The wise bulb, which is a smart, unter der Leitung, bulb for your home that's, not only programmable, but it also works really well with the amazon, alexa and google home smart speakers now, i'm, a sucker for anything smart. You put the word smart in the title of anything and i can program it remotely and control it and schedule it. I'Ve got to play with that device matter of fact. If you made a smart twinkie i'd have to buy that twinkie. Hmm twinkie net anyway back to the bulb so you're thinking, rick what's, so special about the wise bulb there's, a hundred bulbs out there that are led bulbs, there's, wahrscheinlich 50, of those that are smart devices, what's, so smart about the wise bulb. And why are you raving about it and how can you get excited about a light bulb? Gut, the truth is wise is one of those clever companies that has figured out a way to build an incredibly smart product at a lower cost than their competitors. So what you're gon na find when you look at these you're gon na get four bulbs for less than forty dollars and you might already be thinking gee that's, a lot of money for light bulbs. Light bulbs are two bucks. Why would i spend almost ten dollars for a light bulb? Gut, the truth is if you're using a standard light, bulb an incandescent light bulb which, Übrigens, hasn't changed a whole lot since the days of edison, when it was first invented it's the absolute worst way to light up a room.

If you understand anything about light bulbs, an incandescent light bulb is essentially a short circuit across your line with a filament that's burning white hot to produce that light, so you're wasting a ton of electricity, you're heating up the room with that light bulb it's. Just a horrible way to light a room so led bulbs, in contrast, use a whole lot less power to provide the same amount of illumination. Also, Zum Beispiel, dies sind 60 watt light bulbs. They use 9 Watt Leistung. Now the simple math on that would be a 60 Watt. Incandescent bulb uses 60 Watt Leistung. This uses 9 Watt Leistung, Was ist, by my count, fast 6 times less amount of power, so you're saving electricity it's not getting real hot. Those are two big benefits. The other big benefit is that led technology is longer lasting. The average light bulb incandescent light bulb is about 2 000 hours if you're lucky, if you have it on a dimmer you'll, get a little bit longer lifespan out of it, but led bulbs are 20 000 An 30 000 Stunden, which means an older guy. Wie ich, i'm up on a shaky ladder, a lot less changing light bulbs. These will probably outlast me to be honest with you. I'Ll, probably get 10 years of use out of these guys. Maybe i'll make it past that, aber auf jeden Fall, you get a longer life you're. Using less electricity, so dass die 9 price tag at that point when you think about changing light bulbs.

So often that adds up and if you think about the electricity you're using they're, going to pay for themselves in no time so led in general is a really good move. Even if you're not going with smart bulbs, go with led bulbs. But if you're going with smart bulbs, a lot of the smart bulbs out there require the bulb to talk to a hub. You'Ve got to hook up a hub in your house. That'Ll support a given number of bulbs. You'Ve got to configure it into your wi fi you're locked into that ecosystem. These wise bulbs go right to your wi fi there's, no hub required there's, no shenanigans out there. You basically open up the application, you add the wise bulb. It finds your wi fi presence. It connects to the wi, fi and you're off and running so they're, smarter, they're, less expensive and they're, ultimately programmable and i'll get into some of those features coming up because one of the things i love about these and i've been using them for quite some time. I don't know why i haven't talked about them on the channel before, but what i love so much about these guys is through the application. You can do all kinds of things like set schedules. You can bind them together in groups, so i can turn on a whole room. I can program them to work with my smart speakers, so i use the amazon product in my home.

I can put together groups of these. I can dim them remotely. I can change the color remotely so there's, not not color, but i can change the hue of the bulb because i should have mentioned it's, not a multicolored bulb it's. Im grunde, a white bulb that'll vary between 2700 und 6500 kelvin, so it gives you warm light when you need it. You'Re reading a book and you're kind of relaxing in the evening go for the warm light or, if you're working on something and you need that bright. Blue light, you can crank it way up so i'll show you how it works in a little bit, but again four bulbs for less than forty dollars. Ich denke, is a really good value. They'Re going to last you forever. The other thing i love about it is that the company builds this application where all of their products work through one application. So if you've got the wise camera or using the y sense modules that will sense movement in a room, you can tie all that together. If the camera sees something or the sense system sees something, you can turn a light bulb on so they're programmable, they interact with otherwise devices and again, am Ende des Tages, i'm a bit of a cheapskate. So if i can buy something that's as good or better than the competition at a lower price, that's, the one i'm going with and that's exactly what you're getting here.

