Today we have a really exciting review from the dynamic select pacific rim, uprising, figure line of kaiju drone. So we were reviewing the kaiju drone today, really awesome shot of kaiju drone. You can’t see the package was too small. Let me raise the camera, see a nice shot of the kaiju drone. As you know, we just reviewed um obsidian fury, and this is the only other jaeger slash kaiju. I really wanted to add to my pacific rim collection, but without further ado, let’s open this figure up, here’s the kaiju drone out of the packaging, and so far like i really like the figure, but my one complaint. It doesn’t stand very well um, it’s, probably because it’s a little bit of an awkward design, um and some of the joints are a little stiff. So you know, i guess something that’s like nothing, that a hair, dryer, wouldn’t wouldn’t fix, but let’s take a closer look at. Let me raise the camera up again. Let me take let’s, take a closer look at the detail. We’Re, pretty sure, basically focus on detail in this review. You know, as you can see, you know the kaiju spikes are coming through the jaeger. This was probably one of the coolest scenes of uprising was to see a jaeger mix with a kaiju um and uh spoiler alert um for those who have not watched the pacific rim, the black don’t uh. Listen any further come back and watch this review after you have been warned, but you actually now.

If those who have finished it, you get to see another kaiju drone in uh pacific rim, the black on the netflix anime, which is really cool, uh it’s, a different color but it’s kind of cool to see. You know uh this, this character, uh come! You know come back and uh we get to explore more of the uh kaiju drones, but you know you can see some really cool. He has a mouth. You actually get to see more detail than he did in the movie um. You actually get to see the um focus the logo Music company from the movie, which is kind of cool. We made the drones um there we go. I love the hands, i think the hands are so cool. I just think this is a really cool figure. I think diamond select hit it out of the park uh. My only complaint is like i said this figure doesn’t stand that well uh, it’s, really awkward. So again, it’s, probably just my figure it’s, probably not anything diamond selected, but it’s. Okay, here are the second pair of hands. You know a little bit like of a gravier type of hand. I do like the open ones, i think they’re a little bit more menacing um, but i think this figure is really awesome. I really really like this figure. I, like that it’s, not just white, you get to see, you know teals in there focus just there we go so you can see some teal so it’s not like it’s, a flat white figure.

You see, you see the teals in there and the little greens. I think that’s really cool. Like i said you get to see a lot more than you did in the movie um in the movie. They were really cool. Uh. You know don’t go wrong. I think pacific rim uprising is, it is an okay movie. I definitely had fun with it um, but uh compared to its. You know their its predecessor. It was not on the same level, but if there’s one character i really didn’t like was the drone. I thought the drone was really really cool um, but let’s get some figures to uh. Compare next to this guy guy and then uh we’ll put this review to an end. Sorry guys, it’s been a long day. I worked a long shift so that’s. Why i’m? A little tongue tied, but we will there – is the kaiju drone next to his other pacific rim, uprising counterparts of the obsidian fury and hakuja the category yeah category four kaiju uh, so i think they look really cool. I think the scaling makes sense to me uh these two look really great together and obviously obsidian fury was a massive massive jaeger. So, honestly, guys, if you guys can again, this is one of those figures that is really really hard to find. When you do find him he’s a bit pricey, so definitely if you really really want them and you think it’s worth the price, do it um.

I really love the figure i’m happy to have it in my collection, i’m happy to have more jaegers and kaiju’s. To add to my pacific rim collection because it’s such an amazing franchise it’s one of my favorite. So if you guys like this video, please comment down below and subscribe. That is the best thing you do for my channel and please go watch all the videos i’ve done previously. I just got done reviewing neca godzilla and the hong kong battle of godzilla and kong. So go check out those reviews on my godzilla playlist. You can also find more pacific rim figures on my uh godzilla playlist, so go check that out.