We hear that what could it be? It’S, not a drum it’s, not makeup. I would be just as excited if it were makeup anyway. Maybe not uh right. Should we just get down to it, let’s unpack it it’s a drone. You know what here’s the thing let’s go out and fly. It let’s do it now? Are you ready to embark on a sky high adventure that will learn you a trick about what your neighbor’s really been doing in their backyard or maybe you’ve been pondering your way to the end of the rainbow and couldn’t quite reach that pot of gold will that Leprechaun quietly hand it over you, don’t know what you’ve been missing. The d e e r c d e 22 drove gives you wings and lets you investigate beyond the beyond in full 4k resolution. Just look at that like or maybe you like, pushing buttons before actually reading the instructions. If so, target kill mode may be a hidden feature for you, too. The d e e r c d e 22 drone will leave you with the satisfaction that you deserve from testing. It we’ve seen a lot of curves and features that you only wish you had, but you can’t even see it unless you’re already subscribed to this channel and you’ve got to give us your big thumb by liking. This video, of course you have time the intro to our channel, will play as you do just that Music.

So what kind of experience did we have with the de 22 drone let’s find out each time this drone was flown for the purpose of this video. The drone endured an average wind speed of about 6 miles per hour and wind gusts of about 15 miles per hour. The de 22 held stable positioning thanks to the level 5 wind resistant motors, and the video quality remains stable and shake free. This is because the drone has a two axis: gimbal and eis technology included with this. Drone are two 2500 mah lithium ion batteries that provide about 28 minutes of flight time per battery. According to the deerc company Music, while we can’t say that each flight was 28 minutes, most likely from our windy conditions, we can say that we were very impressed with the amount of air time that we had received from the two included batteries. The de 22 comes with an array of flight features, including one key takeoff and landing return to home. Locked follow mode, follow me mode hand, gesture point of interest and waypoint mode let’s cover these features and our experience with them. The one key takeoff and landing will cause the drone to swiftly launch five feet into the air and land in a smooth fashion, as we’ve noticed, provided that the drone was properly calibrated before the launch and before landing, and provided that you maintain a strong gps signal. You can expect accurate and landing takeoff positions nearly every time.

The drone will return home with the parameters that you can adjust within the app since it works so well. We often use this method for bringing the drone back and for landing click. The button at the top of this video once available to see a review of the app itself, the locked, follow mode and follow me mode features, did not work for us whatsoever in beginner or custom mode. We did not test the hand gesture mode per the previous two features, not even working. We believe the drone may need a firmware update to fix some of the tracking issues to which we have not yet located that kind of support from d e e r c. For the point of interest mode, we had no issues with that. The drone will basically navigate in a circumference around whatever is in the center of the diameter that you define flying in a straight line. From point. A to point b from what we’ve noticed the wind can alter the center capture point from which the drone makes its circumference waypoint mode works as well as we believe it should Music. The de 22 drone has an impressive camera for a drone at this price point. However, low light has some negative side effects and there is a difference between recording to your phone and recording to an sd card. Let me explain: the camera will record in full 4k resolution and the shots are great. That is, if there’s plenty of light, the drone’s camera can give way to a lot of picture grain.

If you record early in the morning or late in the evening, as you can see from the footage here, while some noise doesn’t completely spoil a shot, it may have some people in thought of. Is it really recording in full 4k something that may be overlooked from a novice flyer purchasing their first drone is that recording in 5g is different from recording to the drone’s onboard sd card slot. This drone will support up to a 128 gigabyte sd card and without having it inserted, you’ll be recording through the 5g stream at 720p resolution, see the difference. Don’T forget that sd card, so you can take full advantage of 4k recording if you do intend on using 5g recordings instead or as well make sure your phone supports 5g before you purchase this drone we’ve discussed how the de 22 drone can maintain stable positioning in The wind, even while, recording and how the flight time of the two included batteries are great. We learned about what our experiences with these functions were and the difference in the recording variables. We can conclude that the price we paid 375.93 yeah – we got it on sale, though this drone without a doubt, has exceeded our expectations, even if we had paid the full price of 449.99 for what you get. Even at this price point you won’t be disappointed and no we’re not affiliated with deerc or their affiliates nope. No one paid us to make this video.

We just thought this drone was really awesome and wanted to share that experience with you in the next deerc drone. Video that we post it will either be about the drone, app and or we’ll show you in depth testing so subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so that you don’t miss our next drone Music video thanks for watching outside the queue our ending will play.