My name is adam welcome to driven nashville. Today i couldn’t be more excited. I get to talk about the brand new tesla model s plaid and i did bring out my model s p100d from 2016 white on white. We have this incredible black on tan version of this particular car now lucy, who i’m going to put on camera here a little bit, and she can talk about her experiences thus far. But she is one of the very first owners in tennessee to get one. I think she was one of the actually first or second owners, so she’s had the car for a couple weeks, but this was the first opportunity we had. She had a vacation and everything, so we finally had to put it on camera today. I’M super excited to talk about it. From the point of view of my ownership experience having a 16 right, i wanted to understand how the yolk steering wheel, how that kind of is to drive, and hopefully we’ll, have a chance to put this car and do a little driving test for you. I wanted to see how the interior quality is compared to mine. You know, does it have the same title, rattles and dings and things that i’m very used to in my model s? Obviously i do want to see about the performance being that this is the plaid. So this is the fastest, i believe, the fastest production car on the road. Today i know i said that in my last model s video and you guys called me out on it, which i will link here in the description, but this, i believe, is literally the fastest production car.

It does the quarter mile in 9.23 seconds. It has 1020 horsepower. It is a 148 thousand dollars of total badassness can’t wait to talk about it. Hope you guys like this. Please subscribe, i love showing these cars let’s get on into it. Shall we all right? Let’S do some point of view. I really want to point out some of the differences, so one of the main differences in the new plaid version you can see down here they have a new front fascia. They also still come with this absolutely annoying front license plate, which is hopefully a little easier to get off than mine was which, if you go on my instagram channel, you can see the absolute pain in the butt. That was the other thing, that’s different. Of course you have everything blacked out here, the original model s had all this in chrome. You do have the new eracted wheels here. These are a 4500 upgrade notice. The plaid version now comes with, i think, black red calipers. So before i go to the rear, i just kind of want to show you my model s. Now you can see. I have done a blacked out kit to kind of make it look like the new version. This also has this: was the the 21 inch wheels that came with it, and you can see here. Mine still has you know, obviously the 2016 front fascia i could take or leave it frankly on the way this looks compared.

To that i mean this looks. I think better in a lot of ways. It is a fantastic looking car it’s, still a tesla it’s still a model s, it still has the same kind of slope. Roof line still has the doors that you know you have to kind of push to get in and out of now coming around to the rear, you still get the carbon fiber with this particular package. As you can see here, and then your rear is slightly altered. Okay, it still has this kind of design here, but it has a little bit more of a lip so most of the changes between this car and this car are going to be on the interior, so let’s go ahead and get into that. But before i do that, i wanted to show you the rear here. Just so you can see it’s a little different. All right, so let’s talk about the interior of the tesla model s. Now there are a couple of ways you can access the vehicle. You do have a key card here. You do have your phone, which of course, is synced up to the app which syncs with your car, and then you also have a key fob, which you don’t necessarily get in the model y or the model 3.. Now, if you walk up to the car – and you just do this without the key on you – it’s not going to open. So you take the key card here and you put it here and you can see the door knobs and then, if you have the auto tilting mirrors on now, this is a black on tan spec, which is actually one of my absolutely preferred colors.

You can see here: you’ve got some really interesting updates to the design of the vehicle. This is kind of a mesh material here which is different. You got here, wood and the wood quality, i think, is an improvement. The leather quality i mean just look at it. It is perforated here: it’s got an extra couple of color contrast in it, it’s a really nice looking interior now super modern, and then, of course you have the absolutely controversial yoke steering wheel. I really don’t even know what to think about this and i’m, not sure how i’ll like it as an owner either. You know doing a very three point turn or you know something like that is definitely going to be interesting. With this i can say, it’s very large and the other thing that’s surprising about it is there’s. No stocks right, you don’t have the ability to put it in drive or reverse using the stock. You don’t have the autopilot down here, and you don’t, of course, have your signals here. So everything as far as the controls are here and they do give a little bit of haptic feedback similar to you, know your iphone to the world and your you know and whatnot. So the screen here is obviously completely different than mine, which is, of course the waterfall. You do have a place to put your phone here. These are all things that you can shift and move around. Has a nice textured feeling.

