall, the dji action 2 is just a great action camera its so nice to see some new stuff happening with cameras. First, there hold on their crazy gimbal cinema camera. If you missed this video uh youre missing a good one. This thing is absolutely nuts now with their action cameras. I just love that theyre doing some some new different, innovative stuff now youre not getting some of the resolutions that youre getting on the gopro, for example, or some of the frame rates youre not getting all that stuff. But have you seen how small this? Let me compare it to hold on this is a gopro. This is the new dji action camera. As you can see, there is a big size difference here and im really curious to see. Will they make new, add ons that will somehow unlock more power? More frame rates, more resolution, or something like that. I have no idea, probably the biggest question that people are going to raise right away is what is the battery life on this thing, because its so small and i tried to just do like a long 4k video clip and i got to about 34 minutes and It see it looked like, i have about 15 left and then thats why something else happened, which was overheating, so it did overheat and this thing gets pretty warm to the touch. So after about 34 minutes of straight 4k recording this did overheat. I dont know if thats just an issue were gon na have to deal with because theyre cramming so much stuff into this small little thing.

For me, its not gon na be a big issue because im rarely recording more than five. Maybe ten minutes on like an fpv drone or something like that, but if youre kind of like setting it somewhere and hitting record and hoping to record a longer clip of something happening, you might have some issues. You do not want to come back to a camera that says overheated and you missed the shot that would really suck. My biggest concern is that i actually really enjoy filming with 360 cameras. As my action camera, i love that they make the stick disappear. I dont worry about: where is the camera pointing its just a lot more fun and enjoyable to be able to just focus on the activity that im doing and not? How is the camera angle and thats really my biggest criticism of the dji action 2? Is that i, like 360 cameras more for action, but there are times when youre gon na need one of these traditional action cameras like for me, its fpv drones, its still way better to use an action. Camera like this on an fpv drone than a 360 camera and im sure you have some other scenarios in mind right now, where you would rather have this, and this is much more convenient in terms of post processing and all of that stuff, whereas 360 cameras are Still a bit of a nightmare when it comes to the post side of things overall, im very much liking.

This, probably mostly because of this magnet design and how just how easy it is to mount onto things, but also very hopeful and curious about what the future future uh modular design accessories will bring to this system. I think its time to now do some real world tests to see how this thing is. Okay, you want to see something cool check, this out its a camera. You wan na, try it is it my camera. One thing i didnt mention is: was this always part of the plan? The dji fpv drone is really great, but the recording video quality could be a little bit better, and so was this the plan. Are they gon na just build make cell a different like shell? That will have this mount on there, and this is a tiny camera that could easily be put on there and then maybe theyll have even better ones in the future. So you dont always have to update your drone. Maybe this was maybe this was the plan all along. It would be itd be so great if we had some sort of like connection to this, and we could see the image from here, maybe in the goggles or some sort of screen or something that we could watch and see what were recording. That would be incredible. Uh but yeah i i cant help but think that this was part of the design. Anyways, hope you guys like this video ill see.