I just want to show you guys, whats in the box and how it arrives. Uh heres the box different features, heres. All the okay lets open up and see. Whats inside ive got a case inside so it gets. Has a nice soft semi rigid case looks like a carrying handle kind of like a lunchbox thats great for carrying the drone around everything fits nicely in here unzip that okay, thats cool. We got a zipper pocket here inside the pocket. We got a bag of parts, so we got two charging cables for the batteries you can charge both batteries simultaneously, thats, really nice. They give you two of those youve got a manual uh battery caution, im, not sure what this is dont charge it in the carrying case warning and then a pretty pretty decent a little manual book here. This is nice, looks like all so many pages. So 31 pages are in english, so this is the whole english manual looks like it does. A pretty thorough job of covering all the different components of how to operate. It looks like here is the app download qr code, so thats cool uh inside this bag. We have looks like prop guards: weve got four prop guards, so you can fly indoors, not worry about bringing things up. Weve got four props here looks like they are labeled a and b. So you know which which side to go on as far as which way they rotate you want to make sure you match those up when youre replacing those and then.

Lastly, we have a small screwdriver in here for placing props and taking stuff off most likely heres. The controller i dont believe these are actual antenna. I know they look like antenna. I think theyre made to look like the uh, the dji stuff, but i dont think their actual antenna um. I dont see wires in them and they seem pretty flimsy. So i dont believe those are actually intent. I think the antennas are internal in this, but that should affect anything uh. I, like all the the button layout and how theyre all labeled show you exactly what they do got camera camcorder, not sure what null does that looks like headless mode power button, auto takeoff and emergency stop? If i had to guess, then we got a speed button on the top to change your speed and then the auto flip button uh looks like i need that little screwdriver to open it up and put batteries in it and then, as far as the phone clip This is nice, they actually have it recessed into the controller itself, its on springs, so it holds your phone nice, but i love that that actually recesses into the controller, so you can have it tucked away when youre not using it. You can just use the controller or you can have the built in phone holder, so thats pretty cool im using the phone right now uh. So i cant really put one in there but ill test that out and show you guys later so thats the controller and the drone itself uh.

It feels light, but i found ive found in my experience that light doesnt necessarily mean a bad thing, actually uh. Some of this plastic is strong but light, and you want it to be light if its a drone uh, because its gon na increase your flight time. So if you dont want any unnecessary weight, i found brc products to be that way, nice and light with a long endurance, but still sturdy. These folding arms are great because in a crash they fold up and they absorb some of that impact, so youre not snapping stuff off youre, just folding it up, so it feels nice, its a nice size, its compact great, that you can fit everything inside this nice Carrying case uh, the camera itself looks like you can adjust. You can reposition um so that if youre flying straight, you want to straight ahead shot, or you want to slightly angle down so thats nice that you can manually adjust it. You cant actually adjust it with the controller, but you do have a manual adjustment on there and then the batteries are underneath the drone. You do get two of them charging with those micro usb cables. It looks like they slide right in the back here like so so i will get these charged up and ill read through the manual figure out how to use this thing and give you guys a quick follow up to this review. Ready Music have your mouth over Music: oh yeah, Music, um, Music, Music, um.

I got this drc d10 drone with a hd camera and video its recommended for ages, 14 and up and uh lets get to opening this thing all right. Just like that, its open. I put the guards on it. Those are pretty easy to do. Uh comes with this case here and you get extra propellers thats where the batteries are. You even get the screwdriver, because you need the screwdriver to open up the controller which the controller doesnt come with its own batteries. You got ta, add them theyre, three double a batteries and uh you get two of these batteries that go into the drone. Uh goes in right there right in the back and uh thanks pretty lightweight. I finally got my first flight with it, and it is uh. Was easier to control in the house, but i dont have a lot of room in my house to fly it. If i was in like a soccer field or something indoor soccer field, it would uh probably be all right there um. I would definitely read the instructions, because you have to learn how to trim it and you got ta learn how to attach it to your phone. If you want to take pictures uh, it was took it outside. It was really hard to control. The lightest. Breeze would push it around, but its kind of what a under 100 drone will get. You good for indoor flight its worth a try if you want to get into drones and youre new to it and you dont want to spend a whole lot of money um, but the video didnt.

Look all that great. To be honest.