You know you have storage options down here and i got ta say the leather, i believe it’s still vegan, but it feels really nice really high quality it’s. Just you know great stitch lines, great intention to detail here. You know the the big zonk i think on the model, s has always been and really the model x2 has always been the interior quality. When you compare it to the audi’s of the world, the bmws of the world right, the mercedes s class, it does cost 148 000. So you know you would hope that it is going to be on point. This one is right, it’s still, probably not as good as your s8 of the world, but frankly it’s still a very nice place to be it’s very modern. As you can see here, you still have your moon roof and here’s some of the interior details on the rear seat. So a little bit about the infotainment very similar to mine. You still have the ability to do your adaptive sp. You know your suspension, you can lower the car medium ride height. You do have to kind of put your foot on the brake and to access some of these. Now, if you want to go ahead and drive the vehicle it’s saying, i have to put the key card in this section right here, which i’m not ready to go and do the driving portion we’ll go ahead and do that in a minute.

But in order to put the car in drive, you do actually have to push the screen again, it’s kind of weird i it’s a little different. I personally might want to have the the actual shifter, but it is what it is that’s what they did beyond that. You know you have all the stuff that my model s has the ability to open your trunk, and you know you have all the quick, quick commands here. You have the ability to change the acceleration mode. You know mine has the ludicrous and ludicrous plus mode. This right here has what they call drag strip mode, where it kind of goes into the cheetah stance. So this right, there is how you activate it does have to condition the battery a little bit takes a little bit of time. Okay, if you want to spin the tires, you go ahead and do slip start. You know charging here. This will give you your range. They say this car gets about 348 miles, which is an improvement over that one. That one was, i believe, rated for a bit over 300. I can tell you if you drive the car spirited you’re, not going to get 348 miles, you’re – probably going to get closer to maybe 270 280. Now, if you want to take it on the highway at 55 miles an hour and keep the heater ac off, you’re, probably going to get a lot better range, probably can get the 350 stated miles roughly beyond that.

If you have any questions about, you know the software one of the best parts about the car, is it consistently keeps up with over the air updates? My car is constantly updating itself it’s fantastic. It goes into wi fi mode. At the end of the day, it’s it’s, just overall a really nice car it’s, constantly giving you new features and beyond that i mean there’s, really not too much to go over the screen. When you look at the resolution – it’s fantastic, you can see here, you’ve got the cameras on the right, your navigation here, you still have the ability to do your auto connectivity. Tesla does charge for this. Obviously, when you buy a new vehicle, they give you a nice trial for it, but if i wanted to have it in that car i’ve got to go ahead and spend, i believe ten dollars a month, you still have the ability to do your games. It’S telling me to fashion my seat belt. Thank you very much. I’M, not going anywhere romance mode still. One of my favorite modes goes ahead and displays a fire and then, if you hit the button, it’ll go ahead and play music. So you know this car has definitely got all the fun features that that one had. It still has the model. Uh. Excuse me the tesla charm, i guess you’d say and then emissions mode this is the farting sounds. I mean you know one of the other things i do want to mention, since i just remembered is notice how there are no there’s, no actual vents in here.

So the air actually comes out of this little point here and if you want to adjust it, you can adjust it on the screen. So just a little bit of a different design and a little bit of a different feature notice. I just turned the air on. If i want to adjust it in that neat, look at that you can go up, you can go down. I mean that that right there is a very, very cool feature. Let me go ahead and turn it off. You can see you still have dog mode and all that fun stuff ooh. This thing is blasting at me. That is amazing. It’S incredible! You know you really can’t even see the vents yet it’s blasting air at you again got ta love, elon musk. I love the engineering at tesla. They really in some cases, are the best in the business. You still have your dual zone – climate control here now this. This is one of the things i really do like about it is you have the ability to do heated and cool seats notice? You have the cool function that particular car. While it does have nappa leather and this one’s, the vegan leather, that does not have cooled seats, it only has heated seats now in my model x p100d, which my wife drives. She has the heated and cooled seats, so it really just depends on what year. You know your model, s is and whatnot, but overall guys, if you have any questions about the infotainment system, you know.

