7.. The new season is in that constant stage of build up that we got so used to in the early seasons of dexter, and i think, theyre doing a good job of incrementally revealing details that tell us where the story is going skin of her teeth delivered some Big answers brought back a character, weve all been waiting to see, and here we are again thinking how is dexter morgan going to get out of this situation. Im gon na recap everything that happened right after this quick, spoiler warning. If you havent watched episode 7 of dexter new blood, yet then this video wont be for you and with that out of the way lets get into it. The episode opens right after the events of episode. 6. angela brings dexter into the cave where she discovered iris body, and they have one hour to look things over before the rest of the police get back. He examines the body and the way it was left there and notices that she was shot from behind. He says it was likely with a rifle and that she was left in the cave when she was still alive. The rocks were holding her body down, but he found evidence that she tried to dig herself out tried to get free. He finds a trace amount of skin on a tooth where it looks like she bit her attacker. It might be possible to recover dna, but he tells angela not to get her hopes up, because the bodys been there for 25 years and theres not much evidence to go on.

Angela tells him that she has a theory, though kirk caldwell is her suspect, because of his lying about matt and the timing of calling off the search right before they were about to get to the caves. We hear dexter thinking that if angela is right – and this was kurt that did this – he has to wonder how many of his other victims are out there. He talks about the families of the missing girls, not getting answers and we do see angela go and tell iriss mom that she found the body he contemplates. Where does kurts journey end with angela and the police or with me and my kill table the next morning? Dex and harrison eat breakfast things get a little tense when he talks about the job which hes getting ready to do for the first time after he leaves deb points out that hes drifting further towards kurt, who is probably the second serial killer. Father figure in his life and its deb this time that says that he has to kill him. She encourages it and he talks about all the problems that it could cause. It would just be another secret if kurt disappears, then harrisons crushed. He never finds out who he truly was. Angela is already gunning for kurt and building a case, so maybe its best just to let that play out and in the meantime, hell just make sure hes safe deb says good call, leave it to the police.

What could possibly go wrong and at first you think, shes just being sarcastic, but when you see the blood stain forming on her stomach, youre reminded what happened when he left oliver saxon alive, so that she could arrest him after thinking about it a while he decides To call angela and tip her off about following molly to the cabin, and he does tell her thats what he did, which is a little strange since he originally told her and kurt that he was just out there and saw them when they get there. They notice right away that someone was moving something recently and when angela decides to break in rather than waiting for a warrant, they find that its been completely cleared out. Dex points out that only someone with something to hide goes to these extremes, and all she can really say is that theyll try to search every landfill and dumpster in a hundred mile radius. He says that kurts a step ahead of them and she points out that hes not because he doesnt know they found iriss body. He throws it out there that her entire case hinges on a 25 year old dna sample that her boyfriend found illegally, and then he thinks to himself that he may have to kill him at the school harrison talks to audrey. He wants to hang out after their night together, but shes put off by him breaking the kids arm in the wrestling match.

It seems like she wants to talk about it and try to understand what hes going through, but he just gets uncomfortable when she brings it up and leaves theres a funny sequence with harrison getting ready for his first day of work, washing the trucks. It looks almost exactly the same as dexter getting ready in his kill room in an attempt to watch over harrison while the police are building their case. Dexter shows up at the truck. Stop harrison is mildly annoyed by this, since he told him not to take the job and after he leaves kirk comes up to give him a piece of pie on the house and sits down to have a conversation, its an intense one, where both of their sons Come up and he mentions how it was snowing. The night dexter took him home from the tavern and he brings up the idea that it was almost like fate, which sounds kind of strange, but before he can finish what hes getting at angela and logan show up. She gives dexter a quick look sort of wondering why hes there and then tells kurt that hes under arrest for iris. He acts like he has no idea who or what shes talking about, and they take him to the station where they book him. Molly comes in shes excited. She wants to work as a team. She wants to get involved, but angela isnt happy that she went against her wishes and talked to kurt ending up at the cabin trying to interview matt.

She basically sends her away after she yells at her and after dexter sends a text asking about kurt. She goes in to interview him. She says that hes lying if he doesnt, remember iris, because she shows him the posters from back then and mentions how she used to restock them at the truck. Stop that he ate lunch at every day, plus shes looked at his phone records. Shes, looked at his computer and theres no record of a call from matt. He mostly acts calm. He doesnt appear worried at all and is cordial, if not condescending, when she brings up that the dna was a match and how they got the sample when they swabbed him back in episode 3. He asked for his lawyer and shuts it down at the truck. Stop the guy who was using matts cards in new york city at the hotel comes up to harrison. It gives him a 20 bill to help him move cargo and as youre watching you see that he doesnt really need his help. Its really about him, giving him this envelope and asking him to give it to his dad dexter. Is there when he gets home. So he gives it to him and we see him open it alone later and he finds the titanium surgical screw from matts leg inside they foreshadowed this in the party scene. When dexter had to come and deliver the rifle, he saw that he had this giant scar from the boat accident, and this shows dexter that somebody knows his secret.

He goes to let mrs grosss sheep out, so that teddy will get a call and have to leave the station. Then he sneaks into the jail to tell kurt to stay away from him and his son and tells him to keep his minions away because hes seen what he is and he cant get rid of everything. Something always gets left behind. Kurt says that we can never erase all of our sins. Not even fire can do that, and he reminds him that it was snowing that night before he drove him home only when he got there. He realized it wasnt snow on his jacket. It was ash, titanium, doesnt melt, so he found the screw in matts leg from the accident inside the incinerator, and now he knows that dexter killed him. This was another intense back and forth between these two, where dexter felt like he had the upper hand. After all, kurts behind bars, but you saw that he was confident, anyways and well see a little bit later that when he tells them that he wants to make a statement, hes put together a plan to get himself out. He starts out by telling angela about his messed up childhood and how bad of a person his dad was and the way he describes him. He was definitely pretty bad. He explains that he used to pick up working girls at truck stops and beat them up, because he was upset that his mother had left him.

