Taifun H – CGO3+ Camera Video Quality Examples

I’m typically requested questions concerning the digital camera on the Hurricane H (how good is it). That is an instance of the standard of video from the Hurricane H. This small video was taken from one in every of my earlier movies during which this section of clips was a part of a digital cameraHOW TO” Video. These are the clips by themselves. All video was captured utilizing theAttractivesetting with guide publicity and guide white stability. Drone used was the Hurricane H fundamental mannequin. No ND Filters or colour grading was utilized. You might discover that some segments of the video are inclined to stutter at times. This is a matter with the Hurricane H footage and my iMovie modifying software program (Apple form of performs good with the recordsdata from the Hurricane H). There isn’t any stuttering within the unique video file.

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  1. She shoots awesome footage! Very nice editing brother 😊👍👍

  2. Beeindruckend!! Schöne Aufnahmen

  3. My Typhoon H is my favorite drone for landscape work , die 360 degree gimble is fantastic , i use lexar 1000 or Experia pro sd cards in mine , you have excellent footage 🙂

  4. Schön! Schön gemacht… Inspires me knowing what my H Pro is capable of!

  5. I wish I could like this more than once… 🙂

  6. Very nice only if I could afford one lol

  7. nett, will you be getting the TH+ when released or the C23 1” sensor camera once it is ready for the TH?

  8. I have one.. The problem with the focus and detail is when you go too high, the footage doesn't look that sharp

  9. CDyou have tips on setting the manual exposure and white balance in the "How to" vid correct?

  10. Looks good amazing, do you have any samples from the E90 camera laying around?

  11. I wish mine would fly I have lost two Typhoon h pro yuneec has terrible service department after getting them back they crashed again I liked the drone but can’t trust them so took two made one this is my last try wish yuneec would help me get this resolved I was going to purchase the h520 but don’t dare to

  12. Very Beautiful footage smooth as a baby's behind

  13. Nice Video. Do you think Imovie is best to start editing on?

  14. I don't see any distortion! I have curvature at the corners in 4K. I also have some color fuzziness depending on lighting. I may have seen this in yours but it was far less pronounced. I wish Yuneec had consistent products. It seems some people have awesome experiences and others, wie ich, have less than desired. Customer Service seems non existent these days.

  15. Congratulation for this video and awesome footage! I own a Typhoon H also, the Yuneec replaced the camera on it, I am very satisfied with this drone.
    Keep uploading and Happy Fly!

  16. Hallo Captain Drohne, tolles video. Can you make a review of Xiaomi drone?

  17. Beautiful footage Capt,! Ever get nervous when flying over water?

  18. The CG03 and the CG03+ have standard specs as far as other 4K camera quads, but why is the quality so good?

  19. Erstaunlich. Really makes me proud to be a typhoon h owner.

  20. We can get lost in all the specs and features of these drones, but sometimes it's nice to just step back and see what great video they really shoot, isn't it?

  21. Great video from a great platform love my Typhoon H and I'm just learning.

  22. Sehr nett. Some of the film is like art! Now I want spring and summer. Snow begin to smelt In Norway. Will you go fore Yuneec H+? 1 Inch sensor. You know when It come on marked?. Yuneec need a drone With no problem who sell like never before)).

  23. Very nice shootings
    promising for the new C23 camera from the Typhoon H PLUS

  24. Tolles video (wie üblich) Capt!

  25. Following my total disappointment & loss of faith in DJI I have now purchased the H pro. RS & looking forward to getting some footage like this, I use FCP X by the way. Vielen Dank, looking forward to your next video.

  26. Very nice footage! Makes me want to dust off the H and fly it again after I add some booster antennae. I think my lens might be a good one.

  27. Can I ask please, how often you get the props in the video? I've seen some video samples (on YT) where this was evident. Is it just a matter of flying the drone at a reasonable speed (hence not a steep angle) and keeping the camera at an optimum angle? Any advice you can share in this regard would be appreciated. I"m about to make the step up from a Parrot Bebop2 to the Yuneec Typhoon H Plus (Ich weiß, different camera than here) and it's a big financial commitment. Auch, what's been your experience with Yuneec customer service? Is English their first language? The majority of what I read about Yuneec CS is very good but there seems to be some opinion here that of late the CS has gotten worse.

  28. Hey es!

    Is it possible that your email address in your profile section 'about'

    I've been working hard on orientation to the new Typhoon H, I recently purchased. You helped me make an educated decision about the purchase, you helped me orientate myself with the aircraft, you accelerated the process with camera settings and I am a better pilot and photographer because of all of your hard work. I just wanted to personally say thank you.

    & Let you know that I'm in awe of your ability to help out others and wish you an amazing success with your channel.

    Are you by chance on Instagram, I'd love to follow you. How about 500px?

    Regardless of the answer, I know that when in doubt, you're my primary go to guy.

    Grüße aus Deutschland, from an American living there, and godspeed my friend.

    Alles Gute,


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