Let me know you know there. It is. I mean i i really like this feature. I mean i don’t, know it’s kind of a gimmick. I mean: is it better than just hitting like this? I suppose you could still do that. They gave you that um it’s kind of neat, so yep that’s the infotainment system. You still have the ability to open and close your charge port. You still have the fun little auto commands here as well. So if you do activate the auto command open butthole, you have all these little fun things that you can do here and that will actually open the port. Let me go ahead and demonstrate that, for you just for fun, close butt hole and that closes the charge port. So you still have all these little fun gimmicks that you can do with tesla i’d, like to point those out. You know go ahead and google them it’s just kind of fun, but i got to say this feature here on the vehicle works exceptionally well, the car understands you, you can adjust climate, you can put it in autopilot mode, all kinds of fun stuff. So, overall, this is a far better interior, but i think you guys also want to know how this car drives. You know how fast is it? How does it perform? Maybe we’ll have a chance to do a drag race. We actually have a third person here today. Lucy here she is the owner of this incredible plaid model s and um.

You know i just want to ask her a couple of questions about her experience with tesla. Now lucy, you were an early adopter. Were you not absolutely in 2014 2014 model s? Yes, uh was it the performance version. Absolutely was that the p85d back? Yes, absolutely what color did you have black black? Oh you like black. I like the black. I have the pearl white and now i’m coming back to black. She lives dangerously because in nashville it’s almost impossible to keep a black car clean. Let me tell you: we have pollen and it’s just it’s, just crazy amount of rain. We get so tell me what is your first impressions having this car now a couple weeks? A couple weeks better than i expected – i really i have always upgraded so we’ve had it in 2014, then we got another one and each time we have more mileage. So i thought okay, so we’re getting a little bit more mileage that’s it right open the interior. I was like whoa that’s, a big improvement, huge all right, so any issues you’ve had with the car. I think you mentioned there’s a there’s, a pinching or something with the doors right. You want to show um. You automatically want to open it right like this. If you pull that you, i pinched myself, i realized it right here, so it pulls here and if you yeah you’re right it pull it pinches on the sides here.

That’S the interesting flaw: isn’t it yes, it hurts. I was reading that this has the ability to put it in drive and reverse on its own. Yes, it’s, not there yet it’s, not there yeah. How does it know? I don’t know i just downloaded the latest um like software, and so i don’t know what upgrades i got, but it i was trying to do that from a distance with my phone and it wouldn’t, for whatever reasons the wi fi or whatever. But when i got back home i downloaded so i haven’t tried that, but i would think by now going in and out of my garage that it would automatically do that for me but i’m, not i don’t. Even i may not have something turned on. Sometimes you have to go to the settings and turn things on and how do you put it in autopilot mode right now, um. I just pressed this little ball here once and i can put it so that i can press it twice. So i have heavy you set that, as i said, yeah and i like it better than the previous stock yeah, because when you have the stock, if that’s, what you’re calling it is um when you have the stock, i one time got an accident dune, because i Don’T know i so what happened was i was trying to um when you do when you put it in autopilot it’s like a double click, it’s, the same things that you use for your signals right.

I was actually signaling to go into another lane and i must have either did it or it i don’t know, but it went into autopilot and immediately slammed on the brakes and the person hit me from behind. Oh no yeah so now having it there and not messing with your your signals. Yeah is very, i think, much safer. I’Ve had issues with my stocks, to be honest with you, like i’ve, actually put it in park before and drive yeah, yeah and it’s scary, because young kids right and that would be a game. Changer yeah that’s huge because right now they just have the ipads right. Yeah we’ll just take off the little plastic. Oh well, there you go. It is a brand new car it’s brand new. You have the registration yet and by the way it’s going to take. You 15 months to get it because tesla’s backed up with that, so get fully prepared for four months of waiting for your license plate to show up. I know that from personal experience, yeah i’m waiting for mine so yeah it should play now no problem. But the question is well and then um. This works the same way so back here. You want to tell them to hit um but there’s, not that ability. Oh there’s, not the door. There’S. Okay, so interesting back here, it’s push only hmm yeah i’m gon na learn something every day and in order to open up the rear trunk, and we might as well just show that it’s still here correct, yep.