So what i'm going to do with this, and you can see that it's a standard bulb. I mean it's a beautiful base, a lot of the led bulbs out. There are kind of wacky shapes they've got big tops on them. They don't fit the standard lamp. This looks just like an incandescent bulb standard base on the bottom nice globe. Auf der Oberseite. All the electronics and brains are in here it's kind of a ceramic base, so it doesn't get real hot for you dissipates the heat real well i'm, going to go through the programming first to show you exactly how you'd add it to your network and then i'll Come back and actually show you some of the stuff. I do with it because one of the things i like to do is i have kids and we all know that kids leave lights on forever and i'm going around the house when everybody's in bed shutting lights off all over the house with the wise you can Set a schedule that, basically i call it lights out that at 11, 30 or midnight whatever it happens to be, i can turn all the wise bulbs off. So if my kids have forgotten and left the lights on, that program goes around and does a cleanup around the house to shut off all those lights. The best part is some of these led bulbs once they're smart. So, you surrender complete control to the application, which means you can't turn them on anymore, from the light switch they don't operate like a normal light bulb.

These guys do so. You can actually screw these into a standard light bulb in a bedroom, and the person can turn on the light and it comes on just like normal, but you still have programmatic control over it. So that program i use called lights out shuts everything off. Weißt du. 11, o'clock or midnight and the weekends and all the lights go out, not enough to worry about burning, electrons or wasting electrons by burning lights, all over the house. So a lot of cool stuff. You can do so next i'm, going to show you how you can add this it's really simple, to add it to the application and then it'll actually talk to my alexa, smart speaker and then finally, i'll come back and show you how you can create groups and Turn things on individually turn them on as a group, so stay tuned and i'll show you the programming. Nächste, the installation of the wise bulb is really simple and you'll need to start on. The main screen of the application tap the plus sign in the upper left hand corner to bring up the configuration screen next tap. Add a device choose wise bulb from the options it's near the middle of the page, screw the bulb into a lamp socket and turn the bulb on and off three times to get it ready once the bulb is pulsing in brightness tap next on the screen. Next you'll log into your home, wi fi network once connected you'll, now need to grant your wise bulb access to your network.

Gehen Sie dazu wie folgt vor:, tap choose wi fi on the app. This will take you to the main settings page on your phone tap wi fi here to bring up the wi fi devices near you look for a device that starts with the word wise and tap that device to establish the connection. Wait until you see the check box next to the wise bulb, so you know it's connected and then go back to the wise app to complete the setup process. As soon as you return, the app will bind your new wise bulb to your network. Once this completes successfully, you'll now be able to name your new bulb pick a name that will allow you to easily identify the bulb later. Auch, keep that name short if you're, using with your amazon, alexa or google home to operate the bulb once you've done. This tap finish: the next screen allows you to share control of the wise bulb with others in your home. You can do this now or skip this step and add them later. Your new wise bulb is now ready to use so enjoy the convenience of digital control. From your phone or smart speaker now that you know how easy it is to set up your wise bulbs, i'll show you some of the cool things you can do with them. Jetzt. I'Ve got one of the wise bulbs installed over here i'm. Calling light 1 and i've got a second one installed over here i'm calling light 2.

and i'll turn them on through the application, which is a really basic function, that any smart bulb should be able to accomplish there's light one and there's light two now that's, really Good, if you're sitting in your recliner and you have your phone with you and the application's open, you can tap the screen and turn the lights on. Aber ehrlich gesagt, most times your phone's away from you or maybe you don'thave the application open and you've got to go through a few steps to get to that particular page. And you want to turn it on with your smart speaker, so that's where it starts to get interesting. So the amazon product is programmed to ready to recognize these and i'm going to do a separate clip to show you how you integrate the wise app with your alexa app. So you can do this as well. It'S, not that hard, but there's. A couple of steps involved, but i've already set these two guys up so echo turn off light. One echo turn off light two, so that takes it to the next level, because i can now be in my recliner and bark at my smart speaker across the room, das ist ziemlich cool. The wise application also provides complete control over both the brightness and hue of each individual bulb right now, the lamp's at 100 now i'll use the slider bar in the app to slide it down lower to one percent, and you can see how the bulb reacts.