We see some flashbacks where hes a young kid listening to the song runaway on his record player. While this is happening – and that gives us some insight into his ritual, he then tells her that he saw his dad pick up iris on the night. She went missing but as hes telling her that we see that it was actually him just in case we werent sure if he was telling the truth. He knows that blaming it on his dad will weaken the dna evidence since they are family and we see that iris wanted to leave town and that she was angry at angela for backing out of their plan. Kurt seems to try to talk her out a bit and when he mentions that he wants to take her home, she ends up biting him and jumping out of the truck he pulls out his rifle with the scope and shoots her as she runs away. We can put the rest together that he must have taken her body to the caves she was still alive, but he buried her with the rocks and left her there. As hes talking, the d.a comes in and interrupts the interview we find out that the dna results were only a 67 percent match, and that means that they dont have a case that they can be sure to win theres plenty of opportunity for a good attorney to Raise reasonable doubt with a jury that means that they have to release him.

Angela is gutted and he seems pretty satisfied that hes going to get away with it like this is the end after taking harrison to work, dexter sneaks into kurts office and doesnt find much beyond a check made out to elric kane for five thousand dollars its dated December 23rd and its in an envelope thats the same as the one he got to surgical screw in according to imdb the character that gave that to harrison is elric. There was also a shot where he straightened the plaque that was hanging on the wall, which seems like it might be important later on his way out, he hears that kurt has been released and he thinks to himself yep. Im gon na have to kill him at the tavern. Molly comes to talk to angela and she says in her job. You learn to live with unsatisfying endings angela explains that she was supposed to go with iris and that she blames herself thinking that, if shed gone with her, then shed be safe. She thought that finding her would make up for it all, but she doesnt feel better. Molly tells her that she got some really creepy vibes from kurt, so she understands why she went after him. It was the kind of thing that she tells her listeners to run away from. She didnt have to do that, though, because dexter showed up just in time, which in retrospect is also pretty weird. His excuse about checking on the cabin was weak.

Angela explains that he followed her there that he had overheard her talking to kurt about matt, which again doesnt make sense, because he was sitting far away at the table. She does remember him plugging in his phone though, and they realized that he might have recorded them, but that is also weird, as is dexter sitting with kurt eating pie. After he found out, he was angelas prime suspect. First, kurt was creepy and now jim, if he wasnt angelas boyfriend. Molly says that she would definitely do a deep dive, but she knows that its not like hes hiding something because shes the chief of police when they leave. You can see that kurt is sitting outside and it looks like hes watching molly at the truck stop harrison is taking out the trash when the moose creek wrestlers show up to try to beat him up. They want to retaliate for their friend whos, going to be out for the entire season. He pulls out the razor to defend himself and takes a swipe until dexter shows up and stops him when the other kids leave harrison tells him that hes right hes messed up, and he always has been. He tells him that he always had bad dreams nightmares and when he listened to the podcast, it all came flooding back. He realizes they werent nightmares. They were real now he says he remembers everything and we see trinity holding his razor after he killed, rita and leaning down to the baby.

Harrison telling him theyre there daddy will be home soon. So he has the image of trinity killing his mother imprinted on his brain hes angry and he thinks about it all the time he thinks about hurting people all the time and he goes a step further to say that he thinks about doing what he did to Mom to other people, he accuses his father of always knowing saying thats the reason he left and before dexter can respond. He takes off and jumps in his friends, car and thats. That dexter thinks to himself that he was wrong that now he does have to tell harrison everything and as hes getting into his car elric comes up behind him and grabs him up, and the episode ends there. So another solid episode in a string of them. A lot of revelations and then a lot of setup for whats going to happen in the final few. The trinity appearance was worth the wait, theyre really playing with that tension of dexter just needing to tell him the truth and something always getting in the way of that happening. Dexter is very close to getting his son killed right now by killing matt and making the mistake with the surgical screw. He cant really feel like harrison is safe with kurt around its, not exactly clear when kurt put it together, but when he came over and gave him the drone, he was feeling dexter out. So if he didnt know before that, he had to start putting it together.

There he is certainly coming for him or harrison or both now, and he may go after angela if she gives him problems considering the interactions they had when they were releasing him. Like i said at the beginning, i think theyre doing a really classic job of ratcheting up the tension as we near the end of the season. Each episode sort of feels like its the best one yet and then the next one builds on it. I expected that kurt wouldnt stay in jail, but i wasnt sure that he would be there for iriss murder either and hes sort of gon na have to get caught for something new. If dexter isnt able to take him out, which technically shouldnt be a problem, hes been killing a lot of people for a long time, but the ending sort of turned everything on its head. Dexter cant watch harrison because it looks like hes going to be taken off the board, even if thats only for a short period of time. Kurt can really focus on doing something with harrison, whether it be taking him out or trying to pull him away from his father hes, really in a good position, then, if angela shifts her focus to try to figure out whats going on with dexter hes gon na Have it coming at him from all sides its starting to feel like there will be a conclusion, which is what i hope to see. I made a video about that.

I put it out yesterday so make sure you check that out, because everything i was talking about, there seems to be reinforced with what happened here. Ill follow up again in a couple of days with the trailer breakdown and some theory talk. I mean things changed after this episode for sure now that we know that kurt knows that dexter killed matt now that he got himself out of jail, things are looking a little bit different, so i think thats a good place to leave things. Let me know in the comments what youre thinking, what youre hoping to see and what you thought about this episode.