Okay, so it still goes up same speed. Still. Has everything pretty much the same still has this is this is nicer, though yeah this mine’s not covered in alcantara alcantara, excuse me and then you have this closed up, because i think it was open before so. You have that closed right. You still have the ability to lay the seats down which gives you this car has a tremendous amount of room: it’s it’s, so practical it’s, one of my favorite parts about the car yeah. You got ta, you get a supercar, and then you also get a car that you could take to costco and just load up right. So very cool and one thing real, real, quick. This right here is a big improvement on the model x. You have to hunt for the button right here and i’m telling you it’s super super easy to miss. Do we want to show our frunk sure? So, just so, you all know i’m sure everybody has seen the frunk but the most practical part about this car. In addition to the massive seats that fold down and all the interior space you get is because there is no engine there you go, this is the ultimate costco hauler. Let me tell you this is different. What is this? You just cut this out. That’S interesting mine. Does not have this. This is a different design of the front. You know you still have the tesla quality control, which is questionable.

Uh i’d, like to point this out for you, so you were saying that the lighting’s right it’s right around here, it’s crazy. I see where it’s being rubbed on in the factory, some type of like in house in house paint repair and then right here you want to introduce yourself say hi chris chris awesome chris is one of the uh tesla fanboys in the area for sure, where there’s Been some paint correction right there right it’s, like a halo in the paint interesting, i don’t think i can pick it up on camera, but there are still over here that’s, where you can, like you see that oh yeah yeah. No, i do see it yeah the haze right here, wow that’s, pretty bad right there. I thought that might have been something that you did when you were cleaning it so that’s how they came from the from the factory. Well, there you go guys see. There are still quality control issues, even though this car is such a lot of money. It’S only been hand washed period right, yeah, no, no taking your tesla through the auto wash that’s for sure over here, yeah right here you can see where they tried to correct something too right there wow and you can tell they buffed on it tried to do Some type of correction yeah that looks like a scratch – yeah shoot yeah even up here. I don’t know what all that is. Well, you know not perfect, but one thing about tesla.

Is they just don’t? Have the porsche quality control? You know the audi quality control, yet they are still a new company right. They really focus more on technology and autopilot that’s. The selling point of the vehicle and the fact that you don’t have any emissions and you get to go to zero to 60 in under two seconds right, yeah, but yeah. As far as the quality control goes, it’s still got the tesla model s charm doesn’t. It. Oh, absolutely, we love it. You can see here. The car was coming in at 129 190.. They have um increased the price that would appear on tesla’s website. These are the specific upgrades, so you can see the model s started at 65.. The plaid was an extra 55 thousand dollars. The 21 inch wheels, the cream walnut interior, the black was 1500. I like how they mentioned, the yolk is included, the autopilot is included, and the pay as you go, supercharger is of course included. This is also, if you guys care you, can pause the video and read up on all this fun stuff. It does say 102.99 in the city. So again i think they’ve increased the price uh, the data manufacturer was o521, but the new ones. When i went on the website with autopilot was exactly 147 and change which i’ll go ahead and show here on the screen driving the model s plaid just gon na you know, take a couple of clips and splice them together for you all to give you the You know the driving impression i will tell you.

The the first impression of the steering wheel is is definitely it’s just different. I mean you know you have doing a turn. You have to kind of grab one side and grab the other side as you do it, but you know it still has that good steering feel right now, we’ve got it in adaptive sport as far as the suspension, the ride height is medium and then i believe, You’Ve got a few. This feels in sport mode, so let’s see yeah. So the acceleration is plaid steering’s in sport, so it’s standard mode. You know you can see here, it’s still pretty tight, um comfort. Comfort gives you a little more play. I don’t know if you guys this will pick up on camera or not, but this feels pretty good, so it got a little bit of play in it, but sport mode is is definitely right on rails, no doubt about it. So yeah feels good all the power in the world. I mean lucy here sitting next to me. She she knows as a passenger in a model s especially the performance ones. It is quite an experience to say the least it’s not like you’re driving it. It feels uh like a roller coaster ride. The screen here is definitely new um. It has a much better resolution. You can see here, it’s picking up even more um details i’d get, i guess, you’d say as far as the road than mine does.

