If you already hated this weapon before sandbox 3.4.0, youre – probably going to hate this weapon a little more now, i wanted to actually play trials with dead mans tail after its most recent buff, essentially dead, mans tail got an improvement to his consistency in its hip fire. With the catalyst they increased, the reticle friction fall off distance and less recoil improve accuracy. Now, the way these buffs were supposed to be situated was more so for the controller user, less so for the mouse, a keyboard user, although it is still a buff for both input devices, one weighted heavier than the other, but considering that dead, mans tail already felt So good in the hands of mouse and keyboard it didnt need much and with this accuracy, buff at it dead, mans tail just got better. Now i brought it inside of trials. I wanted to see for myself. Battlefield is actually an excellent map for this and yes, im going to pretty much detail my entire build, because this is essentially our sky cowboy built weve done it before in the past, especially back in the day when dead, mens tail was super nasty, but essentially its A combination of lion rampants, which, by the way, gives you a bump there and your inner accuracy, while shooting from the hip, which is perfect for dmt, and a map like better fall. And i also like to rock this with coat of the missile similar because coating.

The missile is actually a tier 3 super, so it doesnt get its super back the fastest, but its one of the best supers in regards to its kill potential and super regeneration, and with things like inertia override, you can run around and get easy two taps with Dead mans tail now, with that being said, dead, mans tail is a 120 round permanent sky rifle that can roll with random rolls. You can get it from the precise mission, and actually you can continue to farm it even now, but upon obtaining dead, mans tail. You can also get the exotic catalyst which increases the weapons rate of fire to 150 rounds per minute, but only from the hip. It also removes hip fire accuracy penalties and by removing it that means nada. That means bloom is not present on dead, mans tail hip. Fire accuracy which is kind of funky, because youll notice, sometimes when youre shooting dead, mans tail. Even the game is like going yo those shots, shouldnt be registered and then like wait a minute. The exotic catalyst says its supposed to register and then boom whatever it is. That youre shooting suddenly dies kind of bizarre, but it is what it is now weve already gone through. All the things that dead, mans tail can accomplish its damage. Of course, its already been nerfed a couple times in the past, but with cranial spike, which, by the way, elevates the damage of the weapon.

When you chain, those precision, hits going from target to target does give a potential to land those two crits and if not the two crit more forgiveness, which dead, mans tail really doesnt need a whole lot of now. Looking at the base version of dead mans tail in its scout rifle form when you aim down sights, a lot of people are not impressed with this scout. They see a weapon here with a one second time to kill value which, in comparison to other scout rifles like polaris, lance jade, rabbit even mind a multi tool that ttk value is worse than audible but thats. What makes the hip fire so nasty? The hipfire does suck that ttk down to 0.8 seconds and when you start to incorporate things like inertia, override cranial, spine, sun warrior charged with light when you reach that two tapping area thats. When you start to experience that 0.4. Second ttk now fellas theres. Just not a lot, you can do against a point four second time to kill value except die now. One of my favorite weapons to rock alongside dead mans tail is, of course, this truth, teller right here. Yes, i know it makes a lot of you throw up a lot of people dont like grenade launchers. I got ta say, though, with the quick access, sling nerf, your timings, going to be a little better right, but this is one of my favorite rolls right here. Demolitionist, auto loading holster proxy nades; no, it doesnt always get the one hit kill, especially on full health guardians, but thats, not the point here.

The point is to easily swap over to dead. Mans tail get the clean up, hopefully its a precision shot. You got cranial spike and then boom now its time to change some kills. Now i went back and forth playing with this weapon between both mouse and keyboard and controller, and i got ta say doing that grenade launcher dead, mans, tail, combo and controller is really difficult. I just couldnt get the timing down right between the detonation time from my gl back over to dead, mans tail and then lining up the hip fire shots its a lot of work, which is why i think, if youre rocking controller with dead mans tail, you might Still want to just do another weapon outside of a gl. I think this combination is okay for mouse and keyboard users, due to whatever our keybinds are set at it. Just is more manageable. Now, playing on controller with dead mens tail is the hip fire improved. I think it is because, before i just thought it was terrible, i think the question you want answer, though, especially if youre a controller player is, is it as good on controller as it is on mouse and keyboard, and the answer to that flat out is no Even though this buff and major improvements is heavily weighted for controller users, mouse and keyboard users already had a significant advantage here and they also got part of the buff which they didnt even need now.