Dann. I'Ll bring it back up to full brightness and i can stop anywhere in the middle. You also have control over the color tone of the bulb, and this can vary between 2700 kelvin that's. A really warm setting all the way up to 6500 kelvin, which is a much colder brighter hue right now, it's set in the middle. So let me dial it down to 2700 kelvin and you can see the lamp take on that warmer glow, that's, perfect for relaxing at home or in the morning when you're first waking up. But if you're trying to study or focus on something with the light nearby. You can crank it all the way up to 6500 kelvin, and you can see pretty quickly that the lamp is taking on a brighter look and it's crisper, almost a bluish tone that just draws your attention to whatever you're working on and again, you can slide that Bar back and forth to pick the perfect color tone for each individual bulb in your home or program them into a scene that you can activate with a single tap, but where it gets really interesting is that i can bind these two together in a group. So i can turn them all on at once, or i can turn them all off at once. Echo turn on both lights, ziemlich cool, pretty cool echo turn off both lights. Now you may be thinking okay, rick that's kind of a parlor trick big deal.

I can turn a bunch of lights on and turn a bunch of lights off, but think about it for a second, i mentioned earlier that i have this lights out program that i've actually programmed into the yzap that at midnight or 1am, it looks for all the Wise bulbs in my house that are on because kids have turned them on and forgot to turn them off, and it turns them off and it doesn't stop them from using the bulb. Also, Zum Beispiel, if they want to get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or head to the bathroom, they can still turn the light on automatically. But the program will turn it off if they forget to turn it off. So it takes a second for it to find the wi fi once it's turned back on, but that program runs in my house at 1am shuts all the lights off. Sometimes i hear moans from upstairs because the kids are still up and they can turn the lights back on, but it runs again at four in the morning so that if they've forgotten it shuts off from four o'clock to whatever time they get up the next day. So watch echo turn off light 2.. So again the cleanup program will go out there and actually take charge of any bulbs that are left on turn them off and save me a ton of electricity. Now the programming is kind of cool, because you can set up schedules to turn on randomly.

You can set them up when you're away on vacation to pop lights on around the house to make it look like somebody's living there, where it gets really interesting, as well with the application, is wise, has done a great job of building an application where all of Their features and functions extend to all their products, and what i mean by that is, if you buy their cameras or you buy their ysense products that actually sends movement in your house, you can tie all those behaviors together to have the lights come on. If somebody walks down a hallway or if the garage door opens up so there's a lot of programming capabilities and a pretty basic system that i think has got a lot of sophisticated features in it for the price now again there's a lot of smart bulbs out There on the market, i like the wise products, because these guys have figured out how to build a product that's as good or better than the other stuff that's on the market for a lower price and i'm. A bit of a cheapskate like i said before. So if i can buy something that does everything i needed to do and spend less on it i'm, all in so i like the wise products, an awful lot. I will be doing other clips on some of their other products. We'Ve got a brand new outdoor camera. Coming out that i have coming in about a week and i've got a 360 camera that moves around a little bit where the camera can pan and tilt and zoom i'll do a review on that one as well and again, i'm trying to do a lot.

More of these high tech clips, because i play with a lot of high tech gear around the house and i'm always investigating new technologies and, if i'm excited about it, i think you guys will be excited about it. So i love talking about this stuff on the channel, so expect a few more of these clips in, among all the drone clips that i'm doing now, if you have any questions about anything i've covered today about this product or about any of this home automation, technology Drop it in the comments below i'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as i can. I can't answer all the questions out there, but i'm pretty good with a lot of the home, automation, stuff and i'm. More than happy to do some research and answer your questions, so thank you so much for watching. I hope you find a value in these clips. I love talking about technology as a nerd. Nothing gets me more excited than coming down here, playing with some technology and explaining it to you guys, so i hope you're enjoying these clips and if you haven't subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button down there i'm telling you i got a ton more stuff. Coming this summer that you're definitely going to want to see we've got some real cool drone clips coming and a whole lot of other high tech gear reviews coming as well so join the drone valley family, and that way you won't miss anything anyway, that's it.