So they have done some technological updates to the front screen, which is very cool and overall it’s easy to drive. Just like my tesla, you know it still has regenerative braking. So as soon as you take your foot off it’s going to slow down, so keep that in mind it’s you rarely if ever need to use your brake, which is a really nice feature your brakes are going to last forever. At least mine. Do i haven’t changed them once i drive it like an absolute lunatic and um yeah, i mean i’ll, probably go another 20 000 miles before i’ll need to change my pads, which is nice. If you drive a car with 1020 horsepower, especially a combustible engine, you are going to be going through brakes all the time because they tune them to roll right. They don’t have regenerative braking all right. We are um. Now this is not in plaid plus mode. This is just normal mode here, but this is the my model: s he’s got it in um, i guess plus mode ludacris plus so uh. Oh, he started a second before me, but i’m smoking. No, you got him that’s, a hundred god. This car is so freaking fast flipping a it’s so much for the street. You, you really, i mean i know, it’s a gimmick. My car is even a gimmick. Right i mean i’m. Rarely am i using the even 60 of the throttle, but that that gives you a pretty good illustration of the difference between this car.

I added to the floor. Yeah you added to the floor and i didn’t even smash it. I mean i don’t want to smoke your tires too much, so i just i usually grab gradually. Do it all right ready one more time. Okay, three! Two one go: oh my god, this thing Laughter, okay, so that was to the floor. Yeah wow. So so, no doubt about it that this version of the car is quite a bit faster than the older version. Uh you’re gon na put about three car lengths um in probably you know your normal average driving and he is in ludicrous plus. So my battery is is in pain right now, because it is about 90 degrees and humid. Today things i just realized that with this yolk steering wheel, i i don’t know about you all, but i like to use my leg a lot to go ahead and um. You know like what i’m in autopilot mode, so you really can’t do that. I mean it’s very difficult to jerk the steering wheel. So if you’re in autopilot mode you’re actually going to have to use your hands, i use my leg a lot because i’m oftentimes holding my phone or just generally daydreaming right. So that is an interesting note with the steering wheel. So not only can you really not comfortably rest, it here, like you, would on the top of a wheel. Now, one of the positives of the steering wheel is that you do get really good visibility here.

So if you are a short person that is probably a positive but overall yeah the steering wheel, i personally can take or leave it uh i’ll. Let you guys comment um in the you know in the comment section, if you think it’s, you know fun or a gimmick or whatever the fact that you can’t use your leg to steer, though, would be a definite personal zonk. For me, i’d probably use my leg to adjust autopilot settings and because the message pops up all the time, so i use it probably 60 of the time. That would be definitely something i’d have to get used to um. But overall you know it is fun. It feels really good to to hold at the nine and three position, but you know i often times drive like this right. I i probably drive like this 70 of the time, so that would be, i mean you know you might have a little more fatigue uh with this wheel, constantly having to use two hands, but to be honest with you, the performance of the vehicle being as capable As it is, you know you you this is. This is literally the fastest car in the world right now, i’m, the fastest production car – i mean you know, so you really got to be on your a game if you are going to smash it, because you’re going to run out of road way before you know, And, and just just because it’s a normal looking sedan, i mean don’t don’t there’s, no bones about it.