Im not exactly complaining, because i love rocking sky cowboy, but i saw many controller users trying to pick up dead, mans tail trying to hit fire from what theyve seen from their favorite streamer or content creator. And they just werent getting the results that they were hoping for and a lot of times when i would use controller with dead mens tell i just found myself wanting to aim down sights more and more. I would go for that flank i would get lined up. I would get someone in a lane. I would start to hit fire and about halfway through it. I would realize i could have just aimed down sights and secured the kill even faster than me missing shots from the hip, because at a certain range – and i would say, pass 25 meters – that reticle friction really dips off for control of players. Despite the accuracy buffs here which, from the patch notes, radical friction was also a part of that now i know there will be controller users that will say theres ways to play around it. Maybe if youre rocking spectral blades, you can take advantage of things like flawless execution line your shots up and just be super super precise when pulling people into the lane with you, while using dead, mans tail – and you can do that. But, to be perfectly honest with you, thats, not what dead, mans tail strength really is its strength. In my opinion, considering all the time ive spent with this weapon is its ability to max strafe while still maintaining shots from that hip.

It over fires faster than 140 round permitted hand cannons, so that, even if i do run into a situation where the guy in front of me has a pallet drone or an ice luna, its a good chance, i will still poop on them simply because im not Having to slow down as much as they are, i can max strafe and pepper them with shots that are flinching them a ton and then mans tail intrinsically has the ability to flinch, the hell out of their opponents now, obviously, sky cowboy takes it to a whole Nother level and theres actually two ways you can take to the air with dead mans tail, whether the sky, cowboy loadout, which i really really like or fireball, grenades on top tree dambly, which, by the way fireball grenades, got a substantial buff with its extremely fast cooldown. At max discipline, you can pretty much always have a fireball grenade on you, allowing you to proc things. Like heat rises. Now i prefer the titan way more, as i dont have to proc anything. I dont have to consume a grenade in order to get that buff plus i find that line rampants to me. It just synergizes better than considering the hip fire accuracy that you gain from it, and so the strength that dead mans tell has is its ability to stay consistent, no matter how mobile you get and to be perfectly honest with you its easier for me to stay More mobile on mouse and keyboard than it is on controller, or at least mobile enough, and still maintain decent enough accuracy.

Now, with that being said, considering the buffs here to dead mans tail, what is the god roll here for both mouse and keyboard users and controller users? Now, personally guys, i too am still farming for the god roll. I love my vorpal world, though vorpal is so good when a super is popped. I dont even run. I turn around and i wait for him if its a goldie get ready to get two tap if its a dom blade sure he might kill me but im taking him with me. Vorpal is fantastic. Undead mans tail, even in things like pve, considering the most recent buff, the vorpal on primary weapons, youre talking a 20 increase there in damage against higher health targets, but for my controller players, because i found myself wanting to scope between hip fire shots. I want my people on controller to consider either a snapshot, role or a moving target role, and you can honestly get away with a move in target role. You just want to double up on your scout rifle targeting perks. This will help with that ads time and, of course, moving target gives you that passive buff to your aim assist now. This doesnt mean you cant still rock a vorpal roll dead, mans tail. You can still have it ready to swap to when you see a super coming out, but for the rest of the match inside of pvp, vorpal really doesnt help you all that much now.

As far as the other perks, i have yet to get one with high caliber rounds. I just talked about how dead, mans tail intrinsically deals so much flinch. I can only imagine what a high caliber round dead mans tail can do to someone. The flinch has got to be insane and i have yet to get one now. I like armor, piercing rounds for pve, but for pvp. I think high caliber rounds is really the way to go, especially for my mouse and keyboard users and then for my controller players. If you feel that the recoil is still too significant – which i do admit, it still does have some hop there on controller, i would probably just commit there to ricochet rounds overall. Dmt still has really good vertical recoil direction sitting at 89.. If you want to max that out or nearly max that out, you can do things like chamber, compensator or extended barrel, and if you do find yourself going in and out of your sights a bunch, especially if youre not rocking a snapshot. Roll try fluted barrel and dont forget those stocks are also randomly rolled. Youve got fitted, youve, got hand laid short action. All of these help the weapon and things like fitted actually increases the recoil direction of the weapon. Although significantly almost to a point that you really dont need that much but i think hand laid short action and even composite is really good so guys.

I know we just like pretty much re reviewed, dead, mans tail all over again long story short both in trials and in regular 6v6 is feeling better, but it kind of runs into the same scenario that last word runs into right. Like last, word does feel a lot better on mouse and keyboard, but obviously still superior for controller players. I think dead. Mans tail is a similar situation. It just feels better for mouse and keyboard users, and, despite all the buffs that are handed out to it for controller, i think mouse and keyboard is still gon na have to edge so guys. Try it out this week were also going to be talking about forerunner.