I got today for my birthday, really good that’s, my grandma okay, now we’re gon na use the contour remote i’ll show you it later, but should be able to connect it and let me just make sure it’s ready: okay, it’s, not working Music, hmm, all right! I’M! Gon na go inside and probably get a new battery, so i already have two targets hold on guys: i’ll put a new battery in it. No please a little bit more. Oh yeah guys i’m building i’m halfway through it i’m gon na build this, but then i’m gon na build that on camera. What i won’t come on guys is sorry guys, sorry about that playing over here. This is what it looks like by the way. Let me raise up the brightness there. This is what it looks like, so this is like headless. No, i don’t know what that does power button. These are the antennas that show like okay, jordan. Do this do this. This is what i’ve been pressing to go up and down when you press it one time when it’s on the ground, when it’s on the ground. Let me see oh gosh, oh, i just have my back on my nose game. Bring up my energies what’s happening what’s wrong with my camera. That’S! Fine! Okay, this! When i press this on the ground, it goes up when you’re ready to stop it when you’re ready for it to land. I boop i’m.

Actually do this don’t press it while it’s midair, because this is the emergency, stop you hold it down and it stops don’t. Do it while it’s in the air, because then obviously we’ll go boom. Hmm, okay, it’s, easy, okay picture and video those aren’t really working like uh, not that much but that’s that okay. This is how you take out the batteries. If y’all guys are new, you guys can also watch me. Do it around what the frick all right, guys? Let me try and fix the camera. It kind of looks really weird. I mean it works. Let me see, oh i fixed it. Nice, okay, i was trying to show you it, but you can’t really see i’m gon na. Do it again. This is how you sink. It you press this down and this town this down. At the same time, like i said power button when it’s on the ground, you press it it’s on the ground, you press this to make it go up, but when it’s, when you’re ready to land it, you can just boop and they’re doing aggressive areas. It kind of catches on the grass, but also duke, does come with extra propellers and propeller guards. So i’m, probably gon na put those on just in case this. This is the speed one time it’s, probably it’s, already on low. I think, but when you hear two dinging td, when you’re two tds, that means some medium when you hear ddd like three times that’s when it’s on time.

This is where you can do a 360 flip, okay, i’m, just gon na i’m, not using it right now, like i said i’m, also showing you how to use it. Oh by the way before you fly it, you will get it like Music. Oh my god! Sorry about it, i can’t use too far you. It comes like this. So what you do is this geez. I need like a gopro. I hope i think i am getting one so i can actually do it, but what you do is you grab it? You pull it like that. Some people think you just do it like this, but you got ta wait till it makes that you got ta, wait till it goes back like this and then make sure it goes. You got ta make sure it goes don’t play like it’s boop. You wait until it goes back like all the way, then your shred looks like this. What so, how you put the battery in is this look. This is the camera and basically, what you do. This is the camera, is it on? No, it isn’t. The battery goes right here, oh wait hold on. Let me take mine out, i barely even showed any flying, but i will show it. Don’T worry guys they are really hard to take out by the way, guys you i might need something. Let me grab something. Hopefully this doesn’t break it box cutter. You go, oh no, and this is where my new shelf i’m gon na have.

I already have some shelves over there, but i’m gon na have one one and then probably wouldn’t overdo, oh guys, for my birthday, i guess what i got. Oh it’s, actually really cool ta da it’s, a basketball led thing. What does it look like when you just okay that actually looks really cool? I like this, oh well, then you put this in and then boop, and this actually turns yeah, that power button doesn’t just turn it off by the way i’m just going to grab the remote. Just in case, you can press it for that that color that color, that color, that color, but when it gets this, you can do the you. The first one is flash. The first one is flash second time. The second one is strobe, the third one is fade and if you press it one more time, smooth, it’s, really cool, okay, stop showing my birthday boy reception, because you know kids uh by the way kids don’t do this at home. You can ask your parents for help, but i don’t want help, but remember kids don’t do this at home. I am old enough for this there and then, and then it comes with two batteries, because then you can charge two batteries at once: where’s the other one. Where’D my other battery go, it is this is the one that’s charged? Let me make sure so this is my oh. I was charging two of them up.

I use this charger and this charger um. Let me just use this charger right, quick. I think this is the new one, the one that i just grabbed flip it it’s right here when it’s on that you turn it upside down, it’s right on guys. Sorry it’s, like i don’t, have a lot of space to use stuff i’m. So sorry, okay, you make your your thing a little bit close. Your thing is like this: okay and then you plug it in there. Okay, this is the new. This is the old one, the one we just used. This is the one that is new, oh they’re, both dead, oh well, i guess we’re not flying a drone today sad moment. I guess i will just build and then tomorrow, i’m gon na do the drone video, so it’s scyther signing out. Okay, no that’s copying leo it’s your first evil youtuber signing out before we would like.