I mean this car is this car is unbelievable, uh, so tight, so much performance. So much it’s fantastic. I mean it’s, absolutely fantastic. I don’t want to be coy on camera. I mean this thing is absolutely blow your skirt up fast it’s, going to give you all the performance that your la ferraris and your you know. Porsche turbo s’s are going to give you with zero emissions. Right i mean talk about having your cake and eating it too. I don’t really know what else you’d want you got ta, give it to elon musk. You know they really are they’ve really made a great product. I mean it works. I have had zero issues with my model s, i mean a couple of interior, you know rattlings and whatnot, but i got ta say driving this. I haven’t heard anything. It is quiet uh, it is lovely um. My car, you know chris, is probably hearing it right now. It has a little bit of rattle in the seats it can annoy you on long trips. It tends to be a little frustrating. I think, there’s a squirrel in here living yeah i’m. Pretty sure i literally thought that there was a bug in my car for the better part of the first three months. I was just waiting for the bug to die because he kept rattling i’m, like oh he’s, like flickering. It turns out it’s, just crappy quality control. So you know i got over it.

I usually just smash music. You know, like it’s, got a fantastic, sound system. Does this car have the upgraded sound it should it should? Was that included, because you know they used to charge you for the hi fi sound? So i don’t know we have to test that out. Well, we, if you have some oh look, drag strip, says it’s, ready all right, so we’re going to pick up the clip here when we actually can smash it to 100 plus for the law enforcement that do watch my channel. I am aware that you watch it. I got a nice call from the sergeant a little while ago. Inviting me to your event. I would love to come and participate, but i just know we are gon na try to go out to the country. You know we’re not here, to endanger any lives, but again i have to show it is a review right. We have to show this car, so uh got ta smash it at least a little bit right. Absolutely i wanted to just you know: show you guys on camera, how to turn this car around so it’s a little weird! You go, you stop right, and then you go here that puts it in reverse and you have the yoke steering wheel here. So you kind of have to do this. You know left right, left right, it’s kind of weird and then when you want to go forward, you go like that and then again you got to grab the steering wheel on the on the corner, so it’s just it just takes some getting used to it’s.

Not i mean it’s definitely drivable, i i could easily grow to love it, but again i don’t, i don’t know you know what what was wrong with just a normal steering wheel, that we’ve been using for the last century, but it is uh, it is elon musk. It is tesla all right, it says, prepare to launch, takes a while see it still says preparing to launch. Oh, my god, that’s awesome wow, oh my god, that’s that’s, like pull the hairs on the back of your neck up mad. I can only match what that’s like for you Laughter, okay, all right, we’re gon na pick up and do that yeah. The visuals are great right. We have come out into the country a little bit more and we are going to attempt here to do Music all right preparing to launch. So i guess i figured it out this time. I didn’t do the exact right combination of commands all right, guys, let’s. Do this – oh, my god, that’s so flipping insane that’s awesome, wow, yeah i’m on the brakes right now. Just so you all know that’s not just slowing itself down Music. I don’t even know what to think. I mean that’s so much power. So i mean you just got ta get in one of these and experience what a thousand twenty horses feels like it just pulls like mine, pulls really really hard till about eighty, and then it kind of lets off this.

No, it just keeps pulling exactly the way it was when you got on the accelerator pedal from go 1020 horsepower is, if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to but it’s there right. So, and one thing i wanted to ask you: when you’re going fast on the highway, does the steering shake at all or is it pretty pretty like comfortable and it’s uncomfortable? Okay, i didn’t feel any vibration. At 120 there that’s one negative about my vehicle. I do not like, and i i’ve trust me i’ve taken it to them. I’Ve asked them to balance the tires. In fact, it has brand new michelin. Sport 4s tires on it same tires. This car comes with at 90 miles an hour. The steering wheel has a little bit of vibration and it drives me absolutely crazy. You know with my aston martin vanquish. It is dead at 100 plus right that it feels great, so that’s. One thing that i think they fixed in this car that needed to be fixed the performance here. You know this is a nice little sweeper turn just so you guys can see. The car is not just fast in a straight line. It is fast all the time. That’S, when you want to go fast again, not my car not going to push it too much, but i could have taken that about 20 miles per hour faster and still stuck it. So, no doubt about it.

