Are you guys staying sane? Are you playing a lot of PlayStation? Are you flying some in your front yard or backyard, or up and down the street? Annoying your neighbors speaking of annoying your neighbors, the 3 inch Sinha web form, factor and that's. What we're here to talk about today is Sinha whoops again we have the Viswa that came out from eaching and I feel like Ian might have just hacked the cinebulle format, because for a while we've been flying, these three inch style formats in a whoops and they're Great because they can carry a GoPro they're ultra stable and I've compared them to like a Navy cruise ship or aircraft carrier, they're very stable, but they're, not a good freestyle platform. So they're pretty much a dedicated cinema style loop with the bumpers on the front, which is nice. The phone bumpers is a new trend, but this little guy is cheaper than all of these here, it's cheaper than the chasers, the Green Hornet, the take hand and the bumble bee it's around 250, and it can carry a 360 camera on top my insta 360 or It can carry a GoPro so small enough, also that when you take this off it's under 250 grams and you can freestyle with a squad, so it it has duality, it can do freestyle or cinema super rad cinema videos, which is really cool, so we're gon na Strap on the insta 360 here we'll do a little bit of a spec check.

We'Ll go and check out this quad a little bit closer, really quickly and then we're gon na go outside and do some flying with the 360 camera on it and then I'm gon na show you what it flies like without it and do a little bit of Freestyle with this quad best of both worlds with the fists woop, so here we go now. This is cool. The EEC missile would, with DJI digital fpv for under 250 grams Anakin carry a GoPro. It has a 4s 850 battery compatibility. Also, a 1300 wheelbase is a hundred and thirty millimeters. This guy is little and portable. It has a three millimeter bottom carbon plate and for prop guards all the way around. They are feeling a little bit cheaper, but this is a smaller, lighter woop. It has two bolts on the bottom plate holding each of those prop guard and the strap fits up to about a four s 1300. That will give us about five minutes flight time, XT 30 on the bottom. Your cat x vista camera right here, and it has a TPU amount, with pretty good camera protection from front to the bottom, and the top looks pretty good. We also have the catechist tehrany on the very top of this stack and just underneath the cat X Vista. We have the F 411 FC. This is also running a burst up to about 15 amp. I was able to run 4s on here.

It does also have plug and play motors. So if you break one, you can plug a new one in and we have gym fan 2540 props with 2.5 inch in circumference 2 bolts on top and the motors they're running they're a little bit larger, they're, 1204 or 5000 kV motors and they are pretty efficient. They have awesome boost as well, and we have four bolts holding each of those motors on so let's. Go ahead, get away on 118 grams, really nice. Now with the Freestyle battery of choice, would be under 250 grams at 215 grams. That is freaking awesome, so let's go outside now and let's do some flying with the insta 360. This is my 1r camera. This is to sort my camera go to camera of choice this year. Really amazing videos and check out the the body of the quad seems to have disappeared with the way I've mounted it. I mounted it smack dead in the middle of the frame and if you want to see the entire quad body the best way to see everything is just to raise it up as high as you can, with some GoPro feet. Just raise up those links and get it away from the quad itself a little bit higher. We probably would have been able to see the body but isn't. This cool video it's kind of neat that we actually don't see the body of the quad it's kind of a unique perspective.

But may I look how good the video looks on this? This is awesome and again since I have a 360 view in my studio – editor that's free from insta 360. You can change the camera angle, all the way around. In a 360 you can zoom in and out you can do that tiny planet shot just like this, which is cool. This kind of like broadens the horizon, a whoop in my opinion, especially something this small that can carry a GoPro or an insta 360 camera it's. Just it's actually kind of amazing. I think that 1r is a little bit heavier than the GoPro. I have to weigh that one for you guys coming up, but look how vivid the colors look. You can go inside the insta 360 and change the color variations for vivid standard and low light. A few other settings in there it's a very capable camera. Now the visit whoo. This quad surprised me. It is a DJI digital fpv, quad, coming from a sheen, so it's kind of a one of the cheaper frames out there and components on here and it's the lower end of the spectrum. As far as the all the brands go, oisin is kind of climbing their way up in the ranks, though in the last couple years. So the components on here the motors are quite good. The 1204 motors have a ton of punch and they're powerful enough on 4s to be able to lift the GoPro or my insta 360.

If you decide that you want to fly this quad under 250 grams, pull this camera off there or the GoPro off there and fly it with the CAD X, Vista and record in your DJI goggles. The great thing about this quad is that it does have a really awesome tune on here. The tune is very smooth and even carrying this heavy of a camera, I wasn't able to kind of trip up the flight controller at the same time, with this much weight on there I'm flying it more like a straight ahead. Aerial filming type of rig I'm not really pushing it for freestyle. I think that, on this platform, I can do some pretty amazing stuff, like this but I'm, not looking to power loot this with this particular camera on there cuz. I think it would throw off the flight controller having this much weight on this small of a frame, but it is quite cool that it can get away with being able to carry a camera of this size and just super smooth, really fun to fly and again Having some fun there with Direction change and the key frames in the insta 360 studio software it's pretty cool what you can do and bring home with this quad, I think with the GoPro as well. The footage would look amazing. So if you already have a GoPro just hard mount it to the top, this one has some similar smoothing software in this camera, similar to hyper smooth and it smooths everything out really really nice.

