The iskander k is the latest development of mobile cruise missile launchers units based on the iskander family. The iskandar is a family of short range tactical missile system developed and produced in russia. The iskandar k is based on the mzkt 7930 8×8 military truck chassis manufactured in belarus in road positions. The cruise missiles are stored inside the rare part of the truck chassis in the firing position. Four tube launchers are erected in the vector position at the rear of the truck Music. The iskandar k is able to launch the air 500 tactical cruise missile and the vehicle can carry up to four missiles according to russian military sources. The air 500 also called 9m 728, has a maximum firing range of 490 kilometers. The missile can be fitted with a conventional warhead, twitting 500 kilos or a nuclear warhead with a yield of around 10 to 50 kilotons. There are several different combination wallets, including crystal fuel, explosive and berkel beasting. The air 500 missile is equipped with an asteroid initial navigation system, but can also fit it with satellite navigation system such as navstar and glonass. The iskandar k can fire each missile independently within 16 minutes from a travelling position. The air 500 missile has a weight of from 1 800 kilos to 2 300 kilos with a wall rate of 500 kilos. The ischemic is operated by a crew of three. The vehicle is powered by a dsl engine developing fabric or spore.

It can run at a maximum road speed of 70 kilometers with a maximum cruising range of 1000 kilometers, Music.