This car is absolutely fun smokes in a straight line. Smokes and turns uh, you know what i i never even considered. Upgrading here comes the model s mine as he smokes by me, uh, but yeah. You know i never really considered upgrading, because i do have the p100d, but this this is enough of a performance boost enough of an interior quality boost to actually, you know, i’m, not going to because i’m in a point in my life right now where i want To build cash flow and get out of the rat race a little bit more, but you know if i had the cash flow already, i would absolutely buy this. I mean why not one thing on camera that i’m noticing is when i’m in drag strip mode. I feel a little bit of vibration in the actual accelerator pedal when i’m, not going 10 10.. So if i give it the beans it it smooths out, but when i’m just giving it a little bit, it has a little bit of vibration. It’S almost like telling you it’s ready, i don’t know if that’s a built in feature or that’s, possibly something they need to iron out in the car. But i didn’t want to say that on camera, if you’re, just driving the car in full beans, mode and you’re just lightly tapping it, you’re gon na feel a little bit of a vibration in the accelerator pedal. I don’t know if that’s it is what it is.

Um, maybe that’s just this vehicle, but i am noticing it and i wanted to mention two viewers that uh do not own a tesla i’ve got it in autopilot mode. Right now i am on a back road. You do not need to be on the highway anymore. It’S been quite a few years since you had to be on the highway um, this has full self driving. You can see here, it’s coming up with the message that i have to go ahead and hit the steering wheel, it’s very intrusive. It comes up a lot. Any video you see if somebody trying to fall asleep in a tesla, they have the clips, which are actually they’re, technically legal, but you can use them. They basically give the car the same impression that you have your hands on the steering wheel. You can order them still, but that is pretty much the only way you’re going to be able to fall asleep in a tesla. There is no way that you, the car, will just literally stop itself. If you, if that message comes up and you don’t alert it it’ll just say autopilot disabled and if you still don’t grab the steering wheel, it’ll eventually just coast, to a stop put the hazards on. If you didn’t know that autopilot works really really well really really. Well, though i got ta say i use it all the time i drive from college grove to music row, which is about 40 miles, and i drive exclusively in autopilot mode, almost the entire time, especially on the highway.

I only really drive the car when i’m off the highway and because i want to drive the car you know i i bought the performance version for a reason i enjoy the heck out of it and yeah all right. So i think that’s mostly what i wanted to say on camera. The interior quality is much better in here i’m, not hearing any rattles. The steering feel feels much better above 100. You got to see cheetah mode, we did it once or twice you got to see the difference between my model, s which chris is driving right now, and this car so yeah. I hope this was uh was fun for you all. I might do a little bit of a conclusion: video um. Thank you so much lucy, for you know letting me letting me uh put your car on camera. I i hope people love it. I love your spec. You know the quality of the wood. Here i mean it’s, just it’s, just really a nice car. You know it’s not cheap, okay, 120, 130, grand 135 with taxes, or whatever i mean. This is definitely for people that are successful and you know doing big things in the world like you and your husband are, which is great um. So congratulations. You know real quick, i wanted to say on camera. We just got back about to do the wrap up here. You hear how loud this is. Okay, so, when you’re smashing on these cars, which we were definitely doing a little bit, this is mine right.

You can still hear the fan running. Okay, so just keep that in mind when you put these things in ludicrous mode, you put them in the drag strip mode. It really heats up the motors. I really hope everyone enjoyed the content. I want to give a huge thank you and shout out to lucy. She was uh. She was just awesome to do this video. I had such a good time today. Thank you so much to chris as well. He was the guy smashing my model s. Hopefully we got some clips driving, it should be fun. I love the plaid. I mean you know it is. It is so fast, 1020 horsepower zero to 16 under two seconds right, all the go mode you possibly could want all the technology and actually a good interior. I mean we didn’t, hear any rattles. We didn’t hear any dings right. Any any vibrations going on is smooth when we were getting a really high up into the speed right all things that they fixed from the 2016. i’ll leave it up to you all. If you want to upgrade, if you can get an allocation, i’m sure they’ve sold every plaid for at least the next four to six months. When i went on the website today, they said that most of the specs was september. So we are currently filming this in july, so you’re gon na wait a couple months. They did say if you get a white with black interior, you can get it in july, so i guess certain specs.

You can get faster than others, but the one you probably want is going to take september october november. Who knows right so anyway? Thank you for watching.