My neighbor came outside to check it out. Cuz we're all quarantined right now, so flying from home is kind of the new big thing. Whoop seasons been extended, but let's check out the cat X camera on here. I want you guys to also get an example in this review of how it flies without a heavy GoPro or the insta 360 camera on there, and one thing that I noticed right away was that it's actually really quite comparable to a non woop sort of micro. Brushless type of quad and on 4s it's really smooth, I feel like. I have plenty of control to my proximity flying in between gaps and things like that. But it just feels really smooth on the sticks. No shutter in this tune and I love being able to see with the cat X DJI digital system just playing around a little bit. I went after this flight also and I'm a guy's. I flew the one of the parrot as a parrot, 4s micro brushless. A little bit smaller than this, but it felt different it felt more loose and the tune didn't feel as good and if that's this one so I'm gon na go under the van there, because I'm really feeling the tune on here and how smooth it is. And I'm flying an acro right now, but if you're beginner, you could put this in stability mode and you can have some fun in a small proximity. I also was able to bind this quad up with my DJI transmitter so guys that bought the the big package.

The big bundle from DJI with the goggles and the transmitter it's not hard to link up and get this quad running. I had it running on my DJI transmitter and I guess about two minutes time and the sticks were already set up and everything you just go inside the goggles and test to see which switches which and then in beta flight it's, pretty much already hooked up there. So all you have to do is arm it and fly it and you can add more modes to it as well. You can add stability mode to it. You can add horizon I'm, not really trying to get that chain power loop right. There that's a low power loop, but that's not gon na happen. Today, cuz my skills are a little bit rusty after not flying pretty much every day like I have been doing for the last year, but that was about close enough right. There now let's see how it handles instability modes. Some tree exploration. I always like to show you guys some tree exploration in my videos and especially if I have a whoop. So this is a fantastic tree to fly around the cat. Ik sista was performing. Ok, today, you can upgrade this one, I believe there's a hack for it. You can get up to about 1200 milliwatts right now, I'm running the stock 700 and at times it kind of went in and out, but for the most part I can see way better than any of my analog cameras and let's go back through let's find the Spot let's find a line through here kind of muddying up right there just a little bit and it cleared up a lot.

When I came out of the tree and the horizon looks pretty nice. With this camera, let's just go up a little bit higher, see you guys can see the khattak sista up high, see like this is where you can see the tiniest bit of vibration and a lot of times when you're flying down low and a crow. You won't notice a whole lot of jitter or jello in the video. That means, when you see some stutter, and I think it did pretty good there's, only a tiniest hint of jell o in this video right here, I'm gon na be in super picky, see just a little bit of Bob they're, not bad. Now, I'm, back in a crow Music, nice little loop back down below to the ground here, so let's go ahead and just try a quick power. Loop there's, a couple trees over here. Look like the perfect candidates for a power loop, and the cool thing is, is that there isn't a lot of washout and that's traditionally wake and expect with most whoops, but right now, we're, not flying with any type of sports camera on they're, just flying with the Stock Vista and there's a punch out over that big tree and then a hard turn back down to the ground. That'S, usually where I'll see a flight controller trip up or get me some washout or tumble, it did quite good just then, especially for a whoop style. Quad and back around the parking lot here now, what's really neat about this quad 2 – is that proximity flying like close to the ground, low and fast it feels good.

Now I decided to go for one more power loop there and into the ground their bottom doubt, but let's go back into the studio now and let's talk about this quad that my final impression is. I love it with the a 50 battery. If you're gon na freestyle it go for the 850 all day that I'll keep it under 250 grams and I'm also happy that each of these prop guards survived, they didn't come back broken, which is awesome. I did have some pretty good smack downs with my 850 battery on there, but you can get above 4 minutes flight time with the 852, and that is spectacular for a quad of this size and I have to say that the CAD X Vista performed as expected. I also tried out the new firmware update that just came out yesterday as well on here, and mine was performing. Ok, not quite as good as some of the other footage I've seen people post up there claiming that it's excellent on the new hack on 1200 milliwatts. So if you want to do that to your as you can – and you should have some ultimate ultimate clean video back to your goggles – really nice, but I think for the price of this one it's awesome that it's big enough, that it can carry a GoPro or The insta 360 camera on here when you're mount it just make sure that it's dead center on the frame and you shouldn't have any problems.

This should get you fantastic video and you guys will bring home some. Probably some of the coolest videos you've ever made I'm. Really happy with my insta 360, especially that it's modular, I can take that lens off and put a standard single GoPro style lens on there and shoot 4k or the 360. Video is 5.7 K, so it's, like the the ultimate combo here, definitely I'm gon na, say about 4.8 stars out of 5 taking off a couple points for maybe the prop guards. I wish the prop guards were a little bit better, but two thumbs up a very fun experience and really quite enjoyable, because you have the best of both worlds being able to carry a cinema, camera or just freestyle. The crap out of this quad it's super awesome. So guys you can check out the link for the insta 360 down below.